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Best Practices Are Killing Marketing - It's Time to Get Agile


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Multiple screens, countless channels, five-second attention spans: This environment requires unique experiences to get clicks and conversions—not a broad "best practice" that's easily copied.

Break free from “best practice” to tackle the challenges created by customers' high expectations for effortless interactions. Adopt an agile and iterative mind-set. Agile marketing is not a new concept, but an increasingly important approach to delivering customer-centric digital experiences based on the unique needs and wants of your customers.

The key to achieving demonstrable results and ROI in your digital marketing efforts is to execute in a flexible, agile manner—and to leverage technology that supports execution by providing real-time insights.

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Best Practices Are Killing Marketing - It's Time to Get Agile

  1. 1. Best Practices Are Killing Marketing - It's Time to Get Agile © 2014 EPiServer Donna Pahel Director, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Strategy @hapagirlpgh Joakim Holmquist Digital Marketing Manager @mjholmquist
  2. 2. What’s for lunch? Food for Thought. © 2014 EPiServer • #RIPBestPractices – Donna: @hapagirlpgh – Joakim: @mjholmquist – EPiServer NA: @episerverus • Your new CMO • Why best practices are dead • How and why marketers need to be agile • How to overcome challenges • The nitty, gritty and EPiServer successes and insights
  3. 3. I’m a die-hard for the Customer POV. • I’ve been a brand marketer for over 18 years – living from your Customer POV is the only way to truly understand and effectively deliver on their needs. • Now more than ever, the connectivity, mobility and social-ability of customers make this an absolute imperative. • Brands who derive their go-to-market strategy from their Customer POV will #thrive! © 2014 EPiServer
  4. 4. Meet Your New CMO © 2014 EPiServer
  5. 5. Meet Your New CMO To keep up with your connected customer you need to: • Follow & Engage • Create an Omni-Channel Experience • Unify Content + Commerce © 2014 EPiServer
  6. 6. Best Practices are Dead © 2014 EPiServer
  7. 7. Best Practices are dead © 2014 EPiServer Marketing is full of: • Content that doesn’t get read • Emails that are ignored or deleted • Messaging that doesn’t resonate with your customers So why are you still following best practices?
  8. 8. The Problem with “Best Practice” The commonly accepted methods of sharing best practices is inherently flawed. September 2013 Campaign ends with brilliant results © 2014 EPiServer March 2013 Campaign starts in response to a perceived ‘problem’ June 2014 Conference–campaign is showcased as a ‘best practice’ January 2014 Call for papers–campaign is submitted as a case study Best Practices are insights from snips of time and must be evaluated and considered accordingly.
  9. 9. The Problem with “Best Practice” Bottom line: Consumer behavior changes fast, and the issues you’re facing today aren’t the same ones that “industry best practice” has already solved. © 2014 EPiServer
  10. 10. “Best Practices” Marketing vs. Agile Marketing © 2014 EPiServer
  11. 11. Break Free from “Best Practice” Marketing © 2014 EPiServer Become an Agile Marketer • Be curious • Take apart your marketing to see how it works • Discover its strengths and weaknesses • Face up to (and move on from) mistakes • Take creative risks • Experiment with new approaches • Learn and get better every day
  12. 12. Five agile principles for finding and fixing marketing problems 1. Live from Your Customers’ POV 2. Keep the Big Picture in Sight 3. Build a Great “MarkOps” Team 4. Prioritize the Problem 5. Test, Test, and Test Again Not best practices—we want to help you create a framework you can implement for your unique situation. © 2014 EPiServer
  13. 13. Principle #1: Live from Your Customers’ POV Being able to monitor customers’ changing needs is one thing—how you respond is more important You need to be quick and nimble by using a platform that allows you to combine content + commerce © 2014 EPiServer
  14. 14. Principle #2: Keep the Big Picture in Sight It’s easy to get carried away with daring experiments and lose sight of what your brand is about Remember your goals and have the KPIs and tools to track whether you’re meeting them © 2014 EPiServer
  15. 15. Principle #3: Build a Great “MarkOps” Team Empower everyone on the team to share ownership, make decisions and implement them—even if it means taking a risk or making a leap of faith MarkOps can only be effective if the team can work together to respond quickly to opportunities and problems © 2014 EPiServer
  16. 16. Principle #4: Prioritize the Problem Nothing beats hard data for uncovering the root causes of problems The agile marketer pays attention to gut instinct, but trusts hard data infinitely more © 2014 EPiServer
  17. 17. Principle #5: Test and Learn, Act and then Do It Again… and Again. © 2014 EPiServer Iteration, not perfection Have an idea for something that might work, test it, monitor the results, and make decisions Real-time testing is a great way to understand which option has the greater impact, and then efforts can be poured into that one
  18. 18. © 2014 EPiServer
  19. 19. Open + Agile + Scalable © 2014 EPiServer
  20. 20. Technology that is learning and optimizing the experience of each customer in real time © 2014 EPiServer
  21. 21. DNA of an Effective Exchange = Content + Design + Function © 2014 EPiServer Content: What is being delivered Design: How it appears Function: How it is experienced
  22. 22. The right data and analytics inform our marketing programs © 2014 EPiServer
  23. 23. 4. Move at the pace of your customer. © 2014 EPiServer
  24. 24. The Nitty, Gritty -- Our insights © 2014 EPiServer
  25. 25. Overcome challenges © 2014 EPiServer
  26. 26. #1 The HiPPO* Challenge * HiPPO = Highest paid person’s opinion. Don’t let the HiPPO decide on what your customers want. © 2014 EPiServer HiPPO definition - Avinash Kaushik
  27. 27. Which one of these DHL landing experiences do you think generated significantly more leads? © 2014 EPiServer + 133 %
  28. 28. How to deal with the HiPPO Problem “The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.” © 2014 EPiServer / Dr. Linus Pauling
  29. 29. How to deal with the HiPPO problem. Part 2. • Embed experimentation into the process of content marketing. • Empower your marketers to try out many small ideas continuously. © 2014 EPiServer
  30. 30. • HiPPO = Highest paid person’s © 2014 EPiServer opinion. #2 The Data Challenge
  31. 31. Make data actionable. At all cost Find the metrics that measures your biggest problems. Ignore the rest. © 2014 EPiServer
  32. 32. #3 The challenge of being slow © 2014 EPiServer
  33. 33. The biggest risk is doing nothing © 2014 EPiServer
  34. 34. Our insights © 2014 EPiServer
  35. 35. Driving action with agile experimentation Now Next target © 2014 EPiServer
  36. 36. Step 1: Identify your biggest problem © 2014 EPiServer
  37. 37. Step 2: Define what constitutes success © 2014 EPiServer
  38. 38. Step 3: Formulate a hypothesis on how to improve and then execute © 2014 EPiServer
  39. 39. Step 4: Evaluate, learn and share © 2014 EPiServer
  40. 40. Step 5: Start over and speed up Sprint planning Execute Evaluate © 2014 EPiServer
  41. 41. Make sure you obsess about the right things © 2014 EPiServer
  42. 42. Listen to visitor intent The other 98 % © 2014 EPiServer What we obsess about What we should obsess about 2 % Converting visitors
  43. 43. Understanding visitor intent © 2014 EPiServer Conversion! Total traffic to website: Support Research Careers Micro Conversions
  44. 44. If you don’t know what your visitors want. Ask them. 1 What was the purpose of your visit? 2 Did you accomplish what you came for? © 2014 EPiServer
  45. 45. Let the voice of your visitors guide improvement efforts © 2014 EPiServer Find contact info 15% Buy 25% Get support 30% Research 20% % of visitors responding “no” Buy 39% Purpose of visit
  46. 46. The upside of being agile and executing on lots of ideas 1 Reduces waste by failing quickly and often. 2 Empowers you to discover stuff that you could never anticipate. 3 Let’s your customer be the ultimate judge of what experience © 2014 EPiServer they want. 1 2 3 Research 20%
  47. 47. Let’s connect. Let’s converse. © 2014 EPiServer Donna Pahel Director, Digital Marketing & eCommerce Strategy @hapagirlpgh Joakim Holmquist Digital Marketing Manager @mjholmquist