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Coal Supply Chain Example


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Coal Supply Chain Example

  1. 1. Coal Supply Chain Presentation Logistics
  2. 2. What is coal? (1)‫‏‬ • Coal is a fossile fuel →‫‏‬fossilisation‫‏‬of‫‏‬plants
  3. 3. What is coal? (2)‫‏‬ Coal is divided into 8 categories:
  4. 4. Where coal in the world is produced? Germany Russia Lignite: Lignite: 1st with 196,109 milions of tonnes 4th with 81,205 milions of tonnes Anthracite: 4th with 15,712 milions of tonnes Production batch size USA Ukraine Lignite: Anthracite: 3rd with 83,942 milions of 3rd with 17,862 milions of tonnes Vietnam tonnes Anthracite: 2nd with 35,710 milions of tonnes China Lignite: 2nd with 97,750 milions Lignite of tonnes Anthracite: Anthracite 1st with 466,197 milions of tonnes Source:
  5. 5. Supply chain coal Mine Blast furnace Cutting Filtration Distillation Incorporation Coal Coal bricks BBQ bricks Medecine Colorant Candies Gross coal Solid Powder Liquid Trace
  6. 6. Coal Coal bricks BBQ bricks Customer Mr X. Sales Mine Blast Distributor outlet Furnace Medecine Customer Mr X. Filtration Sales outlet Colorant Candies. Customer Mr X. Distillation Incorporation Sales outlet 19/07/2009 6
  7. 7. Production time Crushing Power Plant and coal 1 Coal Seam 2 preparation 3 Transports 4 or Refinery plant Factory to Chemical 5 make bricks 6 factory 7 Food industry 8 Sale outlet