EDU210 - Module 12 TPACK Reflection


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Multimedia reflection on TPACK

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EDU210 - Module 12 TPACK Reflection

  1. 1. Erin Goebel EDU210 TPACK Technology, Pedagogy, Content Knowledge
  2. 2. What is TPACK? • TPACK is an educational framework that analyzes the ideal combination of technological and pedagogical choices made by a teacher to most effectively convey their content experience • This framework can be visualized using a Venn diagram in which the goal is an equal overlap between all 3 of the knowledge domains • Acquiring equal interactions between all knowledge areas (ie. TPACK) is something that develops as a teacher becomes more experienced
  3. 3. What is the ideal TPACK model? In the ‘ideal’ TPACK model there is equal overlap between all 3 knowledge types (technological, pedagogical and content) leading to implementation of all three aspects in the classroom. This is considered the ultimate goal for a 21st century teacher but takes time to develop and become comfortable with. However, the more conscious you are of these three important areas of teaching the more likely you will be to succeed using this framework!
  4. 4. My personal TPACK model This is what my personal representation of the TPACK framework looked like at the beginning of this semester…
  5. 5. E-Books, Blendspace and SMART boards… Blendspace was a technology that allowed me to aesthetically organize a collection of resources in one place. The UDL Book Builder was a technology I used to describe some web 2.0 tools that I could use in my classroom. Using an IWB I was able to create a short interactive lesson on verbs. This is an effective way of combining all 3 of the knowledge types!
  6. 6. Edmodo and Learning Theories… Using Edmodo, an excellent PLN, I was able to use technology to create an online biology class where I could post content information and resources for my students. I also used this tool to share information about learning theories that we covered in class which could help me to start to develop my unique pedagogical style and become a more effective educator.
  7. 7. more, m-Learning and a Screencast… I used a technology called Smore to create a fun flier highlighting various mobile learning apps that could be used as tools to foster learning outside of the classroom in less traditional environments! This screencast was a great way to share content knowledge using technology! Using apps like these I am using technology to present content in a unique pedagogical way… TPACK!
  8. 8. What’s the big deal anyway? • Learning about this framework will impact me as a teacher because it will help me to become more conscious of my choices in the classroom regarding technology, pedagogy and content knowledge • By consistently referring back to this model I will be better able to reflect on my strengths/weaknesses and thus make goals for how I can improve my teaching so as to be the most effective educator possible for my students • In making efforts to find the ideal balance of all 3 of these knowledge types I will begin to consistently develop effective lesson plans that not only meet curricular goals but also engage students and inspire them to be excited about the subject matter and use the many technological tools available to them • In terms of my level of TPACK I now feel much more confident in combining new technologies into my teaching practices. Thanks to EDU210 I now have a fantastic toolbox of resources I can use to create an engaging 21st century classroom!