Ellys swimming presentation


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Ellys swimming presentation

  1. 1. What’s the reasonswimmers get so hungry?By : Elizabeth Membrenostandard: 6f:standard: IE1m:
  2. 2. Why do swimmer’s get so hungry ?Swimmer’s get so hungry because most of the timeswimming make’s you lose your energy.Swimmer’s also lose a lot of calories per day when theyswim.They also get so hungry because they have the urge towant more and more food.
  3. 3. The difference between good and bad eating habit’s . Bad eating habits Good eating habitsThe eating habit’s of a A good eating habit isswimmer are some-time’s eating breakfast in thebad, because they eat junk morning.food and other badthing’s. Eating a good lunch and diner when you get homeChips, Candy, Chocolateare a few snacks they tend Also eating a snack afterto eat to get a sugar rush. practice that is good for you as a swimmer.Swimmers tend to justwant to eat junk insteadof eating something goodfor them and their body .
  4. 4. Things that are important to know about a swimmer.* A swimmer should watch out for shoulder injuring or a muscle injury.* Also an important thing to know about a swimmer is that they should always drink something really good like water and Gatorade to keep themhydrated.* They should always swim with a professional swim suit.* An important thing that you need to know is that every swimmer are responsiblefor bringing their own equipment, and if they do not have it during swim practicethey have to do 20 or 30 push up’s before getting in to the pool and maybe evenafter their practice.
  5. 5. What’s the consequence’s* The consequence’s to a swimmer is really bad because, if theystop swimming they might not be able to swim as well as theyuse to, or they get really slow and don’t swim as fast as theyuse to.* A consequence to a swimmer if they do not go to practice is they mightNot do well at a swim meet and even get disqualified on their events.* Some other consequence’s are not making good time that wouldmake you go to Junior Olympics because, you did’t practice as hardas you were supposed to.
  6. 6. Good things about the consequences* The good thing about a bad consequence is notjust getting mad at your couch ,its talking to him or her andtelling him / her what you can do better and what you need towork on so you can do so much better at practice , swim meetand even relays.* A other good consequences of swimming is getting a lot of musclesthat can help you later in life.* A good consequence is getting to retry something you did bad at acompetition .* A good consequence is also becoming very healthy.
  7. 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saMzEQacuC8&feature=related