Building a National Climate Information System: Barry O'Dwyer, UCC


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Presentation from the workshop 'Informing and Enabling a Climate Resilient Ireland”' - held 23 March 2012. This event launched 2 EPA Climate Change Research Programme reports:
CCRP9 'Ireland adapts to Climate Change' and CCRP10 'Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Sectoral Policies in Ireland'

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Building a National Climate Information System: Barry O'Dwyer, UCC

  1. 1. Barry O‟Dwyer ( Informing and Enabling a Climate Resilient Ireland, March 23rd 2012
  2. 2.  Climate is changing and significant climate change cannot be avoided. Adapting to climate change offers not only significant challenges but also opportunities. “Climate Ireland” aims to facilitate planners in meeting both the challenges and opportunities of climate change through the development of an one stop comprehensive web-based resource of climatic and adaptation information.
  3. 3.  In order to assess the best options for developing “Climate Ireland”, a review of existing and International Climate Information Platforms (CIPs) was undertaken. With available data in mind, this review highlighted the potential for the development of “Climate Ireland”.
  4. 4. Users
  5. 5.  Climate Ireland will provide Data Sectoral important linkages between theProviders Experts key stakeholder groups (Sectoral experts, data providers and end users).  These linkages will be facilitated through a number of workshops to be held throughout the lifetime of the project.  The first of these workshops is to be held next month and will aim End- to identify the information Users requirements of sectoral planners when planning for climate change.
  6. 6.  The rate of severity of climate related effects remain uncertain and the science and tools that underlie climate adaptation are rapidly changing. As a result, similar to any adaptation framework, Climate Ireland is being designed as a „living‟ resource that allows for easy Source: revisiting and updating.
  7. 7. A tool to guide the user – local, regional and sectoral planners - through theprocess of adaptation planning Providing an understanding of climate change Enabling the integration of climate change consequences into the decision making process.Two Key and Inter-linked Phases of Development: Phase 1 - „ Discovery Platform‟ Phase 2 - Enhanced functionality through the provision of data analysis and decision support tools
  8. 8. Raise Information DecisionAwareness Provision Support
  9. 9.  Uncertainty related to the rate and magnitude of climate change, the potential for non-linear changes and the long time horizons makes planning for adaptation to climate change difficult One of the key challenges for Climate Ireland is to effectively communicate uncertainty to decision makers and facilitate decision making under an uncertain/partial knowledge of future climate Raise Awareness Information Provision Decision Support Educate decision Provide on a single Provide frameworks makers about issues platform available and methods to allow of scientific down-scaled climate for the development of uncertainty projections for Ireland. robust evidence- based adaptive strategies.
  10. 10.  Centralisation and standardisation of climate projection data is ongoing. The first Workshop (Expert Stakeholders) is scheduled for April and will aim to identify the information required by the key sectors to plan for climate change. The development of the content and interface for Phase 1 „Discovery Portal‟, to be launched in September 2012, is ongoing.
  11. 11. Thank You.For further information, don‟t hesitate to contact me. Barry O‟Dwyer (