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EPA H2020 SC5 Info Day: Presentation from Panelist Ken Stockil, Central Solutions


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Presentation from Panelist Ken Stockil, Central Solutions given at Session 3b at EPA H2020 SC5 Info Day 7.10.16

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EPA H2020 SC5 Info Day: Presentation from Panelist Ken Stockil, Central Solutions

  1. 1.  The Large Water Users Community of Practice has been established to provide a platform to share knowledge, ideas and experiences across large water users in Ireland interested in the continuous improvement of water management at their sites.  Typical sites are using >100k+ m3 water per annum.  Managed by Central Solutions.  The goals of the Community are to:  Facilitate and encourage peer to peer learning between companies  Review worldwide best practice and emerging standards in terms of water  Training & Programmes for Water Management  Liaise with National Stakeholders on Competitiveness Issues & Collaborative Initiatives EPA Water CoP
  2. 2. • On August 5th 2015 64 of the worlds largest institutional investors wrote to 15 of the worlds largest food and beverage organisations calling on them to better manage their water risks. • “we believe that water scarcity can materially impact portfolio value, so we want to know how companies are managing and mitigating water risks.” • They gave the firms until 15th September to respond! • The group of signatories of the letter oversee combined assets of $2.6 trillion Nearer to home “We can survive without Energy Supply as we have backup generators in place etc ….. But if the water supply is contaminated or stops we shut down!” Ed Collins GSK on 10 September at Sustainable Processing Growing Importance of Water as a Industrial Competitiveness Issue
  3. 3. Member Needs Water Standards (Development & Piloting at Industrial Facilities) Advanced Metering, Monitoring & Data Analytics (Quality & Quantity) Water Risk Management Tools @ site and catchment level Piloting & Verification of Emerging Technologies (membrane tech/resource recovery etc) Awareness & Behavioural Change Interventions Demand Management Incentives & Models Development of collaborative pilots to investigate and test policy & approaches to Water Stewardship, environmental compliance and lifecycle management challenges - European, National, Catchment & Supply Chain Levels
  4. 4. Ken Stockil, Central Solutions Email: