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Webinar: Why Car-Free Weekdays can Become a Game Changer for India - Case Studies from Gurgaon & Hyderabad


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This webinar was hosted on Friday, 6 November 2015 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm (IST) and was presented by Prashanth Bachu, Project Manager – Urban Transport and Sarika Panda Bhatt, Manager – Cities & Transport from WRI - EMBARQ India.

Raahgiri Day, India’s first sustained car free Sunday initiative was launched in Gurgaon, India on 17 November 2013 and has expanded to 37 Indian cities since then. With more and more of our cities essentially becoming car dependent these days, the success of Raahgiri Day has re-established the fact that roads belong to people and they should feel safe while using alternate transport modes like walking, cycling and using public transport. Even though Raahgiri became a game changer of sorts, several people wanted this not just on a Sunday, but on weekdays as well. In order to promote sustainable transport, Car Free Day Gurgaon was launched with the request that people voluntarily give up their cars every Tuesday, and instead, use alternate modes of commuting.

On 6 August 2015, the Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (TSIIC) and Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), along with Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA), Identcity and WRI – EMBARQ India, introduced a novel concept in the city called “Car Free Thursdays”, in order to give its commuters an opportunity to travel stress free on a weekday. Since then, every Thursday, all the employees in the Hyderabad IT corridor are seen using alternate modes of transport to and from work. Soon thereafter, on 22 September 2015, the Gurgaon Police and Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG), along with WRI – EMBARQ India, NASSCOM, The Raahgiri Foundation (TRF) and Rapid Metro Gurgaon, launched “Car Free Tuesdays” in Gurgaon to showcase just how our city might look like, feel like, and sound like without cars, at least once a week.

This webinar discussed how local administrative authorities, civil society and private sector joined hands to promote Car Free Thursdays in Hyderabad and Car Free Tuesdays in Gurgaon, and its consequential impact on ground in terms of reduction in the number of cars and air pollution.

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Webinar: Why Car-Free Weekdays can Become a Game Changer for India - Case Studies from Gurgaon & Hyderabad

  1. 1. Gurgaon Together let’s make travel in cities hassle free with Car Free Days
  2. 2. Gurgaon Raahgiri Day Nov 17th 2013
  3. 3. Delhi ,Gurgaon Raahgiri Day Mumbai Equal Streets Ahmedabad Happy Streets Lucknow, Kanpur Raahgiri Day Chandigarh Raahgiri Day Jaipur Raahgiri Day HYDERABAD Raahgiri Day Happy Streets Banglore Cycle Day Indore Raahgiri Day Kolkata Raahgiri Day by 2015
  4. 4. Raahgiri Day 800 m, 13th July 2014 New Delhi Equal Streets 3.5 Km, 09th Nov 2014, Mumbai Raah giri Day 1.8 Km, 7th Dec 2014, Dwarka,New Delhi Raahgiri Day 2.2 Km, 21ST Sep 2014 Bhopal Happy Strets 2.2 Km, 16th Nov 2014 Ahmedabad Raahgiri DAY 2.75 Km, 22nd Mar 2015,Rohini , New Delhi Raahgiri Day 1.5 Km, 9th Mar 2014 Navi Mumbai Raahgiri Day 2 Km, 9th Feb 2014 Ludhiana Raahgiri Day 4.5 Km, Nov 17th 2013, Gurgaon Thousands participate every Sunday on StreetsRAAHGIRI DAY 1.2 Km, 1st Feb 2015 HYDERABAD
  5. 5. Physical Inactivity: The WHO report also estimates that more than 4.3 lac premature deaths happen per year in India because of physical inactivity which is largely due to lifestyle changes. # 1 Health & Fitness
  6. 6. # 2 Road Safety Road Safety: More than 1.4 lac people annually die in India due to road accidents and majority of them are pedestrians and cyclists as they are not respected on roads.
  7. 7. # 3 Sustainable Commute Air Pollution: As per WHO report, more than 6.2 lac premature deaths per year happen in India due to air pollution and this problem in severe in cities and towns. Are we they practicing in the real life?
  8. 8. # 4 Social Inclusion
  9. 9. Various initiatives in Hyderabad to promote sustainable transport…
  10. 10. A program that brings together all existing initiatives and adds other alternative commute options to promote sustainable transport in Hyderabad.
  11. 11. And we worked on SOLUTIONs… HYSEA/SCSC meeting with Transport Officials on alternate commute options Society for Cyberabad Security Counsel – Traffic forum on Outreach activitiesRTC officials brain storming
  12. 12. Existing Mode Share in Hitech City: What would happen if others also start coming on private vehicles? Common Image of Road Congestion: → # Cars in image = 37 => People in cars = ~56 They could all fit in ONE bus!
  13. 13. I am fed-up with this traffic ….don't know when this problem gets resolved I am really getting frustrated … What this Govt doing I don’t understand … Why cant these people change? In the real life… On the Road
  16. 16. ALTERNATE COMMUTE /MMTS-CYCLE-WALK NOTE: We develop reference guidelines for employees/organizations on alternate commute options . The documents to have the bus routes, car pool apps , MMTS timings etc etc PLUS MANY LIKEMINDED ORGANISATIONS
  17. 17. Convenient Inside  Congestion Outside 
  20. 20. 50,000 slips distributed in a span of 24 hours
  22. 22. Today is Car Free Thursday … You should not take car out
  23. 23. ONE LAKH ‘LITTLE’ HANDS …..
  24. 24. 1,00,000 school children will be directly met, spoken and briefed on the Car Free Thursday campaign…. And make them to act for their future 100 plus schools directly engaged over 60 days by a team of 15 people through phone calls, mails, personal visits and meetings on the objective of Car Free and sign up their support … Two months down the line …..
  25. 25. In this triangle campaign ‘Child to Parents to Employee’ , minimum 500,000 people in Cyberabad area would be directly engaged and 20 times bigger outreach in through other media channels … Two months down the line ….. 1,00,000 employees who drive their personal vehicles would have received direct heart touching communication on why they have to go car free…
  26. 26. How this will be done? Brief to children at the School Letters writing Parents sensitization/Pledge One lakh letters expo Letters handover to employees Children – 1 lakh Parents – 2 lakh Employees – 1 lakh Teachers, staff, Grand parents, family, peers – 1 lakh 5 LAKH PEOPLE DIRECT ENGAGEMENT
  27. 27. Together let’s make Gurgaon a hassle free city with Car Free Tuesdays Gurgaon
  28. 28. Some Pollution Facts What Inhaling air pollution does ? takes away at least 1-2 years of a typical human life. burning eyes and itchy throat And problems as large as breathing problems and death. According to the Lancet journal, air pollution caused by waiting in traffic increases the chances of death caused due to heart attack. Rising levels of air pollution in Beijing has brought a new disease – Beijing cough Is a NCR & Delhi Cough lurking in the near future?
  29. 29. PM2.5 stands for Particulate Matter, i.e., solid particles or liquid droplets in the air smaller than 2.5 micrometres. 100 times thinner than a human hair! These are created by vehicle emissions, forest fires and smelting and processing metals. The particles are able to penetrate deep into the lungs, and have been linked with an increase in chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and heart disease. Air pollution is now the world’s single largest environmental health risk. (WHO) Responsible for global deaths 7 million. (WHO, 2012) (inside and outside the home) at WHO credits PM2.5 to be the best indicator of the level of health risks from air pollution. Delhi - the worst of 1,600 cities studied, with PM 2.5 particles exceeding safe WHO standards by 15 times (WHO, 2015) Some More Pollution Facts
  30. 30. Delhi Pollution Levels Google Images
  31. 31. Pollution in India Outdoor air pollution is the nation’s fifth-largest killer, after high blood pressure In 2010, outdoor air pollution contributed to over 620,000 premature deaths in India, up from 100,000 in 2000. (Global Burden of Disease Report 2013) Google Images
  32. 32. Pollution in India The doctors have only a single advice for them - #LeaveDelhi 50 per cent of children in Delhi suffer from respiratory problem caused due to poor ambient air quality Indian Express
  33. 33. Study published by Lancet says surge in car use in south and east Asia killed 2.1 million people pre Improvements in car and fuel technology have been made since 2000 but these are nullified by the sheer increase in car numbers. In Delhi, there are now around 200 cars per 1,000 people compared with 70-100 per 1,000 population in Hong Kong and Singapore. Pollution and Traffic
  34. 34. Pollution and Traffic The Daily Mail Today, 2012
  35. 35. Gurgaon Millennium City Located to South of Delhi Home to half of Fortune 500 companies Rapidly Urbanizing PM 2.5 - 13 times the national safe standard. (CSE, 2014)
  36. 36. Car Ownership in Gurgaon Vehicle ownership in the city is among the highest in the country- even higher than Delhi and Chandigarh that are known to have highest per capita income. Gurgaon has 232 cars and two-wheelers per 1,000 people, Chandigarh has 172 cars and two-wheelers Delhi has 120 cars and two-wheelers per 1,000. In Gurgaon 43 per cent of households own two-wheelers, 33 per cent of household own cars. In Delhi 20 per cent of households own cars In 2004 personal transport trips were 39 per cent that increased to as much as 60 per cent in 2010. The share of public transport, walk and cycle has dropped from 58 per cent to 40 per cent Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway smeared in traffic. Source – Hindustan Times
  37. 37. Is there a way forward?
  38. 38. Solution: Car Free Days It started in Europe in the 1990’s as Car Free Day with the goal of reducing car dependency and ultimately reducing air pollution World Car Free Day- September 22 In 2000 it became a global initiative where cities around the world encouraged their residents to find alternative ways to get around Currently Bogotá holds the world's largest car-free weekday event covering the entire city. In town, without my car! is an EU campaign. Carfree days are also held in many U.S. cities, such as Portland, Oregon; and in Japan. Car-Free Day in Jakarta. Source – Google Images
  39. 39. On 22 September, 2015 Gurgaon will be celebrating the World-Car Free Day On that day, people leave behind their vehicles and get to work (or anywhere else) by alternate and sustainable modes of transportation. Car Free Day Gurgaon Metro Bus Cycle Auto Rickshaws / Cycle Rickshaws Walk Carpool
  40. 40. CORRIDOR 1: CYBER CITY LOOP ROUTE CORRIDOR 2: HUDA CITY CENTRE – SUBHASH CHOWK CORRIDOR 3 : INDUSLAND METRO – SHANKAR CHOWK CORRIDOR 4 : SIKANDERPUR – BSNL RAPID METRO GURGAON Source: Google Maps CAR FREE CORRIDORS DELHI METRO NOTE: * Is for special arrangements Sikanderpur DLF Cyber City Huda City Centre Netaji Subhash Chowk Electronic City BSNL CORRIDORS CAN BE ACCESSED BY USING CORRIDOR1 Rapid Metro, Feeder Bus*, Auto rickshaw, Cycle rickshaw, Carpooling CORRIDOR 2 Shuttle Buses* , Cycles*, Auto rickshaw, Cycle Rickshaw, Carpooling CORRIDOR 3 Feeder Bus*, Shuttle Buses* ,Auto rickshaw, Cycle , carpooling CORRIDOR 4 Feeder Buses* , Cycles*, Auto rickshaw , Carpooling CAR FREE TUESDAY- GURGAON
  41. 41. KEY STAKE HOLDERS CORPORATE SCHOOLS • NASSCOM • NAGARRO • Genpact • Fidelity • Dell • Authbridge PARTICIPATION BY CORPORATION OF GURGAON GURGAON TRAFFIC POLICE MUNICIPAL • Scottish High • Sriram International school • Gems School • Rotary Public School • Shiv Nadar School • CD International School • Rapid metro • Make my Trip • Shuttl • Ola • Meribus • Yatra SUPPORTED BY
  42. 42. Powered By: Sponsored By • Genpact • Nagarro Software Pvt Ltd • Hero Cycles • Concentrix India E • valueserve • Olacabs • American Express • DLF • Shuttl • Icons • IndusInd Bank • Zomato • Indianews • • Hindustan Times Active Commuting - An initiative led by NASSCOM Behind #CarFreeDay
  43. 43. Impact on Cities #carfreeday initiative 22 #carfreeday initiative 29 1 More Gurgaon roads to go car free every week 5 Gurgaon will have cycle days 17 Karnal CarFreeDay 22 DELHI CarFreeDay 20 NAGARRO has a cycle stand 27 GENPACT has a cycle stand 4 TOI- NDMC to bar vehicles entry in CP, Delhi 6 Palam Vihar Police team goes #carfree 8 Dadri & Nagar haveli CarFreeDay 11 Mangaluru CarFreeDay CHENNAI CarFreeDay SEPTEMBER 2015 OCTOBER 2015 Indian Automobile giant #Maruti too goes #CARFREE Corporate Initiatives CITIES NOVEMBER 2015
  44. 44. #CarFreeDay Cities in India Gurgaon Delhi Chennai Dadri & Nagar Haveli Hyderabad Present Cities Future Cities Noida Karnal
  45. 45. #CarFreeDayEffect 8% reduction in Two wheeler 7% Reduction in Car Source: EMBARQ Study, Oct 2015
  46. 46. Impact on ENVIRONMENT 6 25 The pre and post air quality surveys showed a 21% reduction in PM 2.5 emissions in the DLF Cyber City area 4 15,000 vehicles reduced from road Pollution declined by 16-20% 11,000 vehicles reduced from road
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  48. 48. Happy Stories
  49. 49. Your “Car Needs Rest” Let it feel at Home Thank You