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Aqua TT - Olivia Daly


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Flash presentation given by Olivia Daly, Aqua TT, at the 2015 Horizon 2020 SC5 Information Day, 21/10/2015, Herbert Park Hotel, Dublin

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Aqua TT - Olivia Daly

  1. 1. Olivia Daly, Senior Project Manager 2015 Horizon 2020 SC5 National Information Day, Herbert Park Hotel, 21st October 2015 Knowledge Transfer & Innovation Partners in HORIZON 2020
  2. 2.  Founded in 1992 under the EU COMETT programme as a University Enterprise Training Partnership (UETP) to bridge the gap between academia and industry  A non-profit foundation  Marine, environment (including water), energy, food areas  Significant amount of work in scientific knowledge transfer - capturing, channelling and transferring knowledge to realise its full potential  Team of 13 staff, growing from a base of 3 staff in 2008 Profile COMMUNICATIONSCIENCE KNOWLEDGE INNOVATION
  3. 3. Working with Scientists  24 EC projects (2009-2015)  +4 new H2020 projects  COLUMBUS H2020 Blue Growth Flagship Knowledge Transfer Project (€4M)  MarineTT project identified as an FP7 exemplar project  AQUA-TNET Erasmus Network (1995-2014)  Partnering 250 institutes across 40 countries
  4. 4. Dissemination Expertise  Tailored Dissemination Strategies  Exploitation of Results o Bespoke Project Branding and Logos o Website Design and Development o Press Releases, Presentations o Newsletters, Factsheets, Brochures, Technical Booklets o Outreach, Event Management o Stakeholder Engagement o Social Media; LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs o Videos, Vimeo, YouTube
  5. 5. Knowledge Transfer Specialist  Targeted Knowledge Transfer from knowledge sources to end-users  Ensure measurable impact  Forefront of the European Commission Blue Growth agenda  Improved methodologies for knowledge capture, assessment and transfer  Impact and Value Creation Measurement
  6. 6. Support Services to Science  Advisory, Mentoring and Training Services: o Specialists in European Funding Programmes o Mapping research funding programmes o Designing and writing research project applications o Consultancy on funding strategies for research groups, research offices and SMEs o Training Providers; Proposal Writing, Networking, Scientific Project Management for EU projects, Knowledge Transfer Partners:  Universities  Research Institutes  Public bodies  SMEs (Waste treatment, Waste water treatment, Food, Marine)
  7. 7.  A deep understanding of EU funding system - 23 years’ experience  One of most successful Irish SME participants in FP7 (17 projects)  100% success rate in bids written by AquaTT in H2020 (2/2)  As of December 2014, AquaTT contributed to securing €10m under H2020  Strategic in assisting our customers for results Key Factors Keen to collaborate as: A Partner  Dissemination and Communication  Knowledge Transfer Work Packages  Project Management A Consultant  Helping to win H2020 bids
  8. 8. THANK YOU Olivia Daly