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Presentation of computer hardware by zawad


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Presentation of computer hardware by zawad

  1. 1. Computer Science Hardware of Personal Computer ইমরুল হাসান জাওয়াদ; ME-12 ;Roll-201418036
  2. 2. What is Hardware??? Hardware is the general term that is used to describe physical artifacts of a technology.
  3. 3. Interrelation of Hardware #The hardware are the parts of computer itself including the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Memory related microchips & micro-circuit , keyboards , monitors , case and drives( floppy, HDD , SDD ,PCIE Flash Storage , CD, DVD ,Optical ,tape ,etc….).Other extra parts called peripheral components or devices include mouse ,printers, modems ,scanners ,cards (sound ,video , LAN Card )etc…… ##Together they are often referred to as a personal computers or PCs
  4. 4. Traditional PC In Pictures .. There are- 1.Power Supply 2.Main Board 3.RAM 4.CPU 5.Graphics Card 6.HDD 7.FDD 8.CD-rom 9.Connected cable 10. Cooling Wheel
  5. 5. A Modern CPU Architecture Mac Pro –very powerful device…… Everything is integrated inside this stuff….
  6. 6. Inside casing(PC)
  7. 7. Basic Computer Operation Input-------------------------- keyboards,Mouse,Microphone,etc. Output------------------------ Monitor,Speaker,Printer,etc. Memory(Storage)----------- RAM,ROM,HDD,SSD,DVD etc. Control--------------------------Chipset Data Processing----------------CPU(Central Processing Unit)
  8. 8. The hard disk drive is a storage device, but it’s not for memory. With this retrieval is faster, and things are usually easier to find. Drives like this one gives you a place to store all of your data.
  9. 9. The hardware of Super Computer is more Complex IT is fancy to know about Super Computer Hardware….
  10. 10. Thank you Love Your PC && Take care of few things…