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Social media and the automotive purchase cycle


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A collection of stats showing the importance or relevance of social media usage for local car dealers.

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Social media and the automotive purchase cycle

  1. 1. Social Mediaand theAutomotivePurchase CycleJan 2012Key takeouts
  2. 2. Social Media in the Car Buying Process •27% use Facebook as 65% said that a favourable a resource post from a friend would •38% use social media positively impact opinion to research purchase BRAND: •41% saw a post that caused them to add a brand or model to their consideration list •6% saw a post that removed a brand/model BRAND: from their list •58% posted a DEALER: comment about their •28% saw a post and added new vehicle a dealership to •24% „liked‟ the brand consideration DEALER: •3% saw a post that •34% posted a removed a dealership from comment about the consideration dealership •24% „liked‟ the The Rise of Loyalty, Advocacy and Influence dealership (c) Dealer Dot Com, Inc
  3. 3. Influence is increasingly comingfrom other consumers “45% of consumers ask friends or family for recommendations” IBM Global Business Services, “From Social Media to Social CRM: Reinventing the Customer Relationships” Feb 2011
  4. 4. Trust, transparency and accuracyare critical “90% don‟t “97% buy buy products products from from those those they they don‟t trust” trust” Edelman Trust Barometer, 2011
  5. 5. Positive posts outweigh negativesignificantly “Of those that commented about a vehicle or “34% dealership, only 5% of mentioned the posts were mostly dealership” negative” The Rise of Loyalty, Advocacy and Influence (c) Dealer Dot Com, Inc
  6. 6. Consumer Reasons for Visiting aRetailer Facebook Page Connect with others liking retailer 14% Communicate retailer preference 14% Appears in news feed/friend likes 26% Learn more about a retailer 29% Keep up to date on sales and… 56% Complete Online Shopper Intelligence, Q1 2011 (survey of 3,269 online purchasers)
  7. 7. Facebook Resources used Advice from friends/family on… 38%Consumer Reviews or blog postings 53% Dealerships Facebook Page 53% Manufacturers Facebook Page 56% Advice from friends/family on… 59% The Rise of Loyalty, Advocacy and Influence (c) Dealer Dot Com, Inc
  8. 8. Asking prospects or customers tofollow/like you Were you asked to “like”? Did you follow through and “like” as requested? 75% 25% 82% YES