Session I - Part2 - Jyrki Koskelo - ADC


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Session I - Part2 - Jyrki Koskelo - ADC

  1. 1. Jyrki KoskeloAfrican Development Corporation USA / Germany
  2. 2. GLOBAL THEMES• Demographics: - China, India, Africa ?• Economic turmoil: - Role of Development Aid ? - Public vs. Private funding ? - North vs. South• Environmental concerns: - Consumer demand
  3. 3. SELECTED SOLUTIONS• Economy: - Development of local capital markets - Development of multi – tier banking system• Public policies and support - Land titles, mortgage laws - Public Private Partnerships - Blended finance• Green revolution
  4. 4. UtrechtADC – Your Gateway to AfricaInvestor PresentationJune 2012
  5. 5. Utrecht2. Business modelADC focuses on the banking and insurance sector in frontiermarkets of sub-Saharan Africa Regional presence and target frontier markets Pan-African Banking Group Payment services, commercial and retail banks Sierra South Sudan Proprietary Investments + Insurance Leone Kenya Côte Uganda d’Ivoire Investment in high margin projects outside core focus Rwanda Ghana Nigeria Tanzania Mozambique Cameroon Advisory Services Zambia Equatorial Guinea Angola Consulting on investment opportunities Mauritius Regional presence Zimbabwe Botswana Attractive Risk Target countries Target South Africa MIGA insurance RoE >40% p.a. Return Profile • Presence in some of the fastest growing countries in the world Your Gateway to Africa • Strong customer base in key countries • South, East and South-East Africa well covered • Access  to  West  Africa’s  largest  market  Nigeria   ADC AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION YOUR GATEWAY TO AFRICA PAGE 17
  6. 6. Utrecht2. Business modelBigger Picture: ADC provides access to the increasing South-South trade in the shadow of the industrialised nations • 1990 - 2008: World trade quadrupled and South-South trade increased more than tenfold • Developing countries account for one third of worldwide trade, half of which USD 116 bn occurs within the South-South axis • South-South trade will be one of the USD 96 bn significant global growth engines in the next 10 years USD 18 bn USD 146 bn • ADC’s team consist of experienced emerging market bankers with a broad network in the South-South axis • ADC has access to an extensive USD 24 bn worldwide network of natural resources experts through ABL Group & partners USD 170 bn • ADC facilitates access to resource-rich countries such as Equatorial Guinea and Zimbabwe OECD, Perspectives on Global Development 2010: Shifting Wealth, 2010 – South-South trade flows in 2008. ADC AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION YOUR GATEWAY TO AFRICA PAGE 19
  7. 7. UtrechtAfrica Agriculture and TradeInvestment Fund2012
  8. 8. UtrechtFund structure 1 2 3 General Meeting of Shareholders Insurance Issuer Certification, weather, Board of Directors Vehicle (Potential) Investors Impact Studies Supervision yield Luxembourg Investment Committee Discretion Outgrowers Local Institutional Investors, Senior loans Senior Tranche Ultra High Net Worth Loans Financial Risk Sharing Institution (A-Shares) Individuals Guarantees Foundations Investment Manager Producer Cooperative Produce Loans Off-takers against (in Senior loans payment Risk Sharing Mezzanine Other public Small to kind) Intermediary Guarantees Tranche and private medium (B-Shares) investors size professional farms Junior Sponsor(s) Direct Equity & Debt Tranche (C-Shares) The Fund targets small, medium and large scale agricultural farms as well as agricultural businesses along the entire agricultural value1 Investments chain which will be financed directly (e.g. cooperatives, commercial farms, processing companies) and indirectly via local financial institutions or other intermediaries (such as large agribusinesses) which on-lend to the agricultural sector. The AATIF is organised under Luxembourg law in the form of a public limited liability company. The Fund’s Shareholders are2 Structure represented by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors appoints the Investment Committee which approves investments (discretion) that are proposed by the Investment Manager and supervises the activities of the Investment Manager.3 Investors The AATIF is structured to allow investors to come in at three different levels, each offering a unique risk/return profile with dividends being paid following a waterfall principle. 6
  9. 9. Contact Information• ADC Investor Relations- Grueneburgweg 18, 60322 Frankfurt am Main- Phone: +49 69 71 91 280 119; investor-relations@african-• Africa Agriculture and Trade Investment Fund Michael Schneider-•