Financial participation of citizens in low carbon transition - the Scottish approach.


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A workshop was held in the IFSC on December 8th 2016, looking at financial incentives to promote citizen investment in renewable energy. The workshop was organised by Dr. Celine McInerney, Cork University Business School, and Joseph Curtin, UCC. It was funded by the EPA Research programme.

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Financial participation of citizens in low carbon transition - the Scottish approach.

  1. 1. Financial Participation of Citizens in Low Carbon Transition: The Scottish Approach. Jennifer Ramsay, Local Energy Scotland
  2. 2. Local Energy Scotland Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) Community renewables Local energy systems Local involvement in large-scale projects
  3. 3. Scottish and UK policy Scottish energy policy - Ambitious targets - Local energy - Climate change - Forthcoming energy strategy à Supporting local energy UK energy policy - Department of Energy and Climate Change merged to become Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - Subsidy cuts/removal - All scales - Phase-out of coal by 2025 à Promoting innovation
  4. 4. Community and Renewable Energy Scheme CARES • Financial assistance • Advice and support • Online resources
  5. 5. Citizen financial participation 1. Community generation projects 2. Local involvement in large-scale projects 3. Local energy systems
  6. 6. Community generation projects 1. Popular model over past ten years • Generated high levels of income • Rural areas • Electricity projects • Public funds available • Share offers becoming extremely popular 2. Subsidies and grid issues prevent financial viability • Tax relief for shares removed in 2015
  7. 7. Harlaw Hydro Case Study • Commissioned Sept 2015 • Members of the co-operative receive around 4% interest • Surplus used to support local projects • 95kW scheme in Edinburgh • £403,000 raised through local share offer with some bank support
  8. 8. Local Involvement in Large Scale Projects Community Benefit
  9. 9. Local Involvement in Large Scale Projects Shared Ownership 1. SNP Manifesto – 50% of all sites consented in 2020 to have element of shared ownership 2. For developers: • Increased public support and involvement • Can require additional resource 3. For communities: • Can give high(er) levels of income • Often difficult to work on commercial timescales
  10. 10. Marshill Farm Case Study
  11. 11. Local Energy Systems • Scottish Government Energy Strategy • Transition to decarbonised energy • Energy systems approach • Localised energy • Local Energy Challenge Fund • £30m of public support • Partnership approaches • Linking energy generation with energy use Identifying viable business models for local energy
  12. 12. Levenmouth Community Energy Project • 910kW renewable generation • 8 building parallel microgrid • Toshiba H2EMS Smart Grid control • 250kW electrolyser/100kW fuel cell ESS • 2 x 10kg per day hydrogen refuellers • 17 vehicle fleet • Study into rural hydrogen production
  13. 13. Tower Power
  14. 14. Algal Solutions for Local Energy Projects
  15. 15. Others… • EASTHEAT: Sunamp heat storage in social housing • Montrose Local Energy Project: New fuel source from animal bedding • ACCESS: Live monitoring of production from community hydro and shifting use • Large Air Source Heat Pump: District heating in housing association stock in Glasgow • Outer Hebrides Local Energy Hub: Using salmon waste to power anaerobic digester, which feeds into biogas CHP system, combines with wind energy into H2 electrolyser, O2 feeds salmon, H2 goes into Hydrogen CHP system, powers the fish hatchery
  16. 16. Other Scottish support programmes • Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme (LCITP) • ERDF support programme for low-carbon infrastructure • Heat Network Partnership • Ensuring consistent support across heat projects • District heating loan • Financial support for commercially viable district heating systems • Home Energy Scotland and Resource Efficient Scotland • Advice and support for homes and businesses • Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP) • Developing existing programmes to improve building energy efficiency
  17. 17. What next? • Find out what works • Deliver local energy projects without public grant support • Mainstreaming following demonstration • Publication of Scottish Government energy strategy
  18. 18. Contact us 0808 808 2288 @localenergysco ☎ 8