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EMPATIC Information Leaflet


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Information about the EMPATIC Project. Also available in Greek, Italian, Polish and Turkish from the the website.

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EMPATIC Information Leaflet

  1. 1. events and seminars project partners International Workshop: Higher Education MDR Partners is a leading specialist partnership 24 May 2011 working together with libraries, archives, museums, International Workshop on Information Literacy information providers, and other organisations in Policies: Methodological Aspects the education, culture and e-government sectors. Its services include research, consultancy, training, Information Competencies project management and implementation, service International Workshop: Adult Lifelong Learning development and technical support. Sector 27 May 2011 Ceris Institute for Economic Research on The workshop’s target groups were the stakeholders Firms and Growth is a research institute within of adult education, who are the decision makers the Italian National Research Council and articulates on the Continuing education, Librarians, General into a main office in Turin and two research units Secretaries of Ministries, Presidents of the Board of in Milan and Rome. The research activities of the professional organizations, Presidents of the Board Rome unit are focused on “Research and Scientific of relevant to LLL organizations, governmental Information Policies”. More specifically, within the and non- governmental organizations, university research activities of the Rome section a research professors, and LIS professors. line is focused on Information Literacy educational policies. International Workshop: Vocational Education 30 May 2011 Jagiellonian University, Institute of The Importance of Information Literacy in the Information and Library Science is a part of Vocational Sector the Faculty of Management and Communication, the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland. It International Workshop: Schools Sector is a leading research and teaching institution, 8 June 2011 specializing in problems of contemporary Information Literacy Development in the School librarianship and information work. Sector Final Conference Technical University of Crete (TUC) is an 9 -11 February 2012, Ghent, Belgium institution of higher education with high emphasis Literacy and Society, Culture, Media and Education on both teaching and research Of major interest for the EMPATIC project are the activities of the Data 27 - 29 February 2012, Milan, Italy Analysis and Forecasting Laboratory. EMMILE (European Meeting on Media and Information Literacy) The Turkish Librarians Association was Details and information on past and incoming events can established in 1949. Today it has 39 branches and be found from: over 1500 active members. The mission of the Association is to contribute to the development of librarianship and library and information services in Turkey. This project has been funded with support from the Contact: Carol Priestley   European Commission.This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commissioncannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information www.empat-ic.eucontained therein.
  2. 2. about EMPATIC the workpackages project aims EMPATIC (Empowering Autonomous Learning Through The main activities of the project have been structured into work EMPATIC aims to Information Competencies) aims to achieve a significant packages as follows: innovative solutions by: impact on validating new learning paradigms and strategic 1. Desk research thinking on curriculum reform by drawing together and 2. Dissemination taking a political approach valorizing the results of previous Information Literacy 3. Quality assurance and impact to Information Literacy for initiatives and projects across the school, university, adult 4. Strategic modelling the first time. Focusing on and vocational learning sectors and using this evidence 5. Validation policy makers as the key actors to influence policy makers’ perceptions and actions to 6. Resource development who can bring about change and support a marked increase in piloting and mainstreaming 7. Exploitation strategy convincing them that Information Literacy of Information Literacy. 8. Project management is a vital component of the future Information Literacy is a vital component of the future development of a people-centered, As fitting for a project focusing on exploitation of results 5 of inclusive and development-oriented development of a people-centred, inclusive and the 8 work packages focus on dissemination and exploitation. Information Society; development oriented European Information Society The project started with a period of desk research designed to: A society in which everyone can create, access, utilize and • arrive at a practical definition of Information Literacy share information and knowledge - enabling individuals, effectively exploiting the results and an assessment of current thinking on its role in communities and peoples to achieve their full potential in of previous research in Information learner performance and learning outcomes at each promoting their sustainable development and improving Literacy for the first times; level of education, taking into account the findings of LLP their quality of life. IL is a key competence that underpins projects and other European initiatives; many, if not most, of the EU’s most important objectives and strategies, including i2010 and Education and Training • assess to what extent Information Literacy efforts are being making the lessons learned and techniques 2010. It is therefore important that progress is made in employed within mainstream education; developed by campaigners in other fields all Member States and that expertise can be pooled and accessible to support and encourage advocacy • identify best practices in schools, higher used to create maximum impact right across the EU. by practitioners and others on behalf of education, adult and lifelong learning and However, the potential of Information Literacy remains vocational educational bodies in formal Information Literacy. largely unrealized within mainstream learning systems and non-formal education settings. in Europe • curricular integration at all educational levels is reports The ambition is that EMPATIC will pave the way for the extended piloting and comparatively rare; eventual mainstreaming of information • significant barriers inhibit its integration • Report on Current State and competencies in all levels of education within curricula including: relevance and Best Practices in Information Literacy and their integration in the reform of appropriateness of syllabus content; curriculum frameworks. • Quality, risk and impact strategy • lack of awareness of the relationship with ‘neighboring’ disciplines and approaches such • Risk and Evaluation Report No.1 as computer literacy, media literacy, digital etc literacy; • Strategic Models for Information Literacy • negative stakeholder perception of the learning • Illustrative Case Studies achieved; View EMPATIC reports at: • lack of competence by teachers; • concerns over suitability for adults.