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Blockchain for Business - A Point of View

EPIC Knowledge Society Point of View on Blockchain based Business Models. Trust Protocols, Storage Systems, Consortiums.
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Blockchain for Business - A Point of View

  1. 1. Blockchain for Business Blockchain Technology to Build a Digital Trust Machine in Your Enterprise
  2. 2. Blockchain for Business Strategy Redefining Customer Value Streamlining Operations Simplify and Secure Processes Cost Effective Solutions Transparent and Trustable Data Optimizing Business Models
  3. 3. Blockchain is set to disrupt industries and business models Trust Protocols Business Models Utility Tokens Regulation Frameworks Legal Processes Storage Systems Messaging Architectures Governance Machinery Insurance Platforms Financial Services Real Estate Systems
  4. 4. Our Consulting Approach Understand the business potential Build Reference Adoption Models Define Your Individual Strategy
  5. 5. Decentralized Trust Protocols
  6. 6. Decentralized Business Models
  7. 7. Decentralized Asset Management Systems
  8. 8. Decentralized Navigation Systems
  9. 9. Decentralised Markerplaces
  10. 10. Decentralized Data Architectures Product Information Systems, Data Marts, Data Warehouses, Electronic Health Record systems, Call Data Record Repsitories, Inventory Management Systems
  11. 11. Decentralized Consoritums Retail, Supplychain, Manufacturing, Transportation, Shipping
  12. 12. Decentralized Storage Systems
  13. 13. Decentralized Energy Audits
  14. 14. Decentralised Trade Finance Processes