Transform Your Cost Center into a Revenue-Generator


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CSDP helps a utility firm successfully spin off its service division into a self-regulating and sustained revenue-generating service provider by using an SRM© solution.

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Transform Your Cost Center into a Revenue-Generator

  1. 1. Unifying Infrastructure. Transforming Businesses. Gaining Market Share.Case Study: Transform Your CostCenter into a Revenue-GeneratorCSDP helps a utility firm successfully spin off its service division into a self-regulating and sustained revenue-generating service provider… …by using an SRM © solution. Primary goals: Spin off a services division in 9 months to meet self regulating requirements Features: Fully customized, flexible solution for organizational growth Result: Revenue-losing department transformed into customer-centric, money-generating company
  2. 2. Unifying Infrastructure. Transforming Businesses. Gaining Market Share.Transform cost centers into revenue- generators… The Situation Due to regulations, a large utility company was required to divest their service organization as a separate firm. As part of this separation, the new service company was required to build a new IT infrastructure. No existing systems, applications, or infrastructure could be used by the new service company without paying a „fair value‟ to the utility. After working with both companies, CSDP determined that the utility company‟s I/T infrastructure would be too expensive for the new service company. It was decided that the new service company needed to implement, customize, and build a full IT solution in order to adequately run their business. The service company employed approximately 200 personnel responsible for first level calls, dispatching functions, and back office personal, as well as over 400 field technicians. The new service company had to be entirely self-regulating within 9 months, which required installing a new I/T infrastructure, creating new business processes, and transferring personnel from the former utility company. Because the business model for this new service company was so unique, there was no off- the-shelf software package that could meet their support requirements without requiring prohibitive time and money investments. The Solution CSDP‟s SRM © solution was fully customized to meet the unique needs of the client. It included separating the required data from the utility company‟s corporate I/T infrastructure and assisting in the development of business processes. Despite a larger than expected customer base, the project was completed on schedule and at budget. The fully customizable solution offered by CSDP has since allowed the client to add features and upgrades as they grow and change.
  3. 3. Unifying Infrastructure. Transforming Businesses. Gaining Market Share.Transform cost centers into revenue- generators… The Result This new service company was able to grow their business and add new customers in a way not possible at the former utility company. There were significant efficiency gains as the service division was transformed from a cost center to a revenue-generating, customer- centric service company. “We never thought that we could turn a cost center into a true business in the amount of time that we were given. We all thought that we would be looking for new jobs with small appliance repair shops taking cuts in pay. Instead we are providing profit sharing to all of our employees.” - President/CEO of New Service Company “Without the partnership from CSDP, their creative way of quickly implementing all aspects of a service business, from Contact Center all the way through accounting and billing, we would not have gotten this daunting separation done.” - Transition Executive of Utility Company
  4. 4. Unifying Infrastructure. Transforming Businesses. Gaining Market Share.About CSDP CSDP offers flexible, agile solutions to unify infrastructure and transform cost centers into profit drivers, resulting in greater customer service and market share. Our services-lead software is fully customized to fit your companys needs and is respectful of existing infrastructure so that it implements quickly and begins generating ROI immediately!Productivity CSDP‟s clients have realized a 20% decrease in IT/infrastructure costs, reduced labor costs by 15%, and improved customer satisfaction by up to 15 points. We not only help our clients drive down operating and service delivery costs, but enable them to drive up customer satisfaction and increase revenue and market share! CSDP is a services-led software company with a tailored suite of Service Relationship Management (SRM) © process tools. They offer service providers and product manufacturers in any industryCase Study an affordable way to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and enable cost centers to become profit contributors. The SRM © solution ties together CRM and ERP by addressing both service objectives and business processes. CSDPs SRM © software solution has been delivered to some of the world‟s foremost Fortune 500 companies to include IBM, Xerox, Fujitsu, Whirlpool, Rockwell and BOA just to name a few. To learn more about CSDP, visit our website, follow our blog and join the Service Relationship Management 3.0 Group on LinkedIn. Contact us at 888-741-2737 X 107 or E-mail us at CSDP Corporation 15615 Alton Parkway, Suite 310 Irvine, CA 92618 Unifying Infrastructure! Transforming Businesses! Gaining Market Share!