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Showcasing Ireland’s success in European Research Programmes                                                  Research Are...
PROJECT PARTNERSContribution from IrelandIreland has contributed to         ✓✓Federal Ministry of Education and Research (...
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JPI Climate - EPA Datasheet


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JPI Climate - EPA Datasheet

  1. 1. Showcasing Ireland’s success in European Research Programmes Research Area: Climate Change Joint Programme Initiative Climate Change – Connecting Climate Change Knowledge for Europe“Climate change is a collective PROJECT DESCRIPTION challenge and the JPI provides Joint Programming Initiative “Climate Change, Connecting Climate Ireland and Europe with Knowledge for Europe’’ an opportunity to use our combined scientific capacity to Ireland, along with 12 countries has joined JPI Climate and is represented by address this in a structured and the Environmental Protection Agency. JPI Climate is a European initiative coordinated manner” concerning the coordination of climate research funding. ‘Climate knowl- edge’ in a rather broad sense, includes all kinds of scientific knowledge on Frank Mc Govern causes, consequences, cost, risks and benefits of climate change, as well as Environmental Protection Agency possible responses. JPI Climate intends to contribute to highly coordinated knowledge development by improving the scientific expertise on climate change risks and adaptation options, and also by connecting that knowledge with decision-making on safety and major investments in climate-vulnerable sectors in Europe. The main objective of JPI Climate is to provide integrated knowledge and informa­ ion on climate change to support decision making and advance soci- t etal goals on climate change. In doing so it aims to respond to the needs of policy, decision makers and European society in general. To do this, JPI Climate provides a platform to facilitate the coordination, collaboration and exploitation of climate change research across Europe. It aims to enhance synergies and reduce fragmentation of efforts and duplication. It will thereby help underpin effective efforts to address the challenges of climate change.Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station, JPI Climate is based on shared research objectives and alignment of nationalCarna, County Galway, Ireland research priorities in a joint Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). This will comple- ment and work with other European initiatives such as Horizon 2020, Climate KIC, ERANETs and ESFRI projects. For further information go to:
  2. 2. PROJECT PARTNERSContribution from IrelandIreland has contributed to ✓✓Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Germany) (Secretariat)the development of the ●● Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Researchstrategic research agendafor JPI Climate and has been ●● BOKU Center for Global Change and Sustainability (Austria)central to the development of ●● Walloon Public Services, DG for Economy,elements that are designed Research and Employment (Belgium)to enhance understanding ofgreenhouse gas emissions and ●● Belgian Science Policy – Belsposinks. These include the use of ●● Danish Council for Strategic Researchadvanced modelling systemsto provide independent ●● Aarhus University (Denmark)verification of greenhousegas emissions inventories, as ●● Ministry of Transport and Communication (Finland)well as an initiative to advance ●● Academy of Finlandcommunication of the scienceof climate change. ●● French National Alliance on Environment – AllEnvie ●● National Research Agency (France) ●● Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Climate Change Unit (Ireland)Project DetailsArea: ENV.2008. ●● Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change – CCMC (Italy)Start Date: 6/11/12 ●● Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare (MATTM) (Italy)Project Cost: It is anticipatedthat funding for JPI sponsored ●● Research Council of Norwayprojects will come from ●● Climate and Pollution Agency (Norway)participating members andsome additional funding may ●● Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Spain)be provided at EU level ●● Swedish Research Council – Infrastructures UnitFunding: EC DG Research has ●● Swedish Research Council – Executive Secretary for Science and Technologyprovided €2m for Coordinated ●● Swedish Research Council – FormasSupport Action to support theJPI Climate ●● Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (The Netherlands) ●● VU University – Institute for Environmental Studies (The Netherlands)Coordinator: The Secretariatis currently hosted by Germany ●● Natural Environment Research Council – NERC (United Kingdom) ●● Met Office (United Kingdom) Irish Contact Dr Frank Mc Govern Tel: +353 (01) 268 0100 Email: