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Nonprofit Board Service webinar


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This session was designed for EPIP members and other emerging professionals who have not served on a nonprofit board, but would like to learn how to become a board member of a nonprofit organization. Dan Blakemore (Assistant Director of Development, Individual Giving at International House and Board Member of YNPN National) and Emily Kessler (Independent Consultant and Co-Director of the NYC Venture Philanthropy Fund) discussed reasons why you should serve on a board and how it can advance your career. They also provided basic information one needs to know before serving as a board member, and dispelled any myths about board service. Resources were provided on how to locate an appropriate nonprofit seeking board members. The webinar concluded with Q&A from participants.

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Nonprofit Board Service webinar

  1. 1. Webinar Serve on a Board, Save the World AND Advance Your Career with Dan Blakemore and Emily Kessler
  2. 2. About Us ❖ Dan Blakemore, Assistant Director of Development, Individual Giving at International House and Board Member of YNPN National
 ❖ Emily Kessler, Independent Consultant and Board Member of the NYC Venture Philanthropy Fund
  3. 3. About You Where do you work?! ❖ Grantmaking org! ❖ Nonprofit! ❖ Private Sector! ❖ Government ! ❖ Other
  4. 4. About You Have you considered serving on a nonprofit board?! ❖ Yes! ❖ No! ❖ Not Sure! ❖ I already serve on a board
  5. 5. Why Serve? ❖ Nonprofits are in need of guidance and support! ❖ YOU have skills, knowledge and expertise! ❖ Because boards no longer look like this:
  6. 6. Board Service & Your Career ❖ Expand your network! ❖ Raise your professional profile! ❖ Strengthen skills
  7. 7. Before You Serve ❖ Identify key strengths & skills! ❖ Identify favorite causes or organizations! ❖ Determine your available resources
  8. 8. Dispelling Myths ❖ Roles & responsibilities! ❖ Mission & planning! ❖ Oversight! ❖ Resources! ❖ Outreach! ❖ Other requirements! ❖ Meetings! ❖ Committees! ❖ Duties
  9. 9. How to Find a Board ❖ Reach out directly! ❖ Ask your network! ❖ Search online! ❖ Be open to alternatives
  10. 10. Poll After participating in today’s webinar are you more likely to serve on a board?! ❖ More likely! ❖ Less likely! ❖ About the same! ❖ I already serve on a board
  11. 11. Other Resources ❖ 3 steps to take if you want to join a nonprofit board by Dan Blakemore []! ❖ 4 Ways being a Nonprofit Board Member Can Help Your Career by Dan Blakemore []! ❖ Bridgespan’s Nonprofit Boards: How to Find a Rewarding Board Position []! ❖ Blue Avocado []! ❖ BoardSource []! ❖ Foundation Center []! ❖ United Way NYC BoardServe project []
  12. 12. Contact Us Dan’s Blog: The Good Steward
 @dan_blakemore! !
  13. 13. Q & A