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Baksik2 enug baksik_ebookplates


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Baksik2 enug baksik_ebookplates

  1. 1. Digital Bookplates in the librarycatalogby Corinna BaksikProject Contributors :Tim ElliotLaura MorseAbigail Bordeaux(and more)
  2. 2. Overview1. Find invoices that are sent to A/P each day2. Cull those invoices, identifying funds that require bookplates3. Trace the Invoice line item to the linked Order Record, then to the bib4. Insert fund into local MARC tag in bib5. Export MARC record to AquaBrowser6. For each local MARC tag with fund, display corresponding bookplate, based on configuration table
  3. 3. Oracle table trigger• “Triggers are procedures that are stored in the database and are implicitly run, or fired, when something happens.” – Oracle DBA Guide• New trigger on Z77 (invoice header, general invoice information)• Trigger is run each time an Invoice is set to R (Release) or F (Frozen), indicating it has been sent to Accounts Payable
  4. 4. Invoices get updated daily to status R or F during the “AP Feed" batchjob, acq-10 “Invoice Report”
  5. 5. Oracle Table Trigger• When the trigger is activated, we capture the invoice # and vendor code in a new table:z77_rec_key update_time processed char (Y/N)Vendor Code + Invoice # Date that Invoice Status Did we process this invoice was updated to R or F yet for ebookplates? (Default = N) After an invoice has run through the ebookplate script, this flag is Each day’s invoices are then set to Y and we run through a custom know not to “ebookplate” script process it again
  6. 6. BudgetTransactions,Z601
  7. 7. Analyze budget transactions in Z601• If budget transaction has Z601-TYPE = INV, continue (as opposed to TYPE = ENC for encumbrances).• If budget transaction is linked to ADM (i.e. Z601- DOC-NUMBER has values other than zero), continue.
  8. 8. • Is this budget transaction eligible for a bookplate? Code for each Code for fund, e.g. “John Harvard Library Harvard Book Fund.” / Library group Config file: 415:355108 415:356008 415:565394 This list represents funds that … need book plates, per library
  9. 9. Once the script determines that a budget is eligible, it finds the linked BIB system numberFrom Z601 budget transaction, retrieve Z601-DOC-NUMBER (ADM #) Z103 “LINKS BETWEEN RECORDS” SOURCE-DOC-NUMBER SOURCE-LIBRARY DOC-NUMBER LIBRARY ADM ADM library BIB (usually but not BIB library always same as ADM) 012217273 HVD50 012217273 HVD01
  10. 10. Input file for Aleph jobBIB 012553001 HBP L $$a415.37360..565328.651123.0000.00000 012333579 HBP L $$a415.37360..565328.651123.0000.00000 012553002 HBP L $$a415.37360..565328.651123.0000.00000 012553003 HBP L $$a415.37360..565328.651123.0000.00000• New local tag HBP• File is deduped and placed in hvd01/scratch
  11. 11. Merge records • Since input file has only HBP tags, use manage-38 to merge it with database records, avoiding duplicate HBP tagstab_mergeEBKPLATE merge_doc_adv_overlay 33tab_merge_adv_overlay33 1 # Y ##### (Retain all fields for database record)33 2 # C HBP## (Retains incoming tag if it does not occur in DB rec)33 2 # U HBP## (Retains incoming tag if tag + content not in DB rec)
  12. 12. Updating database• End result is a file with complete database record including existing and new unique HBP tags• Run manage-18 using “REP” (Replace) parameter to replace existing database record with new one from input file
  13. 13. Manual addition of HBP tags• A title is paid on a standing order record but is cataloged individually• “Re-cases” or other instances where a book with a physical plate undergoes processing such that the original plate is removed• Etc.
  14. 14. Data in discovery system• During export to Aquabrowser, content of HBP tag is edited to a shorter form: 415_123456|library/m/aleph|012199667
  15. 15. Prep work for display of plate• Digitize bookplates (spec’d and handled by Harvard College Library Imaging Services) – scanned in color at 300 dpi – 24-bit color, RGB, with an embedded sRGB ICC color profile – JPEG2000 files, JP2 format – Lossy compression should be used with a 5-to-1 compression ratio – JPEG2000 progression order: RLCP – Images should be tiled, with tile sizes of 1024 x 1024• Images are deposited into home-grown digital repository for preservation and access• These are delivered from repository to browser through home-grown intermediary service (Image Delivery Service)
  16. 16. Prep work• XML config file for Fund #  Fund Display Name
  17. 17. Prep work• Create URNs using Name Resolution ServiceTo thumbnail: donor recognition page: consistent format of the URNs allows us to easily callthumbnails from the discovery system
  18. 18. Discovery system display i.e.: If content of 899 tag is not found in our XML config, don’t display bookplate
  19. 19. Questions?Corinna BaksikSystems LibrarianHarvard LibraryEmail:corinna_baksik@harvard.eduSkype: corinna_baksik