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  1. 1. ENGR.MUHAMMAD FAHIM IQBAL  Cell phone 0302-7842003—0321-7732258  Email:  Email: OBJECTIVE My objective is to achieve excellence in a dynamic organization. I enjoy working as Part of an effective team in a friendly environment. I am capable of working on my own initiative and possess excellent organizing abilities. I possess excellent Communication skills and I am able to work under pressure to meet deadlines. Always work hard and efficiently to achieve my goals. My words are not the simple Saying words because I will show you by practically Experience KSS ENGINEERING PVT LTD(January 2014 to Present) Responsibilities CORE COMPETENCIES: Good Command Over:  Putty  Total Commander  RBS Element Manager  MOshell  Mini-Link Craft  OMT  MS Office  Proficient in C and C++  SDR installation  Commissioning of SDR  Alarm patching & commissioning of SDR Good communication skills, Can face the challenges, Team work, Punctual
  2. 2. CAREER COMPETENCIES  Ericsson 3G onsite commissioning  BTS swap  3G installation  Power swap  Trouble shooting  Complete installation of Huawei BTS3900  Ericsson 3G complete installation  Ericsson DUW installation and configuration  Huawei 3G complete installation  2G , 3G , LTE complete installation of ZTE  Commissioning of SDR 3900, SDR8700,SDR6800.SDR3600,SDR8910 BSS Engineer; 1. Working on ERICSSON, ZTE, Huawei project in Multan and Faisalabad, layyah region. 2. Having experience regarding ALKATEL dismantling equipment. 3. Installation of SDR , commissioning of SDR 4. Commissioning of SDR 3900, SDR8700,SDR6800.SDR3600,SDR8910 5. Alarm patching of SDR 6. Configuration of ZTE microwave 7. Hands on experience on LMT for SDR. 8. Installation, integration and Commissioning of RBS 6000 family (900/1800). 9. Troubleshooting of RBS faults 10. Hands on experience on OMT for RBS. 11. Expansion of TRX (900/1800). 12. Expansion of RBS. 13. Complete installation experience on RBS-6301 (OFC Solution outdoor). 14. Complete installation experience on RBS-6101, 6201 (Feeder Solution outdoor). 15. ALARMS patching on OVP relays from RBS to RECTIFIER and then to ATS PANNEL. (Gen set, GLO, AC-main failure, BLVD, system on batteries, battery high temp, and rectifier door, rectifier major & Minor). 16. Generating the IDB file according to the site configuration. 17. DUG loading via OMT in order to visible the site in BSC.
  3. 3. 18. Installation & commissioning of EMERSON rectifier logging into it via IETESTER. 19. Installation & Commissioning of DELTA Rectifier. 20. Defining ALARMS through OMT alarms inlet. 21. Verifying Alarms through OMT & then from NOC. 22. Installation of DUG in RBS. 23. Synchronization of DUG-900 with DUG-1800 through ESB port via SYNC CABLE. 24. Loading DUG file into the flash card by using OMT. 25. Installation of RRU’s & Fiber from RRU to DUG-900 and DUG-1800. 26. Installation of RUS 900 and RUS 1800. Microwave Transmission Engineer; 1. Installation of CN 210 (COMPAQ NODE). 2. Installation of TN magazine (2P, 6P & 20P). 3. Installation of MMU-2H, MMU-2K, MMU-3A cards in magazine. 4. E1 Routings, Traffic routings, (Site to Site E-1 Routing) 5. Configuring cards via MINILINK CRAFT according to the link budget. 6. Update releases via FTP SERVER. 7. DCN Implementation in Traffic Node (20P, 6P, 2P). 8. Configuration of XPIC link (Cross Polar Interference Canceller), while maintaining XPD value. 9. Installation and alignment of MINILINK MICROWAVE DISHES for traffic utilization. 10. Preparing of SID, S at Ericsson Document. 11.DCN Implementation in Traffic Node (20P, 6P, 2P). Visibility of sites on NMS. 12. Configuration of ZTE microwave 8120, 8250 according to the link budget. 13. Updates V LAN id according to sites configuration. EXPERIENCE KCN ENGINEERING PVT LTD(January 2013 to 15-NOVEMBER 2013) Responsibilities 1. Working as a field Engineer (BSS & Transmission Engineer) at Mobilink Ericsson, CM PAK ZTE, CM PAK Huawei, ZTE Telenor project at central region.
  4. 4. 2. To view Engineering documents (layout) & make sure to install mention equipment according to engineering documents. 3. To commissioned 2P, 6P, 20P, CN. 4. To commissioned RBS 6101, 6102, 6301, 6201. 5. Supervise all team & defend all facing problems. 6. To verify & generating all External alarms. 7. Patching of external alarms in RBS and rectifier. Installation of AU external alarms in ATS panel. 8. To troubleshoots all facing issues during troubleshooting at RBS & IDU (2P, 6P, 20P, CN). 9. To make IDB in DUG in RBS. 10. To commissioned Emerson Rectifier. 11. To make installation of RRU (RRU B8, RRU B3) RUS (RUS B8,RUS B3). 12. Preparing of SID, S at Ericsson Document. 13. To make installation of dish such as 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.2, 1.8m. 14. Hands on experience on OMT for RBS. 15. Expansion of TRX (900/1800). 16. Expansion of RBS. 17. DCN Implementation in Traffic Node (20P, 6P, 2P). 18. Configuration of XPIC link (Cross Polar Interference Canceller), while maintaining XPD value 19.DCN Implementation in Traffic Node (20P, 6P, 2P). Visibility of sites on NMS. 20. E1 Routings, Traffic routings, (Site to Site E-1 Routing) 21. GSM MSOFT Hardware system.(UET LAHORE) 22. MSOFT Basic Data Configuration. 23. MSOFT routine Operation & maintenance. 24. HLR hardware System.(UET LAHORE) 25. HLR Basic data Configuration. 26. HLR routing Operation & maintenance. 27. GSM BTS System .(UET LAHORE) 28. BSC Hardware System. 29. GSM BTS Data Configuration. 30. BSC Field Maintenance, 31. Multiplexing and De-Multiplexing. 32. Pak Human Resources Development organization (NGO) Multan.(2004—2005) COMPUTER SKILLS
  5. 5. o Windows xp, 2000, 98 o In page, Internet Operation, MS Office o Computer Hardware (Software Installation, Troubleshooting, Assembling, Up gradation System Configurations Basic Networking, General Repair & maintenance) PERSONAL PROFILE  Father's Name: Main khurshid Ahmed  Date of Birth: 15-03-1987  CNIC: 32203-7428212-1  Marital Status: Single  Domicile: Layyah  Religion: Islam  Permanent Address: Muhallah Eid Gah near Chungi no 8 C/O Madni Shafa Khana Layyah  Postal Address: Muhallah Eid Gah near Chungi no 8 C/O Madni Shafa Khana Layyah  Resident Phone: 0606-319568  Mob NO: 0332-9640658  Qualification : D.A.E (Electrical) (2006)  Board Name : P.BT.E. Lahore.  Qualification : Matriculation (2002)  Board Name : B.I.S.E. D.G.KHAN.  Qualification : BS-Telecom (2011)  Board Name : Gomal University, D.I.Khan ACADEMICS
  6. 6. MARKS SHEET Degree Board / University Year Percentage/ CGPA Subject SSC BISE D.G.KHAN 2002 51% Science Group DAE PBTE Lahore 2006 67.09% DAE BS-Telecom. Gomal University. D.I.Khan 2007-11 2.92 Specialization in telecom DIT GVTI Layyah 2008 A+ DIT (PHRDO) Multan 2004-05 A+ PROFESSIONALS SKILLS PROFILE My Education has equipped me with  Excellent Verbal and interpersonal Communication.  Affluent presentation skills.  A sublime exposure of creativity and stress management. LANGUAGES PROFICIENCY  Urdu, English. Punjabi, Saraiki  Playing games given below.  Study General knowledge books.  Gardening. Winner of six Medals in Volleyball, Basketball Table Tanis Cricket Athletics, Foot Ball.  Converting power supply from AC to DC.  Will be furnished on demand. HOBBIES SPORTS MINI-PROJECTS REFERENCE: