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EPA H2020 SC5 Info Day: JPI Climate & Climate Change Research - Frank McGovern, EPA


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Presentation on JPI Climate & Climate Change Research - Frank McGovern, EPA, given at Session 3a at EPA H2020 SC5 Info Day 7.10.16

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EPA H2020 SC5 Info Day: JPI Climate & Climate Change Research - Frank McGovern, EPA

  1. 1. JPI Climate & Climate Change Research Frank McGovern October 7th 2016,
  2. 2. Outline of presentation  Context the JPI Process  JPI Climates; objectives, structures and processes  H2020 and JPI Climate  Actions and opportunities
  3. 3. The JPI Climate process JPI Climate is a collaboration between 17 European countries including Ireland, to coordinate climate change research and fund new transnational research initiatives on climate change. Observer institutions include: European Environment Agency European Space Agency European Climate Research Alliance The European Commission is a non‐voting member.
  4. 4. JPI Climate: vision & mission Vision Is to actively inform and enable the transition to a low emission, climate resilient economy, society and environment that is aligned with Europe’s long-term climate policy objectives. It aims to develop and coordinate a pan-European research programming platform to provide knowledge and services for European and national climate strategies and plans and contributions to the UNFCCC and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Mission To align and inform strategies, instruments, resources and actors at national and European levels by connecting the various research communities with research funders and performing organisations.
  5. 5. JPI Climate: Aims To Foster an excellent science base, world-class research infrastructures and a new generation of researchers; Cooperate with partners in advanced, emerging and developing countries; Achieve greater impacts through involvement of the public and private sectors in knowledge creation and mobilisation Innovate with the end-users on societal transformation for resilience and sustainability.
  6. 6. JPI Climate: Strategic focus areas This Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) sets out three overarching challenges and one strategic mechanism. They are: • Understanding the processes and consequences of climate change • Improving knowledge on climate-related decision-making processes and measures • Researching sustainable societal transformation in the context of climate change Strategic Mechanism is: Connecting people, problems and solutions in a systemic approach.
  7. 7. JPI Climate: Strategic focus areas
  8. 8. JPI Climate: Strategic focus areas The slight overlap between the challenges is intentional. • Solutions to the complex problems associated with addressing climate variability and change cannot be successfully developed within a ‘silo’ approach. • Promoting a multi-, inter and trans-disciplinary approach to connect the natural‐ with socio‐economic sciences is essential to reduce and highlight the conflicts between the various options. • The challenges are described in general terms, in order to account for future policy developments and frameworks as well as technical and scientific advances. • The specific priorities and activities for a given period within JPI Climate will be reflected in the Implementation Strategy and Plan.
  9. 9. The added value of JPI Climate • At the European level, JPI Climate aims to foster the development of coherent research activities across its membership whilst maintaining creative diversity. • It aims to facilitate cross-border interactions and enable a broader level of research and innovation. JPI Climate will help ensure maximum impact from European research efforts. • Bridging National and Regional level research to address shared challenges
  10. 10. Held in 2013/14 two topics -> Topic 1 : Societal Transformation in the Face of Climate Change -> Topic 2 : Russian Arctic & Boreal Systems Sustainable Transformations of Society Ireland had one successful participant; Dr Conor Murphy; NUIM Austrian led Project looking at societal responses related to impacts and adaptation to flooding. The award is on a Juste Retour basis i.e. Ireland will fund the Irish research activity Ireland and JPI Climate 1st Call
  11. 11. In 2015 Ireland hosted a JPI Climate workshop in Dublin on verification of Greenhouse gas emissions and removals Reps from Dg Research, ESA, Copernicus, ICOS, funding bodies including UK, DE, Fi, leading researchers and GHG inventory experts It agreed an Outline Vision: A science based system for determination of GHG emissions and removals that informs and supports policy development, decision making, and official reporting and accounting systems Europe has the potential to be a leader in advanced Measurement Reporting and Verification (MRV) systems that can support analysis of global to local emissions and which can be used to chart progress to achievement of shared goals H2020 took over this topic. It is now an open Call. Ireland and JPI Climate
  12. 12. • Climate Services a flagship area for development: H2020, Copernicus, WMO etc • Ireland through EPA and Met Eireann is a member of the ERA4CS climate services call. • JPI activity supported by H2020, but its complex involving cash and in-kind processes. • At ERA4CS pre-proposal evaluation resulted in 4 proposals with participants from Ireland being invited to submit full proposals, this involves researchers from UCC, UCD, Dundalk Institute of Technology and the Marine Institute Ireland and JPI Climate ERA4CS
  13. 13. Preparation is underway for an International Call through the International Group Funding Agencies (IGFA)/Belmont Forum and to JPI Climate. Key research challenges are along the following themes: • Cross-sectoral and/or cross-scale climate change impact assessments • Integration of (biophysical) climate change impact estimates into economic models • Integrating climate change information with other relevant information for decision making The potential funds for these themes are €26,000,000 made up of funds from the Commission, Member States and the Belmont Forum. Ireland and JPI Climate
  14. 14. JPI Climate is a work in progress but is proving to be useful Further information on JPI Climate is available from Thank you Conclusions