Race and poverty in the us


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Presentation about racism and the different situations that has happened in the U.S. about this topic.

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Race and poverty in the us

  1. 1. Race and poverty in the US Dídac Mas Arco
  2. 2. Civil rights movement
  3. 3. Civil rights movement • The civil rights movement started in 1955 when the murder of black people was common in the south of the States and also it wasn’t punished. And finished in 1968 with Martin Luther King’s dead. • The Civil rights movement contain every idea to obtain the equality of rights in the US.
  4. 4. Civil rights movement • Emmet’s Till murder was the beginning of this movement, he was a teenager from Chicago that was visiting Money, Mississippi. That crime wasn’t forget because of its age, and the reason of the murder. Emmet Till before its murder
  5. 5. Civil rights movement • It’s supposed that Emmet was murdered because he whistled to a white woman in a shop. • In the burial, his mother decided to let the coffin opened to show the assistants what the murderers did him. The assassins weren’t condemned because of that crime. Emmet Till after its murder
  6. 6. Civil rights movement • In this year also happened the Montgomery Bus Boycott, in Montgomery, Alabama. • What happened is that a women called Rosa Parks didn’t accepted to let half of the bus for white people because there was no white people in the bus. Rosa Parks The Montgomery Bus
  7. 7. Civils rights movement • She was arrested and went to court. • The 3rd of December of that year, black people came in accordance to not to use the bus, so they shared cars for example. • This movement spent 381 days, until the segregation law was aborted. Rosa Parks going to the court
  8. 8. Civil rights movement • The civil rights movement finished in 1968 when Martin Luther King become dead in Memphis, he was there to help the garbage man in a demonstration demanding a better treat and a better contract. King during a speech Martin Luther King Jr.
  9. 9. Martin Luther King’s Murder
  10. 10. Martin Luther King’s murder • This event is known as the end of the civil rights movement, because he was the symbol of that fight. • He was murdered in the balcony of the Lorraine Motel at the 18 hours and a minute of the 4th of April of 1968. The balcony of the murder Lorraine motel
  11. 11. Martin Luther King’s murder • He received a shoot in its head. Rapidly its friends went out when they heard the shot, but it was late. • An hour later he was declared dead. King at the Lorraine Motel King at the Lorraine Motel
  12. 12. Martin Luther King’s murder • He’s very famous for its speech in the Washington Memorial the 28th of August of 1963. He fought for all the black people rights in the United States. The famous speech in Washington
  13. 13. Martin Luther King’s murder • He was killed by James Earl Ray, he was born the 10th of March of 1928 and dead in prison on April 23rd of 1998 by a hepatitis C. He was caught in London with a false Canadian passport, after King’s death. • Before that crime he was considered Ray at prison a “minor criminal”, because of that is said that he wasn’t the real murderer of Martin Luther King’s. James Earl Ray FBI search poster
  14. 14. Racial riots
  15. 15. Racial riots • The racial riots was a wave of civil disturbance after Martin Luther King’s death. • The riots were caused because King was the leader of the Civil rights movement. Riots in Washington Car destroyed during the riots
  16. 16. Racial riots • People felt angry for its dead; so many people thought that violence was the only way to fight against racism. Riots near a Candy shop Riots in Chicago
  17. 17. Racial riots • The biggest riots took place in Washington DC, Baltimore, Louisville, Kansas City and Chicago. • The resulting damage was $50.000.000. In this riots 39 people dead, 34 of them were black people.
  18. 18. Current situation
  19. 19. Current situation • With the recent decades, it is said that there exists a colour blindness or an "understanding that cultural differences rooted in racial identities are irrelevant for peoples”. Black people that has succeed
  20. 20. Current situation • Furthermore, many cite the 2008 United States presidential election as a step forward in race relations. • White Americans played a role in electing Barack Obama, the country's first black president. The U.S. President, Barack Obama
  21. 21. Current situation • In fact, Obama received a greater percentage of the white vote (43%), than did the previous Democratic candidate, John Kerry (41%). Election results of 2008 Election results of 2012
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  23. 23. The End Dídac Mas Arco