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Agri11 workshop iv-yariv kedar - emrc


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Agri11 workshop iv-yariv kedar - emrc

  1. 1. Amiran Farmer’s Kit (AFK) Sustainable Agriculture Agribusiness A New Dawn in African AgricultureEngaging The Privet Sector for Africans Agri- Food Growth18 Oct 2011By Yariv Kedar- President Sustainable Agriculture- Balton group& Head Of Agro Division- Amiran Kenya
  2. 2. Irrigation systemsGreenhousesAgro-chemicalsFertilizersSeedsIntegrated Projects
  3. 3. The Amiran Farmer’s KitImproving Food SecurityAnd LivelihoodsFor Small Scale Farmers
  4. 4. Conservation agricultureEfficient use of water
  5. 5. Strong Durable CoverDesigned To Fit On a Simple pickup
  6. 6. Gravity drip system & Collapsible Water Tank
  7. 7. PersonalChemicals Protective& EquipmentFertilizers for one season (In Green house &Out doors) Durable Knap-sack Sprayer
  8. 8. Complete Nursery Set
  9. 9. Amiran Gold Medal Seeds •Hybrid•High Yielding
  10. 10. AFK Training • Adjusted to Global GAP Standards • Learning Modern Agriculture • AFK Maintenance1. Knowledge • Season Strategy2. Do-how • Marketing3. Quality inputs
  11. 11. AFK Agro Support •Amiran Agronomist Assigned to Farmer from the Start: •Ongoing Agricultural Advise •Seasonal Follow Up •Emphasis on Best Practices •Achieving Higher Yields
  12. 12. Amiran Farmers Kit Includes all the Following :1.The Farmers 7. Fertilizers (to cover for one Greenhouse (Could be season of crop). 15m x 8m or 24m x 8m). 8. Agro- Chemicals (to cover for 2. Drip irrigation system one season of crop). (to cover 1/8 of an acre) 9 Personal Protective Equipment 3. Collapsible tank. (Overall, Cartridge mask and Gloves). 4. Farmer’s sprayer. 10. Training. 5. Seeds (Green house crop and open field). 11. Agronomic Support for one SEASON - Sustainability – 6. Full Nursery Set Partnerships. 12. Insurance
  13. 13. Points to Emphasize•Farmers Must Succeed •“Farmer proof” components•Strength Through Partnerships •Advocacy•Raise Awareness to Modern •Project Oriented Approach Farming Methods •Individual Client Approach
  14. 14. Partnerships – Finance “Together For The Farmers” Amiran Signs MOU with Equity Bank Kenya Women’s Finance Trust Sign MOU Offering To Finance Loans For The Amiran Farmer’s Kit The Amiran Farmer’s Kit Women in Kenya To More Than 300,000
  15. 15. Additional AFK Partners•World Bank •Religious Centers•USAID •Universities•AMREF •Zep-RE (COMESA)•EU •Care International•Goal Ireland •Africa Wildlife Foundation•Kenya Red Cross •National Parks•FAO •World Vision•Hope Worldwide •Rotary club in Kenya•Government Ministries •Religious Centers•Lutheran Federation •Universities•IMO •Research Institutes•Constituency Development Funds •Foundations•UNDP •Producer’s Federations•Environment Groups •Panaac•GIZ •And more…..
  16. 16. President Kibaki –Kenya & Minister of Prime Minister Raila – KenyaCorporative Joe Nyaga Deputy Prime Minister Of IsraelVice President -Kenya Kalonzo Musyoka Avigdor Liberman
  17. 17. AFK for sustainable Development / FoodFood Agricultural Organization (FAO) & SecurityInternational Migration Organization (IMO) North Arid Land –Kakuma & Dadahb Refugee Camp Kitui Project– AFKs • Over 300 People Trained
  18. 18. Partnerships – Projects Red Cross•Schools & Groups Across Eastern & Northern Kenya•AFKs on Kenya Coast•Each School AFK with 2 Greenhouses
  19. 19. Kenya Red Cross- Waldar Project NE Kenya
  20. 20. Kenya Red Cross- Waldar Project NE Kenya
  21. 21. AFK for youth + Schools, Next Generation Farmers/ Farming is cool
  22. 22. Yata Tomato GROWINGTradition Vs AFK
  23. 23. AFK for youth + Schools, Next Generation Farmers/ Farming is cool Kits at Schools by M.P. Hon C. Kilonzo at Yatta
  24. 24. Hon. Wythkilff Oparanya- Minister ofplanning, vision 2030 at Matu girls school
  25. 25. AFK for youth +Schools, NextGeneration Farmers/ School!Farming is coolUniversity of Nairobi
  26. 26. AFK & WOMENS GROUPS Donated by Ambassador of Israel
  27. 27. AFK & Womens Groups, Isiolo- Kenya Bought By Donated Loan Income of By World given by 1st AFK Vision KWFT
  28. 28. AFK & WOMENS GROUPSEuropean Union (EU) Projects
  29. 29. AFK & WOMENS GROUPSKits in Kitui donated by EU (European Union)Results of seed donation by another NGO 55 day after planting
  30. 30. AFK @ Coast Of Kenya
  31. 31. AFK & WOMENS GROUPSWomans education Center , Kits Donated by SafaricomFoundation, Kenya Indoor AFK Traditional crop
  32. 32. Environment conservationWater Conservation
  33. 33. Environment conservationKenya Wildlife Services, Supporting the Tsavo National Park Community Through AFK products sold to tourists
  34. 34. Environment conservation
  35. 35. Environment conservationKenya Wildlife Services, Supporting the Tsavo National Park Community Through AFK products sold to tourists
  36. 36. Agro Support component• Panaac – Student program TTT (Training Trainers)• Government Of Kenya Ministry of Agriculture-Training all government agriculture officers in the provincials.• UNDP- Training Centers
  37. 37. AFK in Education •AFK is Bringing Down the Average Age of Farmers •The AFK is running in over 100 schools in Kenya •AFK Provides Food Security in Schools•AFK Offers Education on Modern Farming Methods •AFK Produce is Improving Student’s Diet •AFK adopted by Institutes of Higher Learning
  38. 38. Training Ministry Of Agricultureall over Kenya By Amiran Kenya
  39. 39. Ministry Show ground and CEO Panaac Luci M.
  40. 40. Minister of Agriculture training NE
  41. 41. Girls school teacher NE
  42. 42. Bringing the Agribusiness Revolution to Africa!
  43. 43. Investing in the Next Generation of Africa’s Farmers!
  44. 44. The AFK was Awarded the MDG Award for the Eradication of Extreme Poverty & Hunger
  45. 45. Thank you very much
  46. 46. Amiran Is Headquartered In Nairobi, KenyaVisit Our Site:• Contact us:• Yariv Kedar: +254 733 88 00 00 +254 722 50 93 93 »