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  • Soap ui

    1. 1. Agenda About Soap UI System Requirements Features Technology Support Testing REST Services
    2. 2. About SoapUI Free and open source cross-platformFunctional Testing solution. Easy-to-use graphical interface Create and execute automatedfunctional Regression tests Security tests Load tests.
    3. 3. System RequirementsWindowsWindows XP or later1GHz or higher 32-bit or 64-bit processor512MB of RAM200MB of hard disk space for installation (SoapUI and HermesJMS)Linux1GHz or higher 32-bit or 64-bit Intel or AMD64 processor512MB of RAM240MB of hard disk space for installation (SoapUI Pro and HermesJMS)Ubuntu, Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, Suse; or other distributionsJava 6Mac OSMac computer with 1GHz or higher 32-bit or 64-bit Intel or PowerPCprocessor512MB of RAM140MB of hard disk space for installation (SoapUI and HermesJMS)Mac OS X 10.4 or later; Mac OS X Server 10.4 or laterJava 6
    4. 4. Features Functional Testing Service Simulation (Mocking) Security Testing Load Testing Test Automation Analytics
    5. 5. Functional Testing Drag and Drop Test Creation Complex Scenarios Test Debugging (Pro) Data-Driven Testing (Pro) Test Coverage (Pro) Multi Environment Support
    6. 6. Service Simulation(Mocking) Auto Mock Creation Custom Responses Real Services Standards-Compliant Server Deployment Simulation Coverage
    7. 7. Security Testing SQL Injection XML Bomb Cross Site scripting Fuzzing Scan Boundary Scan Malicious attachment Malformed XML
    8. 8. Load Testing Baseline Testing Load Testing Stress Testing Soak Testing Scalability Testing
    9. 9. Load Testing
    10. 10. Test Automation Integration with TeamCity Integrating with JUnit Maven 1.X Maven 2.X Functional tests:mvn eviware:maven-soapui-plugin:test Loadtests:mvn eviware:maven-soapui-plugin:loadtest MockServices:mvn eviware:maven-soapui-plugin:mock
    11. 11. AnalyticsThree types of reports: Printable Reports -PDF, HTML, RTF, Word, Excel. Data Export - XML and CSV. HTML Reports - test results in HTMLformat.
    12. 12. Analytics - SoapUI Pro
    13. 13. Analytics - SoapUI
    14. 14. Technology Support SOAP/WSDL REST Web and HTTP(S) AMF JDBC JMS
    15. 15. Create SoapUI project
    16. 16. Add REST service
    17. 17. Add Test Case Generate automatically at creation testsuite Add manually
    18. 18. Method
    19. 19. Test step types Test Request Groovy Script Properties REST TestRequest HTTP TestRequest Mock Responce JDBC Request AMF Request
    20. 20. Assertions Property Content Contains Not Contains XPath Match XQuery Match Compliance, Status and Standarts Invalid HTTP Status Codes Schema Compliance Valid HTTP Status Codes Script Script Assertion SLA Response SLA Security Sensitive Information Exposure JDBC JDBC Status JDBC Timeout
    21. 21. Groovy Scripts
    22. 22. XPath Match
    23. 23. Test JDBC
    24. 24. Export/Import Export TestCases in XML format Import TestSuite and TestCases fromXML file
    25. 25. Questions?