European Seal of e-Excellence winners brochure 2012


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The European Seal of e-Excellence rewards ICT and Digital Media companies with an excellent track record in innovation marketing. Awarded annually since 2003 by EMF and its Partner Organisations, the Seal is widely known for distinguishing companies with innovative products & services and outstanding marketing.

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European Seal of e-Excellence winners brochure 2012

  1. 1. Winners brochure 2012The European Seal of e-Excellence rewards ICT and DigitalMedia companies with an excellent track record in innovationmarketing. Awarded annually since 2003 by EMF and itsPartner Organisations, the Seal is widely known fordistinguishing companies with innovative products & servicesand outstanding
  3. 3. List of winners 2012 Platinum Seal Winners ADmantX Anboto Crystal Digital Technology Energy Source Communications inbenta LARIAN STUDIOS Musala Soft PayWizard PIXELearning SIVECO Romania Take The Wind 2012 Gold Seal Winners ADTECH Core-Competence creativ IT digital publishing AG EdSys Educational Systems Lingosaur Loe Design Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó Sound Electronic Systems VASCO Data Security YEESO Advertising Media Young Digital Planet 2012 Silver Seal Winners apprupt belboon-adbutler CÍGLER SOFTWARE Consultia IT ICB-Interconsult Bulgaria INVEA-TECH Inxmail jaron M.I.T e-Solutions Norse Solutions Odus Technologies optivo PARTTEAM GROUP QUISMA Shanghai IPAV Tastets System Tikle and The LifeCo Well-PRess Kiadó
  4. 4. Platinum Seal 2012Company: ADmantXWebsite: www.admantx.comCountry: ItalyKeywords: Semantic Advertising, Semantic Targeting, Online Advertising, ContextualAdvertising, cookie-less TargetingCompany/product profile: ADmantX is a cookie-less solution that uses superiorsemantic technology to allow publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges, brand managers andagencies to develop more effective online advertising campaigns. There are no privacyconcerns: real-time monitoring and the use of sentiment analysis maximizes readers’receptiveness to advertising content and minimizes placement near off-brand content. Asa result, ads are more relevant, more accurately placed and brands are protected.
  5. 5. Platinum Seal 2012Company: AnbotoWebsite: www.anbotogroup.comCountry: SpainKeywords: Virtual Agents, Virtual Assistants, Intelligent Chats, Automatic E-mailResponse, Customer Engagement Analytics Suite, eCommerce, Semantics, NaturalLanguage ProcessingCompany/product profile: ANBOTO provides Web Customer Service andeCommerce technology based on Semantics and Natural Language Processing in order toreduce costs and increase sales. Our main products are the Sales Virtual Agent, IntelligentChat and Automatic e-mail Response that complete Anboto´s Customer EngagementSuite.Our Solution Platforms:-5th Generation Virtual Agents are able to understand the client´s needs in an opendialogue and at the same time they are proactive in product sales as well as making offerpresentations in real time.-Intelligent Chats able to reduce up to 80% of the queries directed to technical personalassistance through automatic answers, establishing an online dialogue with the customer.-Automatic E-mail Response is able to reduce up to 80% of the inbox emails with theresulting costs saving for our customers.-Customer Engagement Analytics Suite allows management of the agents and obtainsreports on the system´s use statistics.
  6. 6. Platinum Seal 2012Company: Crystal Digital TechnologyWebsite: www.crystalcg.comCountry: ChinaKeywords: Biggest Scroll Digital Painting, Shanghai Expo 201Company/product profile: Digital Painting: Along the River During Qing MingFestival. It is the most inspiring and impressive exhibit in 2010 World Expo in ChinaPavilion. The original scroll painting was painted by artist Zhang Zeduan. It is among theculture’s most coveted works and has been called “China’s Mona Lisa” by NYTimes.This digital painting is 100 times bigger than the original one. It has two parts, onefor daytime and the other for night. It has 1068 characters in all including 691 in daytimeand 377 at night, by which audience can enjoy the booming of the biggest city Bianjing inSong dynasty. All the characters on wall are not still but alive. Audience can see theshadow of the moon appearing indistinctly with the water wave, can see two couplesboating on the river, can also see the peddler selling wine in the market and some peoplegoing home with their friends.
  7. 7. Platinum Seal 2012Company: Energy Source CommunicationsWebsite: www.energysource-cn.comCountry: ChinaKeywords: Innovation, Insight, Interactive, Intelligent TechnologyCompany/product profile: Energy Source is currently the foremost innovator inAsia’s automotive digital marketing. With a rich wealth of integrated marketing innovation experience spanning a decade, it is the leading player in China’s interactivemarketing arena and a frequent recipient for over 200 premium awards at home andabroad. Mercedes Benz has swept some 33 awards for the past three years of theirpartnership.Energy Source has four core business platforms: innovative and integrated marketingservice agency, intelligent mobile Internet platform operation, CRM and e-commercemarketing service, and telematics intelligent service system centred on automotiveservices.
  8. 8. Platinum Seal 2012Company: inbentaWebsite: www.inbenta.comCountry: SpainKeywords: Virtual Assistants, Search engine, Semantic, Email management, SocialMedia Monitoring, Social Media Management, Chat, SEO longtail, Natural LanguageProcessingCompany/product profile: Founded in 2005 in Barcelona, inbenta is a leadingcompany specialized in Natural Language Processing and Semantic Search.Since its creation, inbenta has put a lot of effort into developing skills in computationallinguistics, web technologies, customer service solutions, and online marketing strategies.It was through these four key competencies that their offer of services and solutionsevolved over time until finally achieving the main expectations of key accounts’ websiteand intranet nowadays.For every inbenta project, we provide our client with customized solutions andconsultancy services to reach the following objectives.The innovative services and solutions of inbenta met with great success. We are nowcollaborating with more than 30 big clients and we are expanding our business todifferent countries around the world.
  9. 9. Platinum Seal 2012Company: LARIAN STUDIOSWebsite: www.larian.comCountry: BelgiumKeywords: Video Game Developer, Role Playing Games, Strategy Games, EducationalGames, All platforms, Children’s Video Games, Research and DevelopmentCompany/product profile: Larian Studios is an independent game developer thathas been developing games since 1999. The studio is based in Gent, Belgium with a coreteam consisting of about 30 people.Larian is best known for its RPGs and broadcaster games, but has also released a varietyof educational titles, arcade games and done some work for hire projects. In total, Lariangames have been played by over 10 million players worldwide.Larian is an active player in the RD field, having established multiple partnerships withvarious academic institutions. The company has experience with PC, Xbox360, Mac, IOSand browser-based games. Core in-house technology includes tools and processes toaccelerate development of role playing games while maximizing the freedom of designers.The studio strategy is to step by step build the necessary knowledge to create “theultimate RPG that will dwarf all other RPGs”.We are well on our way.
  10. 10. Platinum Seal 2012Company: Musala SoftWebsite: www.musala.comCountry: BulgariaKeywords: Development of Custom Software Solutions, Mobile ApplicationsDevelopment, BPM /SOA /EAI Solutions, Business Intelligence, Software TestAutomationCompany/product profile: Musala Soft is a leading Bulgarian software engineeringservices company, specialized in nearshoring, delivery of complex and large-scalesoftware projects, IT consulting and solution implementation. The enterprise has morethan 11 years of experience in providing software services, covering the whole lifecycleof the product or solution. Musala Soft is certified in the international standards ISO9001:2008 and CMMI Level 3.Musala Soft has developed methodology to execute projects under complicated setupsincluding geographical dispersion, remote access, organizational obstructions and tightdeadlines. Our commitment to understand clients needs and deliver high quality andinnovation, has attracted customers as Allianz, Cisco Systems, HP, IBM Corporation,EnBW, Mobilkom Austria Group, OMV, SAP, Siemens, VMware and others.We are committed to providing latest commercial tools and skills to our clients. As partof this ongoing commitment, we ensure that our people receive training and certificationin all relevant technologies, thus we pass on a clear competitive advantage to our clients.
  11. 11. Platinum Seal 2012Company: Pay WizardWebsite: www.paywizard.comCountry: United KingdomKeywords: e-Wallet, Payment Solution, Management Dashboard,Company/product profile: The PayWizard secure, multi-screen payment solutionmakes purchasing digital content easier than ever for consumers, including enablingsingle-click buying, while unlocking new revenue possibilities for digital content ownersand merchants. PayWizard flexibly manages multiple types of subscription-based billingwhile its multi-currency pre-paid e-wallet securely supports micropayments. PayWizardcan also manage credit/debit card payments, direct debit, Mail Order/Telephone Orderpayments and continual card authorisation for transactions across any connected device.PayWizard’s unique management dashboard delivers real-time transaction and userbehaviour data, enabling the creation of personalised promotions, vouchers and cross-device marketing opportunities that build customer loyalty and raise ARPU - averagerevenue per user.
  12. 12. Platinum Seal 2012Company: PIXELearningWebsite: www.pixelearning.comCountry: United KingdomKeywords: Serious Games, Soft skills development, Game based learning, OnlineTraining, Immersive learning simulations, Business education games, Corporate learningLedership training, GamificationCompany/product profile: PIXELearning, a leading provider of ImmersiveLearning Simulations (Serious Games) focusing on the utilisation of gaming technologyfor Learning. Creating highly engaging educational experiences for Leadership, Role Playand Business Training, we deliver measurable results for professional business educationand development.All simulations are devised to meet with the opinions and needs of its users and that is nodifferent for our Serious Games. Using scenarios we emphasis learning by doing throughimmersive online training, with the aim of encouraging coaching, team work, problemsolving and communication skills.With over 10 years’ experience, PIXELearning have an increasing client base in the UK,Europe and US, enabling us to significantly expand our skills set in multiplayer and roleplay technology, computer games, simulations, instructional, graphics, rich media andcomplex software design. Our in-house technology tool (LearningBeans®) allows us toconstantly deliver high quality bespoke solutions on time and very cost effectively.
  13. 13. Platinum Seal 2012Company: SIVECO RomaniaWebsite: www.siveco.roCountry: RomaniaKeywords: Software, eLearning, eBusiness, eHealth, eAgriculture, eCustoms,Integrated Solutions, ERP, Business IntelligenceCompany/product profile: SIVECO Romania is the leading Romanian softwarehouses and one of the most successful software integrators from Central and EasternEurope. The company is developing and exporting software products and high valueadded consultancy projects to countries within the European Community, The MiddleEast, North of Africa and CIS area.Addressing to large companies and public agencies, SIVECO Romania provides efficienteLearning solutions, EAS, Document Management, Business Intelligence, eHealth,eAgriculture, eCustoms and eBusiness solutions, both nationally and internationally.SIVECO Romania is a specialist in developing large and complex IT projects.During its 20 years of activity, SIVECO Romania has built a solid reputation, receivingmore than 140 national and international recognitions and prizes.
  14. 14. Platinum Seal 2012Company: Take The WindWebsite: www.takethewind.comCountry: PortugalKeywords: eHealth, Health Management, Self Monitoring, Remote Monitoring byHealth Teams, Disease Prevention, Training and Decision Support, Smarter HealthProvideCompany/product profile: Take The Wind is an eHealth content and solutionprovider with headquarters in Portugal and a subsidiary in Brazil.Vision: Moving from an Healthcare paradigme to an (e)Health paradigme - higher self-management, bigger savings for all.Current product and services are:-Services for Health industry (digital content)-Digital eHealth platforms for Professionals to manage chronic diseases combining riskevalution, dashboards of patients personal evolution and therapeutic co-decision tools;- Digital eHealth Platforms for Citizens combining: personal measurements activities(with or without electronic devices), personalized content and recommendationsaccording personal evolution; interactive challenges about wellness, disease preventionand healthy lifestyle; medication management and easy sharing data with healthcareprofessionals.
  15. 15. Gold Seal 2012Company: ADTECHWebsite: www.adtech.comCountry: International (HQ in Germany)Keywords: Adserver, Digital Marketing, ad Management, Display ads, Video ads,Mobile Advertisement, Rich Media, Business Intelligence/Analytics, Targeting, WorkflowCompany/product profile: ADTECH is an international supplier of digitalmarketing solutions and is part of AOL Group. For more than 14 years,ADTECH has delivered digital marketing solutions around the globe. Its core product isthe ad serving solution ADTECH IQ for display, video, mobile and rich media ads. Theadserver seamlessly integrates other applications like business analytics. According toOVK Adserver Benchmark, ADTECH adservers lead the way in speed and availability.ADTECH also provides high-quality customer service and local know-how. Its globalcustomer base includes major players such as InteractiveMedia, BSkyB, Hi-mediaDeutschland and Gannett. For more information please visit:
  16. 16. Gold Seal 2012Company: Core-CompetenceWebsite: www.core-competence.comCountry: GermanyKeywords: Game-based learning, e-learning, Learning management system (LMS),Web-based training, learning 2.0, Iincrease competence focus, Human capitaldevelopment, Learning development consultancy, Adventure-based Learning (ABL)Company/product profile: The expert on sustainable increase of competence withmodern learning methods. The innovative e-learning company delivers solutions to majorbrands and leading industry companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Vodafone,Computacenter, Deutsche Telekom, Swiss Post, Edeka, Vorwerk and Redbull etc. Withthe holistic approach of the Core-Competence 2.0 model and the unique Adventure-based Learning® method, Core-Competence improves the efficiency of their clients,support their power of innovation and increase employee motivation and satisfaction.Core-Competence 2.0 and Adventure-based Learning® ensures practice transfer bycombining consulting, best practice methods, modern tools and knowledge.The employee is at the heart of the further development. This motivates both employeesand partners to further develop their know-how independently and in synchronizationwith corporate goals. Companies improve their productivity, gain “time to market” andincrease their competitiveness while concurrently reducing their coaching budget.
  17. 17. Gold Seal 2012Company: creativ ITWebsite: www.creativit.comCountry: SpainKeywords: I+D, Innovation, Creativity, IT Solution, Mobility, Security, Outsorcing,Communication, Business Solutions, AccessibilityCompany/product profile: creativ IT is an IT engineering company with nearlyten years of experience in providing its customers with creative and innovative highadded value IT solutions tailored to their specific needs. Its team is composed by morethan 260 degree engineers and highly qualified IT technicians. Since its foundation thecompany has bet for developing an enterprise model based on CONTINUOUSINNOVATION and CREATIVITY offering technological excellence and passion forwork well done as the main pillars to support our customers’ continuous growth andprogress.
  18. 18. Gold Seal 2012Company: digital publishingWebsite: www.speexx.comCountry: GermanyKeywords: Online Language Training, Blended Learning 2.0, Learner GeneratedContentCompany/product profile: The provider of award-winning online corporatelanguage training Speexx, offers practical business courses in five languages: English,French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The service is provided through a secure onlineportal or integrated with an existing LD system to deliver immediate benefits to privateand public sector organisations. The Speexx tools and services are easy to use and scale tothe needs of organizations of any size. With more than 7 million users and 1,200 coachesacross 80 countries, Speexx is one of the most widely used educational software solutionsworldwide. dp has been honored with over 200 international awards. Moreover, dp andthe Speexx solution are certified annually by external auditors under the WorlddidacQuality Charter and ISO 9001:2008 and have received full certification in SCORM 20043rd Edition. The company is headquartered in Munich, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid andShanghai.For more information, please visit
  19. 19. Gold Seal 2012Company: EdSys Educational SystemsWebsite: www.edsys.comCountry: CanadaKeywords: Inspirus Suite, Education, Educational, Software, Classroom Management,Customization, Collaboration, 1:1 Computing Environment, Teaching and Learning.Company/product profile: EdSys (EdSys Educational Systems Inc.) is a companyof the EasyBits Group, which has been shipping award-winning software for over 10years. EdSys is the part of EasyBits Group that focuses specifically on education. Ourgoal is to provide the tools and resources to make 1:1 computing simple, enjoyable, andsuccessful for every school system in the world. Our solutions are deployed worldwide in27 languages.EdSys develops and distributes the Inspirus platform, our educational desktop thatprovides a safe and controlled computer environment for school and at home.Distributed with the Intel Classmate PC and part of the Intel Learning Series core stack,EdSys offers full classroom collaboration features and tools.
  20. 20. Gold Seal 2012Company: LingosaurWebsite: www.lingosaur.comCountry: FinlandKeywords: Translation Agency, Translation Services, Online Translation Services,Internet Translation Services, Online Translation Agency, Translations, Translators, FastTranslations, Global communicationsCompany/product profile: Lingosaur is a Finnish translation agency offeringtranslation services by real people. To maximize our efficiency and to minimize costs, weoperate purely on the Internet. Whatever your business, we will enable your globalcommunications.The company was founded in 2007 to offer traditional translation and internationalbusiness consulting services. After the first couple of years of operation, and one ITspecialist later, we focused on developing online translation services. Our aims were tocreate an efficient and easy solution for our customers to make translation orders overthe Internet, and to provide jobs for translators. The outcome was todays Lingosaur, TheOnline Translation Agency.
  21. 21. Gold Seal 2012Company: Loe DesignWebsite: ChinaKeywords: Exhibition Design, Multimedia, Exhibition PlanningCompany/product profile: Shanghai LoeDesign was founded in 1999,which is aprofessional corporation engaged in the planning, design and execution of constructionof exhibition projects. Since establishment, LoeDesign has participated in large numbersof design and construction of large-scaled exhibition projects, which is promoting thestrength of the corporation. A more professional system of design and service and a moreeffective management mode of construction have been set up. A new image and a newstandard of a professional exhibition design and contraction enterprise with brilliantfeatures have been established. We are particularly specialized in all kinds of large-scaledpublic cultural facilities, such as Science Technology Museum, Planning ExhibitionHall, History Museum and large-scaled professional commercial exhibition projects etc.
  22. 22. Gold Seal 2012Company: Nemzeti TankönyvkiadóWebsite: www.ntk.huCountry: HungaryKeywords: Education, Learning, e-Learning, Textbook, e-Book, Augmented Reality,Mobile Application, Publishing, Educational Softwares, Digital CurriculumCompany/product profile: The National Textbook Publishing House (NTK) is,via Sanoma Learning member of Sanoma Group, one of Europe’s largest media andpublishing holding. NTK is largest textbook publisher in Hungary founded in 1949. NTKis the clear market leader on the Hungarian textbook publishing market withapproximately 32% share.NTK publishes annually approximately 2600 titles and 4.5 million copies of textbooks aswell as educational tools for teachers, workbooks, e-products and various other learningtools and services.NTK is also market leader in the dynamically growing digital educational content market.We have a wild variety of digital curriculums (online, SCROM compatible courses forK9-12 students; e-books; mobile phone applications), educational softwares (TeachAR:based on augmented reality, e-Factory: test maker software) and online games (Oceans ofAdventures, Repeat it, Sam!)
  23. 23. Gold Seal 2012Company: Sound Electronic SystemsWebsite: www.Stereolith.comCountry: SwitzerlandKeywords: Single-Box Speaker, Single-Box Loudspeaker, Spatial Acoustics, SurroundLoudspeaker, Surround Speaker, Surround Sound, 3D LoudspeakerCompany/product profile: Unique single-box loudspeaker, containing 2loudspeakers, reproducing an authentic stereo surround sound that can only beexperienced, through listening to it.The acoustic waves move in the room in a circular way, allowing for a stress freelistening. Our innovative sound system allows you to enjoy pure stereo sound from anyspot in the room. It is also very simple to set it up. Our unique product was developedwith passion and love for the perfect surround sound.It is based on the human physiology of hearing. The acoustic phenomenon was rethoughtentirely, so the musical sounds coming from this single-box loudspeaker, could reach ourears, like a bird song, or like one single source of sound.
  24. 24. Gold Seal 2012Company: VASCO Data SecurityWebsite: www.vasco.comCountry: BelgiumKeywords: Strong Authentication, Authentication in the Cloud, User Authentication,Digital Signature, Electronic Signature, Data SecurityCompany/product profile: VASCO is a world leader in strong authentication ande-signature solutions, specializing in online accounts, identities and transactions. As aglobal software company, VASCO serves a customer base of approximately 10,000companies in over 100 countries, including more than 1,700 international financialinstitutions. In addition to the financial sector, VASCOs technologies secure sensitiveinformation and transactions for the enterprise security, e-commerce and e-governmentindustries.
  25. 25. Gold Seal 2012Company: YEESO Advertising MediaWebsite: www.yeesomobileled.comCountry: ChinaKeywords: Mobile Advertising Vehicle, Mobile LED Advertising, Mobile LEDVehicle, Mobile LED Truck, Mobile Advertising Trailer, Advertising Vehicle, MobileLED Advertising SolutionsCompany/product profile: YEESO focuses on providing a comprehensivesolution of outdoor mobile advertising vehicles. At any budget, in any size, for any issue,you will find your ideal and unique promotion solution here. We have different series ofmobile advertising vehicles such as LED truck series, LED trailer series, LED containerseries, installable series, mini-series and light box series etc. With a global view, Yeeso hasalways been utilizing our own technologies as the core competencies which aim at theinternational market with our productions, sales, research and development bases inShanghai. Our products are now sold across Europe, Australia, South America, Africa,Southeast Asia, Middle East, West Asia, and so on. Moreover, our manufacturing base inBrazil is also under construction.
  26. 26. Gold Seal 2012Company: Young Digital PlanetWebsite: www.ydp.euCountry: PolandKeywords: eLearning, Education, Digital, Technology, Publishing, Digital Books,Educational Content, Maths, Science, English, Early EducationCompany/product profile: Young Digital Planet is one of the world’s leadingeducational ePublishers with over 20 years of experience and a track record of success.We deliver educational content, services and technologies to our customers in thepublishing, educational and governmental sectors around the globe. Using this vast poolof skills and experience, we look forward to helping our partners achieve the goals andtargets that lie at the hearts of their organizations.We can help to: • establish a leading position in the digital education market • strike a balance between digital and print business revenues • comply with educational requirements of Ministries of Education • compete with print-only textbook publications.
  27. 27. Silver Seal 2012Company: appruptWebsite: www.apprupt.comCountry: GermanyKeywords: Premium, Performance, Network, Mobile, Advertising, Lead Generation,Click-To-Action AdsCompany/product profile: apprupt is the first premium performance network formobile advertising. Through an extensive network of premium publishers, appruptprovides advertising companies with specifically targeted solutions for effective mobileadvertising, including innovative mobile ad formats like Click-To-Calendar and Click-To-Video. apprupt now reaches more than 11 million users in the German mobile web anddelivers 650 million mobile ads per month.Furthermore apprupt enables publishers such as WEB.DE, CIO, CFOworld, freenet,TecChannel or Men’s Health to offer their own users relevant apps and products andthereby monetize mobile traffic. apprupt is represented with offices in Hamburg andDusseldorf.
  28. 28. Silver Seal 2012Company: asgoodas.nuWebsite: www.wirkaufens.deCountry: GermanyKeywords: re-Commerce, Mobile Phone, Sell, Reuse, Gadgets, Refurbishment, Trade-in, Laptop, SmartphoneCompany/product profile: The GmbH is one of the leadingpurchasers and refurbishers for consumer electronics in Germany. Converting usedelectronics into money by offering a quick, easy and safe way via online for customers.That is what the GmbH with the brand WIRKAUFENS provides.WIRKAUFENS has many advantages such as no registration, no auction, free shippingand guaranteed payment within 7 days. After the process of refurbishment the devicesare returned to the market.
  29. 29. Silver Seal 2012Company: belboon-adbutlerWebsite: www.belboon.comCountry: GermanyKeywords: Affiliate Marketing, Performance Marketing, Retargeting, PerformanceDisplay MarketingCompany/product profile: belboon is one of the three leading affiliate networks inthe German-speaking market and is focused on strengthening the growth of itsinternational activities. There are around 1300 advertiser programs and publishers from30 different countries active on the network. belboon was the first affiliate network in theworld to transfer its business model onto the mobile internet. Online and mobilepublishers as well as advertisers profit from the network’s outstanding performance andbroad reach as well as its market leading technology along with an exceptional level ofservice. Founded in 2002, belboon-adbutler GmbH runs belboon, the affiliate networkbelonging to the YOC Group: the European market leader for mobile technology andmedia.
  30. 30. Silver Seal 2012Company: CÍGER SOFTWAREWebsite: Czech RepublicKeywords: Independent software vendor (ISV), ERP, On-line services, Cloudcomputing, Small and Medium EnterprisesCompany/product profile: For more than 21 years we have been developing andimplementing enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) from the product line“Money” which are designed for more than 100,000 users among which are small andmedium enterprises as well as multinational corporations. Our latest activity is theoffering of online cloud services for entrepreneurs and small businesses with the focus onmaximal simplicity, accessibility and reliability. The first one of these services is“iDoklad” (the Czech name, or “ItsMyBill” (the name for the EUmarket, designed for the management of online billing based onWindows Azure platform. It enables the users to immediately start the management ofbilling of small businesses. The service is accessible via internet browsers and the mobileoperating system Windows Phone, the platforms for Android and iPhone are beingprepared.
  31. 31. Silver Seal 2012Company: Consultia ITWebsite: www.consultia.bizCountry: SpainKeywords: Innovation, Events, Technological, Platform, Registration, Systems,Management, Organizers, Venues, MICE IndustryCompany/product profile: CONSULTIA is a strategic consulting firm based inSpain that provides general consulting, strategy, technology and innovation services. Weprovide services for different industry sectors, with special focus on the Events Industryservices.Our experience includes the implementation of systems, technological platforms forregistration, and the provision of registration services for the Mobile World Congressheld at Fira Barcelona (in partnership with Fira for the annual events). Our industryknowledge and experience in both technology and events management, allows us to offeran integral implementation of technology services for event organizers and venues.Our international business development plan for 2012 includes the consolidation of ourinternational expansion. We are starting operations in international markets, mainly inEurope (France, UK), Americas (Colombia, Mexico, Panamá) and Middle East (Qatar).
  32. 32. Silver Seal 2012Company: ICB-Interconsult BulgariaWebsite: www.icb.bgCountry: BulgariaKeywords: Software development, IT Consulting, Software application integration,Business processes managementCompany/product profile: ICB is a Bulgarian company with 16 years of marketpresence, with customers in 10+ countries and 250+ successfully completed projects.About 100 experienced specialists in the field of software development and businessconsulting. ICB is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with ISV competence and SilverPartner for Content Management, Application Integration and Software Development.We focus on delivering state-of-the art software solutions and consulting services tocompanies in the banking, financial, utilities, engineering, maritime, defense andgovernment sectors. Find out more about how we could help you automate and facilitateyour business with best-of-class products and services.
  33. 33. Silver Seal 2012Company: INVEA-TECHWebsite: www.invea-tech.comCountry: Czech RepublicKeywords: Network Security Monitoring, NetFlow, Network Behavior Analysis(NBA), Anomaly Detection, Data Retention, Lawful Interception, Hardware AccelerationCompany/product profile: INVEA-TECH is an European vendor founded in2007. We develop and market innovative network solutions for networks from 10 Mbpsto 100 Gbps. The core company products and technologies are network trafficmonitoring security (NetFlow, NBA), IP data retention Lawful Interception andFPGA-accelerated applications development.The flagship product is FlowMon - NetFlow/IPFIX monitoring solution. It enables flowmonitoring in each network and provides efficient network management, increasednetwork security (NBA - network behavior analysis), LAN WAN Internetmonitoring, users and application monitoring, SLA monitoring, data retention fulfillmentand more.Our specialization is hardware acceleration of multiple 10GE applications (wirespeedguarantee for 30 Mpps), flow monitoring and open FPGA framework for ourtechnological partners (from both commercial and academic environment).
  34. 34. Silver Seal 2012Company: InxmailWebsite: www.inxmail.comCountry: GermanyKeywords: Email Marketing, Newsletter, Email Marketing Provider, Software andService Provider, Email Marketing Solution, Newsletter Tool, Email Marketing CampaignCompany/product profile: Inxmail GmbH is among the leading software andservice providers in the email marketing segment for professionals and agencies. With ourcore product – Inxmail Professional – we provide excellent email marketing technology,offering unbeatable flexibility, highest security, superior performance and best-of-breedintegrations with CMS, CRM or eCommerce systems. More than 1,000 customers andagencies around the world have put their trust in Inxmail GmbH’s solutions.Thanks to this focus on email marketing technology, optimally complemented by theexpertise of our international partners, Inxmail GmbH offers an unmatched range foremail marketing and a high level of investment security. This is one of the reasons whyInxmail GmbH ranks among the leading providers of email marketing solutions and whysmall companies and major international corporations alike opt for us. Inxmail GmbH isbased in Germany with branches in Australia, France and Italy.
  35. 35. Silver Seal 2012Company: jaronWebsite: www.jaron.deCountry: GermanyKeywords: Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social MediaMarketing, Display Advertising, E-Mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing; PerformanceMarketing, Conversion Opimization, Online Marketing ServicesCompany/product profile: During the last 3 years, jaron has developed a verystrong focus and portfolio on Social Media Marketing Services, beside all its other digitalmarketing competences. Social Media Marketing has provided the most important shareof growth during the last years, jaron is specialised digital marketing services. jaronstresses on three parts of Social Media Marketing, as there is: 1) Social Media Reputation;2) Social Media Optimization; 3) Social Media Advertising. All three are part of jaronsSocial Media Strategy consultancy services, which are provided to reputated, bigcustomers like E-PLUS / Base, Liftaor ING-DiBa, and others. Together with all otheronline marketing channels, jaron has developed a very strong cross channel competence,with a strong focus on customer journey and path to conversion strategies.
  36. 36. Silver Seal 2012Company: M.I.T e-SolutionsWebsite: GermanyKeywords: Se-Learning, Mobile Learning, e-Marketing, Training ServicesCompany/product profile: As an agent for digital communication, M.I.T has beendeveloping customer specific solutions for more than 40 years – from engaging learninggames to complex e-Marketing applications. M.I.T has positioned itself as motivator,navigator and organizer and provides innovative accents in the areas of e-Learning and e-Marketing. From the experience gained in far more than 2,000 projects, companies suchas BMW AG, Daimler AG, Honda Europe, Deutsche Bank AG, PORSCHE AG,Deutsche Bahn AG, Novartis AG, Siemens AG and EADS have profited from theirsuccessful cooperation with M.I.T, some of them over more than 25 years. 5 awards forcustomer productions during its 40th anniversary in 2010 and its Wikipedia e-Learningentry highlighting its interactive video marketing training back in the 70s underline theinnovative and standards-setting role of M.I.T in the German e-Learning market.
  37. 37. Silver Seal 2012Company: Norse SolutionsWebsite:| www.norse-solutions.comCountry: NorwayKeywords: Plan administration, Share-based payment, Software, Outsourcing,Accounting and Reporting, Advisory, IFRS 2, Valuations, US GAAP, EquityCompensationCompany/product profile: Norse Solutions has for over 10 years developed oursoftware Norse Options to ease the Administration, Reporting, Accounting andDisclosure of equity compensation. During that time we have gained further competenceand today we have the longest IFRS-2 experience in the world.Norse Solutions offers full solution Plan Administration and tailored outsourcing ofequity compensation to fit the needs of any given Client. Our “Top Down” architectureputs our software above and beyond our competitors and you get the full overviewutilizing its unique reporting capabilities. Norse covers all activities related to CorporateFinance, Social Security Accruals, DTA calculations, Accounting, Reporting andDisclosures, HR-functions as well as information to and interaction with employees andfinancial institutions.
  38. 38. Silver Seal 2012Company: Odus TechnologiesWebsite: www.odus-tech.comCountry: SwitzerlandKeywords: Medical, Sterilisation, Remote Surveillance, Datalogger, Data management.Company/product profile: The reprocessing of sterile medical devices (cleaning,disinfection, sterilization) is a very sensitive topic covered by many internationalregulatory constraints. Odus Technologies S.A., based in Vevey, Switzerland, has recentlydeveloped an innovative solution named Satya® Control that will help dental surgeriesand other small healthcare organisations comply with the new regulations regardingsterilization control and traceability. Their electronic device can be installed on anyexisting steam steriliser and will monitor its performance accurately in order to reduce therisk of contamination due to a malfunction of the machine. The device will also send thesterilization data to the Company’s remote server where daily sterilisation reports areautomatically generated, archived and sent to the customer via email.
  39. 39. Silver Seal 2012Company: OptivoWebsite: www.optivo.comCountry: GermanyKeywords: Email marketing, Permission marketing, Email broadcasting, Emailconsulting, Email marketing consulting, Email marketing services, Email optimisation,Mobile email marketing, SMS, FaxCompany/product profile: optivo is a leading email marketing service provider.Since establishment in 2001, the Berlin-based company has counted among thetechnologically leading providers and trendsetters in the area of email marketing. optivooffers comprehensive email marketing including SMS and fax from a single source. Theportfolio extends from the broadcast of newsletters and campaign emails with a secure,reliable and powerful email marketing software (optivo® broadmail) to individual strategyconsultation, email optimisation and address generation (optivo® consulting).More than 700 clients from diverse sectors put their trust in optivo know-how andtechnology, including well-know brands such as Accor Hotellerie, Best Western Hotels,Bosch Power Tools, Germanwings, German Railways, Henkel, HypoVereinsbank,Panasonic, Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT, QVC, Tchibo and TUI Cruises.
  40. 40. Silver Seal 2012Company: PARTTEAM GROUPWebsite: www.partteam.ptCountry: PortugalKeywords: Multimedia kiosks and Digital Mupis Manufacturer, Interactive Systems andTouchscreen Tecnhology specialistCompany/product profile: Partteam is one of the leading world manufacturers ofmultimedia and self-service kiosks, with partners in more than 25 countries and withauthorized distributors in 11 countries.Partteam Group,operates in several areas, including multimedia interactive systems,industrial production, graphic design and advertising, engineering andtelecommunications, web based applications development, software development, etc..The main business area of the company are multimedia kiosks, digital mupis andinteractive systems.Located in Portugal, Partteam Group has modern facilities and with a catalog over morethan 80 standard models and producing kiosks to suite needs of partners and customers,it is capable of take part in major projects, both national and international.
  41. 41. Silver Seal 2012Company: QUISMAWebsite: www.quisma.comCountry: GermanyKeywords: Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Online Marketing,Performance-Based Display Advertising, SEO, SEA, Affiliate Marketing, ConversionOptimisation, Marketing Intelligence, Customer Journey AnalysisCompany/product profile: QUISMA is an autonomous network for performancemarketing with the Group M. We offer full service to our clients, containing searchengine advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation, performance displayadvertising, conversion optimisation and marketing intelligence.Due to our network we are able to deliver a media strategy, that is both effective andcost-efficient. To achieve our customers goals we use outstanding self-developedtechnology, paired with our passionate, well-educated and experienced employees.
  42. 42. Silver Seal 2012Company: Shanghai IPAVWebsite: ChinaCompany/product profile: IPAV is the Chinese leading specialist in the InteractiveInformation Experience Platform, which mainly in the industries of education andmedical. We will see the time to enter into international market in future.Interactive Information Experience Platform consists of network system, display system,hardware system (main unit), and software system. It has two main functions, networkinformation issue and watching Adv. self-optional. On this platform, people can publishand control network information, such as, video, words and pictures, so as to achieve theadvertisement effect. While audience can select and get the advertisement informationthey need. The system will detect the body’s action to perform the task while peopleoperating it without any touch on it.
  43. 43. Silver Seal 2012Company: Tastets SystemWebsite: www.gps.chCountry: ChileKeywords: GPS, Fleet, Tracking, AVL, SaaS, Location, Rastreosat, OptimatixCompany/product profile: Tastets System (TS) is the leading company in Chile formobile resources localization services. More than 1.500 customers, over 15.000 mobileresources and 14 years of experience offering different solutions. Well known as anexample of innovation, locally and at worldwide level. Tastets has 2 business units:-Rastreosat, own monitoring platform with attributes of flexibility, adaptability andscalability.-Optimatix in strategic partnership with Telogis. This partnership strengthens thecapability of fleets to integrate the mobile workforce with key business process andimprove fleet efficiency, productivity and localization.Tastets System operates in many industries. TS has a Customer Support Centre inSantiago which count with a very skilled call centre able to train and certified techniciansall over the country. TS counts with its own cartography department.Innovation is the target of important part of the TS annual budget with focus on researchand new solution developments.
  44. 44. Silver Seal 2012Company: Tikle and The LifeCoWebsite: apps.tikle.comCountry: TurkeyKeywords: Mobile Application Platform Development, Value Added Services,Content Acquirement and Management, Technology RDCompany/product profile: Tikle is the leading developer and operator of valueadded service and platforms in the CEMEA region. Tikle has been working successfullyin the mobile field since 1999. It has been managing digital store for mobile since 2003for Operators, Media Companies and itself. Tikle;• Designs, develops and implements turn-key, Telco-grade solutions• Develops and manages operator portals• Operates VAS platforms• Presents to a subscriber base of 80 million in 4 different countries• Develops Mobile Applications and Platforms• Has won numerous awards for its services and products.
  45. 45. Silver Seal 2012Company: Well-Press KiadóWebsite: www.vendegvaro.huCountry: HungaryCompany/product profile: Online hotel booking with programmes and sights inHungary