Reducing Labor and Overstock Costs


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CSDP helps an internet security firm with an acquisition by consolidating and migrating legacy systems and infrastructure support, leading to better and more cost effective warranty support, first call resolution, and improved customer service by using an SRM© solution.

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Reducing Labor and Overstock Costs

  1. 1. Unifying Infrastructure. Transforming Businesses. Gaining Market Share.Case Study: Reducing Laborand Overstock CostsCSDP helps an internet security firm with an acquisition byconsolidating and migrating legacy systems and infrastructuresupport, leading to better and more cost effective warrantysupport, first call resolution, and improved customer service… …by using an SRM © solution. Primary goals: Migrate systems in under 2 months while maintaining and improving customer service in order to close an acquisition deal. Customer satisfaction: Up 10 points Warranty support costs: Down 65% Cost per warranty repair: Down 400% Reduced costs: Labor, overstocks, non-authorized repairs
  2. 2. Unifying Infrastructure. Transforming Businesses. Gaining Market Share.Reduce labor and overstock costs… The Situation After acquiring a smaller company, a leading Internet security provider needed to migrate the company from their old legacy system to a new infrastructure. During this time, it was critical that customer support was fully maintained, and that the migration was completed in less than 2 months. The company was suffering from a backlog of customer requests; their legacy system was incapable of tracking customer reported issues, repairs, or service entitlements. Despite a full staff of 30 front line support representatives, response to customer calls routinely took 2 days. On the second day, 100% of service issues were resolved by entirely replacing the clients Internet security device. The Solution CSDP customized an SRM © solution to interface with the companys existing CRM while giving additional functionality. CSDP established a centralized knowledge database so that contact agents and inventory managers could better coordinate activities, access repair history and technical guides, more effectively automate the service process. This phase of the solution was implemented ahead of schedule and on budget.
  3. 3. www.csdpcorp.comUnifying Infrastructure. Transforming Businesses. Gaining Market Share.Reduce labor and overstock costs… The Result As a result of CSDPs SRM © solution, the company is no more proactive and first-call resolution has become the norm. The SRM © solution enabled calls to be accurately assigned to support technicians with skills that matched clients issues. Instead of a 100% replacement rate, clients Internet security devices are now being replaced 10% of the time. As a result, cost per warranty repair dropped over 400%. In addition, stock and inventory controls were also overhauled, and can now be highly controlled in case of critical repair needs. After parts inventory and skill alignments were implemented, customer satisfaction increased over 10 points, and warranty support costs were reduced 65%. The company significantly reduced labor costs, overstocks, and non-authorized repair costs.“We were between a rock and a hard place and neededto get off our old CRM solution to make the deal finallyclose. The team at CSDP was amazing and did what theysaid they were going to do. The results were amazing…”–Integration Manager of Internet Security“Not only did they get us off our old CRM solution, theyimproved or support process by tightly coupling ourtechnicians to our entitlement systems, to ourknowledgebase tools, inventory control systems, andreduced our overall warranty cost dramatically.”–CFO Internet Security
  4. 4. Unifying Infrastructure. Transforming Businesses. Gaining Market Share.About CSDP CSDP offers flexible, agile solutions to unify infrastructure and transform cost centers into profit drivers, resulting in greater customer service and market share. Our services-lead software is fully customized to fit your companys needs and is respectful of existing infrastructure so that it implements quickly and begins generating ROI immediately!Productivity have realized a 20% decrease in IT/infrastructure costs, CSDP’s clients reduced labor costs by 15%, and improved customer satisfaction by up to 15 points. We not only help our clients drive down operating and service delivery costs, but enable them to drive up customer satisfaction and increase revenue and market share! CSDP is a services-led software company with a tailored suite of Service Relationship Management (SRM) © process tools. They offer service providers and product manufacturers in any industry an affordable way to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and enableCase Studycost centers to become profit contributors. The SRM © solution ties together CRM and ERP by addressing both service objectives and business processes. CSDPs SRM © software solution has been delivered to some of the world’s foremost Fortune 500 companies to include IBM, Xerox, Fujitsu, Whirlpool, Rockwell and BOA just to name a few. To learn more about CSDP, visit our website, follow our blog and join the Service Relationship Management 3.0 Group on LinkedIn. Contact us at 888-741-2737 X 107 or E-mail us at CSDP Corporation 15615 Alton Parkway, Suite 310 Irvine, CA 92618 Unifying Infrastructure! Transforming Businesses! Gaining Market Share!