EMRC AgriBusiness Forum Workshop iii Bralirwa, Sven Piederiet


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EMRC AgriBusiness Forum Workshop iii Bralirwa, Sven Piederiet

  1. 1. BRALIRWA Ltd PRESENTATION Kampala, 5 October 2010
  2. 2. OUTLINE : - Who we are… - Project Rationale - Key aspects of implementation - Costs - Sustainability
  3. 3. • Who we are: BraMin-Rwanda - Joint venture between BRALIRWA Ltd and MINIMEX SA - BRALIRWA Ltd: Rwandan Beverage Company established in 1959, owned by Heineken (70%) and Government of Rwanda (30%) - MINIMEX SA: Owns the biggest maize mill in Rwanda, running a state of art equipment to produce maize meal and maize grits for brewery industry.
  4. 4. Algeria: Barley Sierra Leone: sorghum South-Africa: Barley DRC: rice & sugar Nigeria: sorghum Egypt: Malted barley Rwanda: maize Burundi: sorghum Egypt: grapes Heineken Sustainability Vision 2020: 60% of raw materials to be sourced locally
  5. 5. • Project rationales - Sourcing strategy: Increase quantity of maize production of the required quality while stabilizing prices - Partnership with rural communities: Innovation and technology transfer to outgrowers - Contribution to national priorities: • Promoting irrigation and mechanization on medium and small scale farming in Kayonza District/Rwanda • Contribute to improve maize value chain (high yielding maize varieties, post harvest handling, processing)
  6. 6. • Key aspects of implementation • Strategy 1: Irrigation • First use of Center Pivot irrigation technology in Rwanda (700 Ha) • Efficient use of water resources, energy and time (combining irrigation and application of chemical and fertilizers)
  7. 7. • Strategy 2: Mechanisation - Innovation: First private medium scale mechanized farm, as a model farm - Proper soil management : Use of environment friendly technology (equipments adapted to minimum tillage )
  8. 8. • Strategy 3: Crop intensification - Use of high yield varieties (Eg Hybrids maize) combined with irrigation and fertilisers - Crop rotation practices for sustainable soil management (combination of cereals and legumes to regenerate soil fertility) - Increased productivity: • Maize: From 1.2T/Ha to 10T/Ha • Soja: 0.8T/Ha to 2T/Ha. • Tomato: 30T/Ha to 70T/Ha
  9. 9. • Strategy 4: Inclusion small scale farms in the value chain - Support to 500 outgrowers neighbouring project site. • Technology transfer (access to mechanisation and use of high yield varieties) • Project equipment available for use by outgrowers upon payment for service • Offering post harvest services to ensure product quality and reduce losses. • Market: Bra Min to purchase outgrowers’ production.
  10. 10. • Project costs and financing - Project cost: 1.9 Million USD - Financial contribution • BRALIRWA Ltd and MINIMEX SA • Grant from EVD Programme /The Netherlands Government
  11. 11. • Sustainability: Building a commercially viable project - Project core business operated by professional managers (profitability, competitiveness) - Building capacity and partnership with outgrowers - Strong commitment from the Government of Rwanda (GoR) to promote irrigation and modern agriculture. - BraMin committed to partner with the GoR and small farmers to modernise agriculture.
  12. 12. Our Contact: • Names: Sven Eric Piederiet • Function: MD BRALIRWA Ltd • Address: P.O. Box 131, Kigali, RWANDA phone +250 252 584 690 satellite +31 71 5819910 mobile +250 78830 1884 e-mail s.e.piederiet@heineken.com