EMRC AgriBusiness Forum: Session vi George Marechera


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EMRC AgriBusiness Forum: Session vi George Marechera

  1. 1. Food Security and Water Challenges George Marechera Business Development Manager African Agricultural Technology Foundation C/O ILRI, P.O. Box 30709 Nairobi, 00100 Kenya Agribusiness Forum 3 – 6 October 2010
  2. 2. It rains heavily in three months in a year in most SSA
  3. 3. After 6 months
  4. 4. Water Challenges • Climate change affecting agricultural productivity • Agriculture accounts for 70% of freshwater use • Crop demand for water increase by 70 – 110 % by 2050 • Irrigated land to increase by 40 million ha by 2050 • Rainfed agriculture decreasing by 10% every year due to climate change • Water cost increasing at alarming rate
  5. 5. Water challenges in Africa 1. Drought incidences in SSA increasing leading to • Reduced yeilds • Crop failure • Reduction in land available for agriculture • US$ 30 – 50 billion due to droughts world wide 2. Demands for water has continued to increase leading to the depletion of ground water supplies
  6. 6. After 8 months
  7. 7. Yet there are water technologies to address these challenges
  8. 8. Negotiate access and deliver proprietary agricultural technologies for sustainable use by African resource- poor smallholder farmers. African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) Mission Why we Exist Prosperous farmers and a food secure Africa, Vision What We Want to Achieve
  9. 9. Why food Security Access to food by all people at all times. • World population – 9 billion by 2050 • Need for 50% increase in food • Chronic hunger in 2010 (0.97 billion) • Under nutrition (>40 million increase / yr) • Problem of under nutrition (>200 million Children) 2010 • High food prices • Limited access to appropriate technology
  10. 10. Constraints not related to technology Constraints related to technology Challenges to food security Appropriate technologies and policies •Inadequate land •Land tenure •Inefficient markets •Lack of infrastructure •Poor government policy on agriculture •Poor rural finance •Inefficient research •Poor extension service •Poor health and high population •Lack of access to improved varieties •Poor soils and soil management •Lack of fertilizers •Climatic variability •Poor water resources management •Poor post harvest handling •Lack of mechanization •Labour shortages •Inadequate energy sources •Poor natural resources management •Poor animal health, nutrition and reproduction
  11. 11. How does AATF do it? Technology identification and access R&D (proof of concept, field testing) Production of Inputs Extension/ Distribution (Input and know-how delivery) Agricultural production Post harvest Storage Processing Commer- cialization of farm outputs Supply/Technology Delivery Demand/Market linkages DEMANDFOR FOODPRODUCTS Public/ Private Public Private Private/ Public Farmers Private Private better tools, better harvest, better lives
  12. 12. Our Projects • Striga control in maize • Insect resistant cowpea • Banana bacterial wilt • Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) • Nitrogen, Water Use Efficient & Salt Tolerant Rice • Aflatoxin control in maize and peanuts • Cassava mechanization • Relevance of Chinese agricultural technologies to addressing productivity constraints • Trends monitoring – R&D, regulatory environment, biotechnology, seed systems, market linkages and value chains
  13. 13. Current Coverage • Kenya • Uganda • Tanzania • Nigeria • Ghana • Mozambique • South Africa • Malawi • Mali • Burkina Faso • Zimbabwe • Senegal • Niger
  14. 14. 14 Watermelon Maize Potato Sugar cane Enhancing water productivity in agriculture
  15. 15. AATF WEMA & NEWEST Projects • Drought affecting agriculture in SSA • Water Efficient Maize for Africa (WEMA) (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa) • Nitrogen, Water Use Efficient & Salt Tolerant Rice (NEWEST) (Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Senegal, Tanzania) • Partnership (PPP) to develop drought tolerant varieties • Stabilization of yields • Currently doing Confined Field Trials (CFT)
  16. 16. Food Secure Africa
  17. 17. George Marechera Business Development Manager African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) g.marechera@aatf-africa.org www.aatf-africa.org Thank you