Track 1, session 4, hcl by adarsh singh, practice head, cloud computing


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Track 1, session 4, hcl by adarsh singh, practice head, cloud computing

  1. 1. Cloud Journey
  2. 2. Traditional IT vs. The CloudTraditional IT:- Heavy under/overbuy- High Costs of Upgrade- Low Scalability- High time to Implementation Cloud IT: - Low overbuy - Zero Underbuy (Resource Provisioning) - High Scalability - Low time to Implementation
  3. 3. Using The Cloud – Why?
  4. 4. What does the Cloud Offer?
  5. 5. Cloud Computing: How? Build the business case Develop the strategy Assess readiness Pilot or prototype Gain approvalSource: Cloud Computing: Key Initiative Overview
  6. 6. Selecting the Right Vendor
  7. 7. HCL CLOUD SERVICES FRAMEWORK Currently Available In H1 2011-12 In H2 2011-12 HCL Cloud Document H1 2011-2012 Collaboration HCL Cloud Mail Tier HCL Cloud Collaborate POS and Billing Systems for SMEs Enterprise HCL Cloud HIS HCL Cloud CRM Education Systems HCL Cloud Application Service Desk Tier HCL Cloud HRMS HCL Cloud ERP H2 2011-12 HCL Cloud IaaS HCL Cloud Recover Basic DR Manufacturing Efficiency -Virtual Servers/IT Infrastructure Systems - Operating System and other DR + Essential Compute essentials Business Continuity Infrastructure Travel and Logistics Tier Management HCL Cloud Backup HCL Cloud CriticalStore Enterprise Backup Services/Base Critical Information Storage Banking and Insurance Storage for Enterprises Solutions
  8. 8. Fast Moving Applications on Cloud Platform An SME perspective on Cloud Computing – ENISA
  9. 9. Factors enabling Cloud- Ref Case studies Unavailability of Skilled Manpower Operational Efficiency Business pain points Risk Mitigation Strategy & ROI Technology Obsolesce Technology Pain Points Lack of Technology Know-how High cost for technical support Moving from legacy systems
  10. 10. Delivering ValueWhy HCL O’zone? • A leading system integrator with comprehensive experience in delivering hybrid technology integration solutions for over 34 years • Strong Partnerships with leading OEMs to deliver cutting edge technology solutions- Unified Storage, Compute & Network. • Converged infrastructure, in partnership with leading OEMs to ensure high SLA complianceOur competencies – The 3Cs • Comprehensive Cloud Services Portfolio with Industry leading product offerings • Competent technology and support teams – Certified Experts to help plan and implement solutions for your organization • Certified Green IT Data Centers and state-of-the-art infrastructure 10
  11. 11. Infrastructure Tier – HCL Cloud IaaS SILVER GOLD PLATINUM Processor 1 Core 1 Core 2 Core RAM 1 GB 2GB 2GB HDD 50 GB 50 GB 100 GB OS Linux Windows Windows Managed Shared Firewall Included Included Dedicated Firewall Application Firewall NA NA Included Intrusion Prevention NA Included Included Anti Virus for Windows NA Included Included Content Filtering NA NA Included SSL Security NA NA Included IPSEC VPN Clients NA NA Included Remote control for your Virtual NA Full Control Full Control Server RAID Enabled Yes Yes Yes IP Address and DNS Record 1 1 1 *Partial Features list indicated on slide
  12. 12. Application Tier SnapShots – HCL Cloud HRMS FEATURES Basic Executive Professional Payroll Functionality Optional for all the modules, Priced seperately Employee Data, Photograph, Dependents, Job History, Relationships & HRIS (Some Common Features) Organization chart, Salary Structure management, Benefits records, Leave records, credit, reimbursement, leave transfer and holiday calendar -Timesheet records No One of the two are Yes -Attendance records No available Yes Up to 7 docs per -Employee documents storage Up to 3 docs per employee Up to 15 docs per employee employee -No of HR managers 1 per 250 employees 2 per 250 employees 4 per 250 employees SELF SERVICE MODULES (Some Leave workflow, Personal data and resume update workflow, HR and complaints Common Features) help desk, Investment declaration & tax planning -Expense approval workflow No Yes Yes -Transport and travel help desk No No Yes -Disciplinary Incidents tracking No Yes Yes -Company policy documents Yes Yes Yes -Counseling records No No Yes -Resources request workflow No Yes Yes *Partial Features list indicated on slide
  14. 14. HCL Cloud – Case StudyCustomer Industry Segment: Healthcare industryBusiness Challenges:1. As every customer, primary focus is on their core line of business i.e. Healthcare without compromise on security or reliability.2. Scalability and Agility-Expansion of infrastructure, IT and non-IT, is verycommon challenge.3. Capex & Long Cycle for Energizing :IT infraselection, purchasing, maintenance and upgrades, has always been achallenge and bottleneck for non-IT segments.
  15. 15. The Solution from HCLOzone – The HCL Cloud( Converged Infra)1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)2. Backup as a Service (BaaS)3. Storage as a Service (StaaS)4. DR as Service (DRaaS)With promise of infinite scalability and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, the primary benefit1. For enterprise segment is greater business effectiveness at lower IT costs.2. For the small and medium business (SMB) segment, cloud services lower barriers to market growth by lowering technology costs and upfront investments.
  16. 16. Business Benefits:1. Focus on its own core area of business which is healthcare.2. Healthy Cashflow .3. Reduced infrastructure costs by a significant margin through a pay per use model4. Highly scalable, fast-deployment infrastructure supported by HCL5. Easily extensible to accommodate its growth plan.
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