Présentation Christian Salletmaier - EMICT Forum 2011


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EMICT-Forum est un événement qui a réuni lors de sa première édition 120 décideurs de la montagne à Seynod, en Haute-Savoie, les 9 et 10 novembre 2011. Les élus des territoires européens de montagne y ont tenu une place prépondérante. Etaient également représentées les instances et organisations européennes, les représentants des services des Etats impliqués et les associations européennes et nationales œuvrant à la reconnaissance de la spécificité montagnarde en matière de développement local. Des experts universitaires étaient présents (Conseil Scientifique de la Montagne, Université de Perth..) ainsi que les entreprises du numérique:

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Présentation Christian Salletmaier - EMICT Forum 2011

  1. 1. ETC Programme Alpine Space Christian Salletmaier – Managing Authority (Regional Government Office, salzburg, AT) EMICT Forum Seynod, 09 November 2011
  2. 2. European Regional Policy and the Alpine Space Programme 2/10
  3. 3. The cooperation area 35 3/10
  4. 4. Why is cooperation in the Alpine Space relevant? Three thematic fields of cooperation called priorities! Alpine regions are facing similar problems, due to their location in Europe and mountainous / geomorphological characteristics => Define common strategies for shared solutions! 4/10
  5. 5. Programme Strategy and Guiding Principles
  6. 6. The Alpine Space Programme – ICT Related Objectives Strengthening innovation capabilities of SMEs, creating appropriate environments for their development and fostering stable cooperation between R&TD centres and SMEs Strengthening rural-urban relations and the development of peripheral areas Securing a fair access to public services, transport, information, communication and knowledge infrastructure within the programme area Promoting and improving access and use of existing infrastructures in order to optimise the economical and social benefits, and to reduce environmental consequences Enhancing connectivity for the reinforcement of polycentric territorial patterns and for laying the basis for a knowledge-driven and information society Forecasting, predicting, mitigating and managing the impacts of natural and technological hazards 7/10
  7. 7. ALPINETWORK – boosting competences with e- work solutions learning and „IT centers“ for citizens and micro-SME in remote areas for new services & competences! Meteorisk – Alpine wide weather warning system cooperation of national weather services for early coordinated forecasting helping mitigate consequences of natural hasards and disasters AlpEnergy: fostering Virtual Power Systems cooperation among sectors & actors for wider applications of innovative renewable energy and ITC technology in the territories => Matching generation and consumption (including storage) => Optimising usage of existing grids => New business models (tariffs and services) Project Examples
  8. 8. ACCESS: improving access to services of general interest finding new forms of organisation of services, using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and fostering demand oriented and integrated mobility systems • Local delivery service for groceries and other goods of everyday needs • Improving accessibility of services via ICT and video-services in Pays Haut-Jura • Optimization of ICT usage to provide improved services to the mountain population TranSAFE-Alp– Connecting Transport Networks to Security and Emergency Strategy Frameworks Transnational cooperation on transport crisis management due to incidents in tunnels and rare strong natural events is an outstanding challenge for Alpine Space security and emergency authorities. Capitalizing innovative decision making tools already developed in previous ASP projects for the creation of an integrated ICT-share area for jointly support and coordinated intervention plans of Civil Protection and Transport Operators. . Project Examples – cont.
  9. 9. The Alpine Space Programme 2014 + + EC draft Regulation on Structural Funds: October 2011 Proposal by EC: + Specific regulation for ETC (cooperation across borders) + Increased budget for ETC 12B€ (8,7B€ for 2007-2013) + Simplification : specific eligibility rules, state aid regulation etc… + Concentration on 11 priorities to best contribute to the EU 2020 strategy! + ASP Preparation for 2014+: Funding instrument and/or macro-regional strategy? Until mid-2013: Strategy Development Project + Analysis + Stakeholder dialogues + Development options 9/10
  10. 10. Information & Assistance?What´s coming up? Launch of call 4 for project proposals 26 Oct. 2011 Thank you for your attention! END