EMC Forum India 2011, Day 2 - Welcome Note by Manoj Chugh


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  • EMC has dedicated ourselves to a mission of helping customers on a journey to cloud computing during a time of tremendous opportunity—a time of transforming IT.
  • With this new infrastructure –mobility of applications and data, we must consider accessibility…As you look at this transformed infrastructure, the flexibility becomes clear with dynamic mobility of applications, processing, and storage. What about access? There are now a range of end user devices…sure laptops of course, but the preferred access these days is through Smart Phones and tablets… These devices are making it into the workplace whether we like it or not. I’m sure you have been in meetings with several ipads on the table, none of which are company funded, but most likely have company data on it. IT needs to enable end user choice while maintaining control, security, and compliance. That’s what Virtual desktop infrastructure is all about. Any device, anywhere… That VDI infrastructure puts a lot of strain on a storage environment. When all the users arrive to work and boot up, that’s a lot of IO, you need a scalable storage infrastructure that can take advantage of technologies like enterprise flash, to ensure the best user experience.Infrastructure <CLICK>Protect <CLICK>Hybrid <CLICK>Analyze <CLICK>This picture summarizes the core portfolio of EMC. We can walk through elements of this in more detail later in our discussion today. On the left we see the core products that EMC is best known for providing at hi/mid/SMB markets. On the right: This new domain of Big Data. As a thought leader, we’re trying to drive an understanding of what Big Data is all about. What we’ve seen from customers is that as these data sets continue to grow in size and distribution, in terms of location and different silos of the corporation or the timeliness of the requirements, “I can't wait a week for that report, I need it right now,” that those things are driving a fundamental rearchitecting. The current solutions don’t work. I need a different architecture to go attack it, to be able to capture it, to store it, to get intelligence, to get business value from it.” And that’s what we think of as big data. It’s these attributes coming together: Scale, distribution, timelines, dispirit locations, and how can you pull that together into a new architecture that allows people to store and get value from it?New requirements for this demand extraordinary scale. Between Atmos and Isilon and Greenplum, we have the leading assets to help customers here.In the middle: the hybrid technologies to management, security, and VPlex that allow us to transition between these two worlds. RSA, trust in the cloud. We see this as the biggest stumbling block or fear or challenge that IT managers face either from the private or a public cloud perspective, so a critical area as we’re driving forward in this area.And then the key technology is data computing now with Greenplum to take advantage of data in these worlds. Greenplum is very much a net new infrastructure for people who are looking at their data warehouse or their business analytics environment today and they’re sort of stuck. It’s like a cul-de-sac where it does that stuff very well but it doesn’t scale to what they want to do in the future and thus we’re seeing customers building this net new infrastructure. In fact, many times adding it to and complementing the infrastructure that they already have. It needs to be cloud ready and expansion capable and with that, the shared nothing, MPP architecture of Greenplum, extraordinary scalability and extraordinary performance.What we’re seeing more and more in customer environments is not just about storage, it’s a complete solution. And for that, it’s also things like security, virtual appliances. We’ve measured the points of integration that we have as well as what others in the industry have. We have 75, more than anybody else. We have more points of integration across a breadth of capabilities, across our whole portfolio, for virtualized environments.
  • EMC Forum India 2011, Day 2 - Welcome Note by Manoj Chugh

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