EMC Helps Leading Vaccine Manufacturer Boost IT Efficiency with Life Sciences Solution


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Sanofi Pasteur attains 60% increase in efficiency while minimizing time to market with EMC Documentum and D2. Sanofi turned to EMC to gain document control and provide a common framework enabling secure collaboration, efficient audit management, and scalability across its global operations.

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EMC Helps Leading Vaccine Manufacturer Boost IT Efficiency with Life Sciences Solution

  1. 1. SANOFI S.A. Ensure compliance and speed time-to-market using EMC Documentum D2 OVERVIEW Sanofi S.A. is one of the worldwide leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. The French multinational pharmaceutical company is headquartered in Paris and is the world's fourth largest prescription drug manufacturer. Ongoing research and development drives company success across its many subsidiaries. With more than one hundred separate manufacturing sites, forty R&D sites, and over 110,000 ESSENTIALS Industry employees spread across the world, close collaboration is required to continually develop effective medicines. In 2012, the company's net sales were over 34 million Euros. Pharmaceuticals BUSINESS CHALLENGES Size To decrease time to market, reduce costs, and foster higher levels of collaboration More than 110,000 employees and R&D collaborators Challenges • Increase agility to deploy new versions quickly and reduce time to market • Consolidate one million documents in a centralized repository • Provide scalability to meet the document management needs of more than 100,000 collaborators Solutions among global employees, Sanofi recognized that it required a new approach. The company desired to consolidate more than one million documents from separate Documentum systems into a single repository, allowing users to gain quick access to all relevant files and documents on a 24/7 basis. Document centralization would also enable the company to better meet new regulatory constraints and processes. Sanofi had deployed EMC® Documentum® enterprise content management systems, with the Documentum Webtop interface, in a number of global sites to foster collaboration among researchers and ensure governance and compliance of SOPs. However, Webtop required continual customization by third party specialists to deploy new versions and applications. This was often an expensive and time consuming process. The new centralized system also had to have an interface that was flexible, easy to use, and that would be adopted quickly by Sanofi employees. Scalability was also important. Sanofi planned to roll out the new system across all subsidiaries, • EMC Documentum D2 Version 4.1 worldwide. The design and architecture of the interface was critical. • EMC Documentum 6.7 Sanofi desired a solution that was agile, easy to reconfigure, and that would speed • EMC Captiva InputAccel deployment of new applications and versions and minimize time to market. Cost- • EMC Enterprise Archiving Solution • Microsoft SharePoint effectiveness of a new solution was also crucial. Sanofi IT department contacted EMC to define and deliver systems to achieve its document management objectives. SOLUTIONS Documentum was first deployed at Sanofi Quality Department for the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). EMC IIG Software experts developed comprehensive roadmaps for Sanofi, leading to the consolidation of its document repositories. Using EMC Documentum D2 and Linux-based platforms, Sanofi built a global content management solution in three datacenters located in Paris, Singapore, and Virginia. CUSTOMER PROFILE
  2. 2. EMC Captiva® InputAccel® enables digital capture and tracking of all documents within Results • Global 24/7 access to one million the company's vaccine divisions, ensuring effective governance and compliance, while documents • also enabling complete document life cycle tracking of vaccine developments. Easily scalable across all companies INCREASING EFFICIENCY BY SIXTY PERCENT within the Sanofi Group • • To test the new solution, Documentum and Captiva InputAccel were initially made Deployed in only six months available to 10,000 users at Sanofi's vaccine divisions based in France and North 60 percent increase in efficiency America. However, Sanofi is deploying the new solution across all companies within while minimizing time to market • the Sanofi Group in the near future. Two-year return on investment "Like most companies, our people must find the right content at the right time in the right version," says Laurent Sarrat, Director of Solutions Delivery at Sanofi Pasteur. "Our EMC content management strategy will be massively deployed, allowing Sanofi users to manipulate huge numbers of documents to perform crucial tasks such as providing the right operational procedures for critical manufacturing steps." Due to the agility and ease of use of Documentum D2, the Sanofi IT team is experiencing a significant increase in efficiency and faster product development cycles. "With Documentum D2, we have drastically reduced the development work we required by as much as 60 percent compared to the older system," says Laurent Sarrat. Yann Jezequel, ECM Project Manager for Sanofi Pasteur, adds, "With our old system, new versions were deployed only every six months, and that's being optimistic. Due to the new D2 user interface, we can deploy new versions of the application every month." Quick deployment of new versions helps the company to increase enterprise content management efficiency, leading to quicker product development cycles and minimizing time to market. "Documentum D2 is scalable to meet the needs of the entire Sanofi Group. With Documentum D2, we have drastically reduced the development work we required by as much as 60 percent compared to the older system." Laurent Sarrat Director of Solutions Delivery at Sanofi Pasteur QUICK DEPLOYMENT, EASY TO USE Sanofi deployed its new Documentum D2 solution to thousands of users in only six months due to the system's advanced content management features and ease of data migration from older systems. Yann Jezequel states, "We built this quality documentation solution using only a team of two developers and one functional analyst. It took four months to design and develop and only two months to test." Laurent Sarrat adds, "D2 would not have been an option for us at the Sanofi scale without EMC involvement in the project road map." Adoption of the new Documentum system by Sanofi collaborators and staff was painless.
  3. 3. "When migrating to a new solution, it's often a long way to run to get end users to buy into the new interface," says Yann Jezequel. "But D2 and its configuration process helped us to quickly deploy prototypes all-round the project and get feedback from users actually using the solution instead of just validating mark-ups." He continues, "D2 provides an easy way to adapt the user interface to specific user work, which has led to easy acceptance by our end users." Sanofi is also achieving lower costs because expensive customization is no longer required. Laurent Sarrat explains that with the old system, third-party developers were often employed to create and deploy new versions. But Documentum D2 has enabled the company to easily train its people, allowing Sanofi to reduce the average cost of external resources." HIGHLY SCALABLE Documentum D2 is scalable to meet the document management needs for the entire Sanofi Group. Soon, more than 100,000 collaborators and staff will have high availability access to critical documents, helping to speed R&D activities and ensure compliance. "By consolidating our document management platform in our three main global data centers, we are leveraging many EMC technologies including Documentum," Laurent Sarrat says. "We expect to achieve the benefits of deep integration, while also achieving a return on investment in only two years due to lower overall costs." He continues, "Documentum D2 is designed to make documents quickly available to all of our worldwide sites and users, and is scalable to meet the needs of the entire Sanofi Group. We are also looking to deploy the interconnections between Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint, EMC eTMF solution, EMC Syncplicity®, and enable mobile access to our users on devices such as iPads, which will make us even more effective." CONTACT US To learn more about how EMC products, services, and solutions can help solve your business and IT challenges, contact your local representative or authorized reseller—or visit us at www.EMC.com. EMC2, EMC, the EMC logo, Captiva, Documentum, InputAccel, and Syncplicity are registered trademarks or trademarks of EMC Corporation in the United States and other countries. © Copyright 2013 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Published in the USA. 10/13 Customer Profile H12474 www.EMC.com EMC believes the information in this document is accurate as of its publication date. The information is subject to change without notice.