Synergies, Co-Benefits and Tensions of Clean Air Policies - Annika Markovic


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Synergies, Co-Benefits and Tensions of Clean Air Policies - Annika Markovic

  1. 1. Ministry of the Environment SwedenSynergies, Co-Benefits and Tensions of Clean Air PoliciesAnnika MarkovicEnvironment AmbassadorSweden
  2. 2. Ministry of the Environment SwedenGenesis of the Political InterestThe WHO/UNEP ReportIntegrated Assessment of Black Carbon andTropospheric Ozone “Black carbon and tropospheric ozonehave detrimental impacts on health, climate and theenvironment”
  3. 3. Ministry of the Environment SwedenWhat is SLCPs in the Coalition´s definition?• Black carbon (BC)• Methane• Tropospheric ozone• Short lived HFCsSLCPs have various detrimental impacts on climate, health andecosystems.
  4. 4. Ministry of the Environment SwedenThere are multiple benefits of reducing these SLCPs:• Reduce air pollution• Protect health and crops• Reduce regional impacts of climate change• Slow down near-term global warming
  5. 5. Ministry of the Environment SwedenWhat can we do within the EU?• The revised Gothenburg protocol May 2012 – a small step in the rightdirection• In order to get EU on track for its long term tagets as expressed in the6th EAP higher ambition level is urgently needed• The revised NEC Directive could be a window of opportunity for healthand environment within the EU
  6. 6. Ministry of the Environment SwedenExpectations on the revised NECD• Stricter ceilings for sulphur dioxid, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia andvolatile organic compounds• New ceilings for PM2,5/black carbon and methane
  7. 7. Ministry of the Environment Sweden
  8. 8. Ministry of the Environment SwedenThe Climate and Clean Air Coalition was launched in February 2012by UNEP and six Governments to:− Raise awareness of SLCP impacts and mitigation strategies;− Enhance regional actions, identify and overcome barriers, enhancecapacity and mobilize support;− Promote best practices and showcase successful efforts;− Improve scientific understanding of SLCPs.
  9. 9. Ministry of the Environment SwedenWashington DC February 2012
  10. 10. Ministry of the Environment SwedenFive Focal Areas for the first period• Reducing Black Carbon Emissions from Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicles & Engines• Mitigating SLCPs and Other Pollutants from Brick Production• Mitigating SLCPs from Landfills and Municipal Solid Waste Sector• Promoting HFC Alternative Technology and Standards• Accelerating Methane and Black Carbon Reductions from Oil and Natural GasProduction
  11. 11. Ministry of the Environment SwedenFurther Actions of the Coalition• Assess the SLCP problem and opportunities in Latin America• A Trust Fund has been established• Formation of a Science Advisory Panel to provide scientific advice to theCoalition.• Coalition Web Site
  12. 12. Ministry of the Environment SwedenSLCP Event in Stockholm June 3 2012
  13. 13. Ministry of the Environment SwedenThank you for your attention !Outreach to additional state and non-state partnersand other key stakeholdersCommitments to utilize upcoming opportunities toraise awareness nd highlight work of CCAC(UNFCCC COP, WHA)