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Local Social Media Listening is a growing field - predicted to be over $9 billion by 2016.

This piece of research showcases some (hopefully all!) of the Social Media services that deliver tools for:

- Identifying opportunities: people ‘in-market’ to engage with
- Reputation management: complaints or negative mentions of your business to address
- Competitor monitoring: seeing what competitors are offering, doing and saying

Comments, questions or omissions are welcome!

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  • Social media monitoring has its use case scenarios in a business environment, especially for competitive analysis, understanding reach, fostering relationships, and finding industry leaders. It also helps with reputation management and several other things. These are great for many businesses, especially those with no previous exposure to social media marketing techniques. However social media monitoring tools lack some crucial features necessary to any enterprise user looking to find more than “mentions” about their company.

    Social media monitoring doesn't give you the ability to bring in third party data / analysis (whether manually or automatically) or even manually import non-social data. This hinders the ability to correlate the data gleaned from social conversations back to their core business metrics. Tying everything back to the business is arguably the most important concern for a c-suite exec.; social media monitoring simply falls short in connecting these dots.

    Social media business intelligence is the level above social media monitoring. Not only does one get all the functionality of a high quality social media monitoring tool, but one can also tie everything back to those crucial core business performance indicators. For the c-suite executive, this relationship between social data and core business metrics is most important takeaway from social conversations online.

    Take a look at these two infographics, highlighting this type analysis (in a rudimentary and easy-to-understand visual):


    I totally agree that this level of detail isn’t necessary for many small and mid-sized business, even some enterprises who are totally clueless when it comes to social media analytics. However, for enterprise companies looking to really understand the impact of social on business performance, social media business intelligence is the way to go.

    - Sergei Dolukhanov
    @sdolukhanov (twitter)
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  • http://gisreview.blogspot.com/2011/09/location-based-analytics-market-in-us.html
  • Local Social Media listening tools evaluation

    1. 1. Local Listening Tools Social Media Listening – hearing and engaging with local online chatterA Creston Communications Company
    2. 2. What is Social Listening?There are conversations happening online all the time. Conversations can be implicitly or explicitly linked to a brand, product or organisation.Tactical Social Listening common objectives -• Identifying opportunities: people „in-market‟ to engage with• Reputation management: complaints or negative mentions of your business to address• Competitor monitoring: seeing what competitors are offering, doing and saying to respond More recently, social engagement also can be a key influencer for SEO, and so in the future some services may need to provide thatA Creston Communications Company kind of insight too.
    3. 3. Social Listening priorities can* be different for National and Local National Listening Trends, volume, and sentiment Reputation management Offers, deals and tactical promo Conversation Local Listening *Not always, but oftenA Creston Communications Company
    4. 4. Industry overview “ the real power of location-based services will come from a combination of analytics and advertising, when consumers can be anonymously targeted through social, geographic, physical and emotional indicators” “the location-based analytics market in the US will reach the $9bn in value by 2016” ABI Research As with Social Media Management Systems, there are several players in the market with no clear leader. But the good news is that there are lots of tools that suit different objectives and budgets. We‟ve looked at some in detail.A Creston Communications Company
    5. 5. General types of tools available Different marketing objectives = different tool needs Generally, Social listening tools can be classified as • Type A: all about the „listening and insight‟ • High level sentiment analysis and demographic insight • Type B: all about the „listening and engagement‟ • Funnels of detailed social interactions to review and consider engagement tactics • Type C: all about „automating the engagement‟ • Funnels of detailed social interactions to apply automatic responses to (eg. Check in = voucher) It‟s also worth noting that future listening could be motivated by the wish to measure inbound links for SEO as a result of „social‟ activityA Creston Communications Company
    6. 6. Our approach to evaluating Local Social Listening Tools Each tool has been investigated, wherever possible in conjunction with demo‟s and information directly from the supplier. Key areas evaluated are: • Price • Reliability: How long is data available for, and how relevant and comprehensive is the data? • Coverage: Which social properties are included in search results? • Features: Special differentiating features. • Reporting: Are there standard and bespoke reports? Are actions tracked and can impact be measured? • Engagement management: Can you use the tool to reach out and talk to people, or are actions taken separately?A Creston Communications Company
    7. 7. Tools evaluated as of October 2011 Needium LocalResponse Hootsuite Soda.sh ValueVine Geotoko MomentFeed (Location Engagement Analytics)A Creston Communications Company
    8. 8. Type A: All about the listening and insightA Creston Communications Company
    9. 9. Brand Competitor Keywords Mentions Mentions Soda.sh Type A: all about the „listening and insight‟ “Using artificial intelligence to generate leads, manage your brand, watch the competition and look after your customers” Tracking of opportunities and actions in an in and outbox structureTagging of issues to filterpotential common actions Links to profiles A Creston Communications Company
    10. 10. Soda.sh: Our verdict Criteria SoDash Price Based on number of ongoing searches and channels/accounts. Agencies tend to start at £1000 a month for 20 ongoing searches and 3-5 accounts. Reliability Data storage is generally negotiable with a fair use policy. Historical data can be accessed depending on volume and length of time. Coverage Directly interface with Twitter, Facebook and the Yahoo API (web including blogs). Next release will deliver LinkedIn and YouTube, plus direct integration with blogging platforms such as Wordpress and Blogspot. Features Artificial intelligence optimises workflow automatically Multilingual: will translate any message + can be localised Can search by location (down to postcode) where the info is available. Reporting Graphs to track metrics like sentiment and volume and quite a bit more. Engagement Integrated with Twitter and Facebook for engagement through the management dashboard. November 2011 release will allow direct engagement for Wordpress/blogger blogs, Linkedin and YouTube. Mainly best suited for B2C brands, at a national and international level – there is less geographical or location based segmentation than we‟ve seen with other products.A Creston Communications Company
    11. 11. Valuevine Valuevine helps multi-location organisations measure and manage insight into customer experience, sentiment, trends. There are TWO products offered by ValueVine 1. Social Footprint report: A report that searches social and local directories for local brand mentions – eg will show a local Facebook Page for a brand. 2. ValueVine: A dashboard that listens to social and local directories for brand mentions, delivers insight contextualised by location and history, and identifies specific customers / fans with influence or specific views on your business.A Creston Communications Company
    12. 12. Brand Competitor Keywords Mentions Mentions ValueVine: Social Footprint report Not really a „type‟ Results contextualised with industry statistics Each individual icon links to a page for a location in the relevant directory / social service Useful to identify local Place pages Absence of Google Maps and FoursquareA Creston Communications Company
    13. 13. Our verdict: ValueVine Social Footprint ReportCriteria Social Footprint reportPrice FreeReliability As data is a „once off‟ and highly summarised, reliability can‟t be confirmed at this stage. However, the search appears to be comprehensive and if anything the problem with the data is that it is presented at an international level without segmentation.Coverage Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Local, Gowalla and other US online directories (not Foursquare or Google Maps).Features No additional features – it‟s quite simply a search engine aggregating results from specific places and organising them.Reporting No ongoing tracking available – snapshot data only Interesting stats given to contextualise results – eg X brand pages discovered, and “84% of consumers look for advice”Engagement Not available – no engagement mechanismsmanagement The Social Dashboard report can be useful for an international brand to understand which local branches have created certain social profiles, but the lack of geo- segmentation (even to a country level) means that there is a lot of „noise‟ in the results, or entries from different countries that aren‟t relevant.A Creston Communications Company
    14. 14. Brand Competitor Keywords Mentions Mentions ValueVine: Dashboard Type A + B: all about the „listening and insight‟ with engagement built inA Creston Communications Company
    15. 15. Our verdict: ValueVine’s DashboardCriteria Valuevine’s DashboardPrice Starts at $299 per month with no contract requirementReliability Solid data coverage displayed in demo.Coverage All pages linked to a brand in some way - Not limited to designated coverage areas (will automatically include new services)Features Excellent segmentation and comparison tools Smart customer profiles (find a location‟s biggest voices) Automated reporting can be set up to deliver reports to contacts.Reporting Tracking of sentiment and volume over time, at each location and compared across locations.Engagement Engagement can be managed through the dashboard.management Specifically aimed at networks of any scale, this product is targeted at a central social management/control model rather than individual businesses as part of a network. However, because the service offers multiple users and automated reporting the centralised approach can be inclusive of locations with little work. If, as with many social strategies, the actual engagement happens at a local level, thisA Creston Communications Company useful for engagement and more a pure „monitoring‟ tool. tool may be less
    16. 16. Brand Competitor Keywords Mentions Mentions MomentFeed’s Location Engagement Type A: all about the „listening and Analytics platform (beta) insight‟ with potential engagement and future automation of campaigns Brands can monitor and manage customer engagement data for hundreds or thousands of locations from multiple LBS sources in one place. Stream of interactions, searchable. Continuing comparable stats against historic data Detailed check in stats per location, plus aggregated data from duplicate ‘places’ Coming soon: Identify most loyal customers Repeat visits vs unique visits Competitor analysis Custom reporting Campaign managementA Creston Communications Company
    17. 17. Our verdict: MomentFeed’s Location Engagement Analytics platform (beta) Criteria MomentFeed Price The base price for the software is $29 per year/location. A free version, a free trial, and introductory pricing is available. Reliability Data is solid and available for 30 days back in detail and volume tracking historically Coverage Foursquare, Gowalla, geo-tagged Tweets and Facebook Places Features Custom groups to compare locations by country or region Quantifies „extra engagement‟ or activities beyond the check-in – photos, tips etc New release is scheduled for 1 November with more features. Reporting Comparison, sentiment and volume over time. Engagement Different mechanisms to engage through different channels, all management available through the system Brands who want central management of their locations that experience high volumes of consumer traffic – insight into volumes and detail. Future versions will include location based campaign management tools.A Creston Communications Company
    18. 18. Type B: All about the listening and engagementA Creston Communications Company
    19. 19. Brand Competitor Keywords Mentions Mentions Needium Type B: all about the „listening and engagement‟ “Needium is a social media lead generation service. By monitoring and identifying business opportunities based on users‟ expressed explicit and implicit needs on social media sites, Needium discovers local leads and directs potential clients to businesses.” Identifies conversations expressing needs Centralises stream of people talking to/about your business Tracks history of engagements In dashboard integration with any resulting conversationA Creston Communications Company
    20. 20. Needium: Our verdict Criteria Needium Price Low enough to be plausible, but high enough to ensure activities are taken seriously ($150 pm) Reliability Data is indexed real time, and stored one or two months for brand mentions and a few weeks for "leads“ (or more depending on client requirements). Coverage Twitter only - soon to be indexing Foursquare and Facebook check ins Features Implicit and explicit geo-location Creation of social profiles included Potential to include stats from trackable tel numbers Reporting General high level reporting on activity including clicks (messages sent, leads qualified, replies to needs expressed, mentions, followers) Engagement Can use the dashboard to ReTweet or Reply directly management through Twitter, and track engagements Good for SMB‟s looking to engage in conversational promotion No evidence of a „national‟ view of a network so potentially tricky to manage centrally but excellent for direct control by the local business.A Creston Communications Company
    21. 21. Brand Competitor Keywords Mentions Mentions Hootsuite Type B: all about the „listening and engagement‟ Hootsuite is mostly a Social Media management tool, but also has local listening capabilities for Twitter. Identifies keywords in a variable geo-fence. Add up to 3 keywords per search Set a geo-fence from 1 Engage directly from kilometre to a wider range dashboard via Twitter and track conversationsA Creston Communications Company
    22. 22. Hootsuite: Our verdict Criteria Hootsuite Price $5.99 a month (or free) - it‟s a low cost tool Reliability Noise levels can be fairly high unless you‟re searching for specific non-ambiguous terms. Data stored for the same lengths of time Twitter data is available. Coverage Twitter only, so limited reach. Some potential to listen to Facebook but as data is often private not much use. Features Nothing fancy or additional Reporting Reporting on search streams not available, but if you‟re using links to measure engagement success reporting is available Engagement In dashboard engagement opportunities directly via Twitter and management conversation history recorded A cost-effective listening tool – lacks super insight + reporting but does well to highlight opportunities and potential reputation issues easily.A Creston Communications Company
    23. 23. Type C: All about the automation of engagementA Creston Communications Company
    24. 24. Brand Competitor Keywords Mentions Mentions Geotoko Type C: all about the „automating the engagement‟ Geotoko is a location-based marketing and analytics platform made for businesses and brands to run real-time location-based promotions.A Creston Communications Company
    25. 25. Our verdict: Geotoko Criteria Geotoko Price TBC Reliability Data is sourced directly from API‟s. Coverage Foursquare and Twitter (Facebook Places is available for analytics, and Gowalla is no longer supported) Features Campaign creation wizard Displays post-campaign intelligence extremely well using heat map technology Reporting Live and real time reporting incredibly relevant for this type of service, as well as deep analytics and promotion management Engagement It appears that engagement is seen as part of the promotion, so management no additional tools have been designed Geotoko is less about listening and more about delivering promotions – running deals and tracking promotion results. Geotoko was recently (12 Oct 2011) acquired by Hootsuite so we can probably expect a more integrated product approach sometime in the future.A Creston Communications Company
    26. 26. Brand Competitor Keywords Mentions Mentions LocalResponse Type C: all about the „automating the engagement‟ LocalResponse helps brands and agencies deliver real-time mobile advertising against aggregate location-based check-ins. Identifies explicit (check in) and implicit (location specific mentions) across many Social channels Set up of tailored automated responses means real-time reactions Display ads or social messages delivered to users based on check inA Creston Communications Company
    27. 27. Local Response: Our verdict Criteria Local Response Price Brands only at this stage, monthly licensing fee starting at $5 000 Reliability Data is stored forever, and data is reported at above 95% accuracy Coverage Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Whrrl, Booyah, Instagram, Path, Color, Flickr Features Limits the amount of mentions each user can receive Automated responses for easy management Reporting Standard reporting delivered to each account: Messages Sent, CTR, Redemption, Op-Out, Response Rates. Detailed reporting includes Demographics, Sentiment, Location. Engagement There is a level of automation possible with the system, allowing management bespoke „auto-responses‟ to be sent, and engagement through the platform without the need for separate social accounts. A local listening service that tracks checkins and responds with either automated messaging or „retargeting‟ with display ads on mobile or web. LocalResponse are moving into pure media avenues. They recently received $5m in funding for Twitter ads – and have a local ad display network.A Creston Communications Company
    28. 28. Summary A: Soda.sh The tool to listen to sentiment and mentions but not a comprehensive local listening service. Deep coverage including blogs. A: MomentFeed The social listening tool that empowers the „centre‟ to monitor „local‟ social interactions and compare across a network. Excellent directional and social coverage. A+B: ValueVine The social listening tool that empowers the „centre‟ to monitor „local; social interactions and compare across a network. Excellent directional and social coverage. B: Needium The tool for local listening, engagement and tracking. Twitter only. B: Hootsuite The tool to gather anecdotal info on volumes of keyword mentions in a local area. Twitter only. C: Geotoko The tool for local deal campaign management. Foursquare, and Twitter with insight from Facebook Places included. C: Local Response The tool for automated conversation as a result of check- ins. LBS and Twitter only.A Creston Communications Company
    29. 29. Contact EMO Local for questions, additions, comments or services we’ve missed! @emolocal social@emo.uk.com (+44) 117 311 9000A Creston Communications Company