Writers Summit 09 - Text Analytics: The Next Frontier in Enterprise Content Management, Fern Halper


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Text Analytics: The Next Frontier in Enterprise Content Management

Fern Halper, Hurwitz & Associates

Learn more about the EMC Content Management Writer's Summit here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=90751&trk

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Writers Summit 09 - Text Analytics: The Next Frontier in Enterprise Content Management, Fern Halper

  1. 1. Text Analytics:The Next Frontier in Enterprise Content Management Fern Halper Hurwitz & Associates June 5, 2009
  2. 2. Outline   What is Text Analytics?   Why and how are companies using the technology?   Use cases for text analytics and ECM   Value of the technology   Impact of the recession   Q&A
  3. 3. Unstructured data is everywhereUnstructured Structured•  Documents •  Revenue•  Contracts •  Dates•  Call Center Notes•  Claims •  Product Codes •  Customer id•  Emails •  Etc. Etc.•  Blogs/Message Board/Twitter•  Image/Video•  Etc. Etc. Characteristics Characteristics •  No identifiable structure •  Identifiable structure •  Content Management Systems •  Databases, other •  Enterprise and Cloud data stores •  GROWING! •  GROWING!
  4. 4. What is Text Analytics? The automated process of analyzing unstructured text, extractingrelevant information, and transforming that information into structured information that can then be leveraged in different ways Customer wants to know if we have a calling plan like FamilyOne from LocalTel. It is cheaper. Customer wants to know if we have a family plan. She says this would save her money. Explained GlobalTel doesn’t yet have this type of plan. Customer wants to understand feature bundles . Customer says LocalTel is having a great promotion on unlimited plan with different features.
  5. 5. Text Analytics: The DataThree studies performed by Hurwitz & Associates   2007 – Text Analytics: The road to understanding your company’s unstructured data   118 companies , U.S. based, revenue > $200M   Respondents divided into three groups   Those that had no plans to deploy text analytics (n=39)   Those that were planning to deploy text analytics (n=49)   Those that had already deployed Text Analytics (n=30)   2008 – Four questions about innovations in analysis– Fast Poll   61 companies   very technology savvy   2009 – How is Text Analytics Being Affected by the Economy? – Fast Poll   50 companies   very technology savvy
  6. 6. Business Drivers
  7. 7. Hot Application AreasMany otherniche applications, too
  8. 8. Sample Use Cases   Voice of the Customer   Cull through content to determine what customers are saying about products/services/competitors   Improving retention/Understanding the market   New Product Design/Development   Cull through customer comments to understand potential new features   Use literature, patents to understand functionality, what competitors are doing, etc.   Fraud Detection   Cull through insurance claim information to spot trends   Train system to automate identification of potential fraud
  9. 9. How are Companies planning to Implement Text Analytics?
  10. 10. Value of TechnologyThe value is clear
  11. 11. Impact of RecessionPossibly being affected less than other technologies
  12. 12. Questions?