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EOSC Governance Session - EOSC Stakeholders Forum 2018


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The key objective for the Governance Work is to design and trial a stakeholder driven governance framework with the involvement of research communities, research institutions, research infrastructures including e-infrastructures, and research funding bodies, to shape and oversee future development of the European Open Science Cloud.

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EOSC Governance Session - EOSC Stakeholders Forum 2018

  1. 1. Governance 21st November 2018
  2. 2. Panellists Matthew Dovey, Head of e-Infrastructure Strategy, JISC (EOSCpilot) Marie Timmermann, Senior Policy Officer, Science Europe Tiina Kupila-Rantala, Deputy Managing Director at CSC – IT Center for Science (EOSC-hub strategy) Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT Services CEO, EOSC HLEG Chair
  3. 3. Main purpose for the governance of the EOSC? In or out of scope of the governance Relation to EuroHPC governance? What are the things that the governance have to fulfil in the perspective of the stakeholder group you are representing (funders & others perspective)? Realism and challenges? What are the crucial elements in the Governance from the stakeholders´ perspective?
  4. 4. Governance as a Concept
  5. 5. Governance as a Concept 1. Institutional, including EU Member States and European Commission 2. Executive/Operational, including a governance board at the executive level and relevant working committees (e.g. thematic and functional) 3. Advisory, including a stakeholder forum Measuring Results (+ identifying) Strategic Getting things done Executive Engaging community Steering 1 Community Problems Solving: Aligns “Engaging Citizens” and “Getting Things Done.” 2 Organizations Managing for Results: Aligns “Measuring Results” and “Getting Things Done.” 3 Citizens Reaching for Results: Aligns “Engaging Citizens” and “Measuring Results.” 4 Communities Governing for Results: Aligns all three core skills. Executive ExecutiveGovernance Board Strategic National Institutional Forum External Funders Forums Steering Stakeholder Forum Consumer Forums Research Communities Research Producing Organisations Provider Forums Public sector services Enterprise services Technology providers Intermediaries ESFRI E-Infrastructures Provides Solutions Subsidises Incentivises Compensates Objectives Metrics Scientific Case Requirements & Proposals Technology Requirements & Proposals PolicyPrinciples of Engagement Requirements & Proposals Performance and Impact Report against Objectives Metrics External EOSC Compatible Compliant EOSC Core Resources EOSCSupported Resources ExternallySupportedResources
  6. 6. Silvana Muscella Trust-IT Services 8 EOSC Stakeholders Forum Vienna, 21st November 2018 WGs with the highest priority for 1st implementation phase The Rules of Participation WG Reference Architecture WG Open Standards in Service Development and Seamless deployment WG* Resource Allocation WG Governance & Legal Structure Incentives & Business Models WG FAIR Principles over Data & Services WG Global Scientific Research WG* Data Management Policies WG Quality Management of Data WG * Data Security & Compliance WG Monitoring & Indicators WG * (*) the Star WGs have been included in line with Open Consultation Feedback from the EOSC community Summer 2018
  7. 7. Silvana Muscella Trust-IT Services 32 Final Recommendations 11 EOSC Stakeholders Forum Vienna, 21st November 2018
  8. 8. Concluding Remarks Silvana Muscella Trust-IT Services 12 Key Success Factor of the EOSC is the User Centred Experience, which has to be organically approached, together with the element of access to reputable & trusted data through peer review. RIs, ESFRIs, ERICs are expected to play a central role in EOSC where cross-use of Research Infrastructures best practices is demonstrated: An outcome to be closely monitored by Funding Agencies Inclusiveness of the EOSC catalogue lowering barriers to entry Flexible business models and rewarding schemes, to be field- validated. EOSC Stakeholders Forum Vienna, 21st November 2018