EMPATIC Recommendations- Vocational: Final


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EMPATIC: Information Literacy in the vocational education and training sector (VET) - recommendations to policy makers.

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EMPATIC Recommendations- Vocational: Final

  1. 1. Empowering Autonomous Learning through Information Competencies   Information  Literacy  in  the     Vocational  Education  &  Training  Sector     Recommendations  to  Policy  Makers   (the  Leonardo  da  Vinci  programme  area)     Through  EMPATIC’s  validation  workshops,  a  process  of  consultation  and  a  Final  Conference  the   following  recommendations  to  policy  makers  in  the  VET  sector  have  been  identified:       1. National  VET  policies  should  be  developed  and  information  literacy  must  be  a  vital  part  of   these  policies.   2. Awareness  of  IL  should  be  created  for  society,  decision  makers,  politicians  and  users.  In  this   context,   ministries   of   education,   librarians’   associations,   departments   of   information   management  at  universities  and  all  relevant  institutions  should  cooperate  with  each  other.   3. Information   literacy   should   be   integrated   into   the   official   lifelong   learning   programs   of   ministries  of  education.   4. Information   literacy   should   be   integrated   into   the   VET   activities   arranged   by   municipalities,   ministries,  universities  and  the  other  institutions.  In  this  framework,  IL  should  be  connected   to  municipalities  and  ministries.   5. Social   awareness   of   literacy   should   be   included   within   work   culture   and   the   way   employers   view  it;  VET  provides  a  mobile  work  force  and  innovative  economy  within  Europe.     6. In   cooperation   with   library   associations,   Departments   of   Information   Management   and   other   relevant   parties   at   universities   should   organize   projects   and   curriculum   about   information  literacy-­‐VET  to  fulfil  the  holistic  education  of  trainers.   7. Educational  content  and  appropriate  materials  related  to  information  literacy  in  VET  should   be  prepared.   8. Courses   should   be   organized   through   cooperation   with   public   libraries   to   provide   people   with  competence  in  information  literacy.   9. Ministries   should   give   appropriate   consideration   and   recognition   to   the   attendance   and   experience   in   education   on   information   literacy   and   VET   when   considering   workers’   careers.   10. Awareness  of  IL  is  necessary  at  all  levels;  national,  local  and  institutional  bodies  must  work   together.     11. Lobbying   for   IL   in   VET   (and   indeed   all   sectors   of   education)   should   be   made   to   national   government  and  EU  politicians.   12. International  projects  and  cooperation  concerning  VET  and  information  literacy  should  be   developed.     13.  Distance  education  possibilities  for  IL  in  VET  must  be  explored  and  fully  utilized.     The  main  purpose  of  the  EMPATIC  recommendations  is  to  stimulate  action   www.empat-ic.eu Project funded by the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Programme