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RegioTram Norhessen: Kassel


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Sabine Herms'in 7 Nisan 2011 günü Sürdürülebilir Ulaşım 2011 Kocaeli'de yaptığı sunum.
Presentation done by Sabine Herms on 7 April 2011 during Sustainable Transport 2011 Kocaeli, Turkey

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RegioTram Norhessen: Kassel

  1. 1. RegioTramNordhessenPresentation for thecongress: SustainableTransportation 20117th of April 2011 2011,Kocaeli
  2. 2. The succession1. General Introducttion/ NVV´s role and tasks2. The RegioTram co oncept/ The time table3.3 The vehicle4. The infrastructure e5.5 Costs and financi ing6. The partners in th project he
  3. 3. NVV s role and tasks l dt k Public transport in Hessen
  4. 4. NVV s role and tasks l dt k Area and Key Statistics Manager of regional traffic & in nfrastructure (rail + road)7.100 km2 area: 1,000,000 inhabitants,with 50% in the Kassel conurbation10 routes R i t Regionalexpress + R i l Regionalbahn lb h5 routes RegioTram + 9 lines Tram70 regional bus routes + 150local bus routes , citybus and call-a-bus-and taxi-systems280,000 passengers per day (tram 37%, u urbanbus 18%, regional train 9%, regional bus 36%)€ 62 m revenues from passenger fares
  5. 5. NVV s role and tasks l dt k egional transport authority (RTA)? What are the functions of a Re Purchase of road and rail services in a competitive marketplace n The organisation & coordination of more than 40 service providers in the region The central creation of a regional tim metable with optimised traveltimes and connections The central creation of a transparen tariffsystem nt The Th central Marketing and Communi ti t l M k ti dC nication Planning and development of Infras structure projects which remain properly of the respective partners
  6. 6. NVV s role and tasks l dt k Population distribution City of Kassel approx. 195,000 inhabitants pp , small and medium-sized towns with h 10,000 – 30,000 inhabitants
  7. 7. RegioTram ConceptR i T C t egional trains in the region... The RegioTram replaces the re
  8. 8. RegioTram ConceptR i T C t ... and connects the pedestrian zone in Kassel to the region n
  9. 9. The i i l f R i TramTh principle of RegioTr The railway network in 2007/08
  10. 10. RegioTram Concept R i T C t The RegioTram network plan in the region• 4 x branches (red) on existing railway tra acks• 1 x on existing regional tram track (blue) – the ) precursor RegioTram in 2006 (today using Tram-verhicles)
  11. 11. RegioTram ConceptR i T C t Regional routes in the pastFrom the outlying region to KasselCity Centre, possible only withchanging from train to tram.From Kassel City Centre to the regionwith tram only in SE-direction.
  12. 12. RegioTram ConceptR i T C t Regional routes traffic today From the region with expresstrain to the suburb of Kassels (RE) To/ from Kassel City Cntre to the outlying region without changing trains y g g g g (RegioTram)
  13. 13. RegioTram ConceptR i T C t IB2 The RegioTram timetable in the future ( the aims)Several routes: Warburg – Kassel, g ,Kassel – Hessisch Lichtenau60/30 min-intervals: Kassel – Zierenberg g60-min intervals: Kassel – Schwalmstad dt30 min30-min intervals: Kassel – Melsungen15-min intervals: Harleshäuser Kurve
  14. 14. Slide 13IB2 Bedienungshäufigkeit: service intervals Ihr Benutzername, 1/10/2008
  15. 15. RegioTram ConceptR i T C t City Centre of Kassel – RegioTr ram, tram (red) and busses (violet)
  16. 16. RegioTram ConceptR i T C t The network plan in Kassel and the region
  17. 17. RegioTram – th vehicleR i T the hi les Electric Dual-System RegioTra amOperational area: in the city of Kassel with 600 V direct cu y urrent (DC) ( ) in the region with 15 KV alternating curre (AC) rent3 existing branches belonging to the Deut tsche Bahn (DB AG)Branches of the Tram in the city of Kasse belonging the transportation company of elKassel (KVG)
  18. 18. Slide 16IB1 Druckluftanlage: compressor for high voltage Systemerkennung: system recognition Ihr Benutzername, 1/10/2008
  19. 19. RegioTram – th vehicle R i T the hi les Diesel-Hybrid RegioTramOperational area: in the city of Kassel with 600 V direct cur y rrent (DC) ( ) in the region (Kassel-Wolfhagen) diesel- -enginedOne existing branch of the „Kurhessenbahn (regional association of Deutsche Bahn) Kurhessenbahn n n“non electrified
  20. 20. InfrastructureConstruction of 3 new stops in th „Harleshäuser Kurve“ he(e. g. Kassel-Jungfernkopf) Visualization planning 2004 … at site
  21. 21. InfrastructureConstruction of 3 new stops in th „Harleshäuser Kurve“ he(e.g. Kassel-Jungfernkopf)
  22. 22. InfrastructureI f t t New stations (e. g. Melsungen- -Bartenwetzerbrücke) New station for the city centre of a m medium-sized-town (30 km from Kassel) Short walking distances
  23. 23. InfrastructureI f t t -Bartenwetzerbrücke) New stations (e. g. Melsungen-
  24. 24. InfrastructureI f t t Kassel Hbf – intersection for th RegioTram he RegioTram tracks in the middle sec ction track 4-6 3-track R i T 3t k RegioTram station on the ra t ti th amp (d li ht) (daylight) Underground transit of the main sta ation building in the basement of the cellar-less centre hall cellar less Connection with existing tram unde erground crossing under the station forecourt
  25. 25. InfrastructureI f t t Kassel Hbf – from an end term minus to a through station
  26. 26. InfrastructureI f t t 3-track RegioTram station on the ramp e
  27. 27. InfrastructureI f t t Connection with existing tram underground crossing under the station forecourt
  28. 28. 5 Costs d financing C t and fi i Investments at a glance : € 180 m
  29. 29. Slide 27IB5 infrastructure up to vehicles up to Ihr Benutzername, 1/10/2008
  30. 30. Costs and financingFinancing of the infrastructure pro infrastructure-pro ojects with an investmentvolume of € 100 MSplit between F d GS lit b t Fed. Government + tLand Hessen 90% Regional NVV municipalities 10%
  31. 31. InfrastructureI f t t The partners in the high profile project eNordhessischer VerkehrsVerbund (NVV) V)State of Hessen and the Federal Repub of Germany blicCity Council of Kassel, City Council of M Melsungen, Rural Districts Kassel,Werra-Meißner, Schwalm-Eder15 towns along the branchesOwner of the infrastructure:Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (KVG), DB Netz AG,DB Regio- Netz Infrastruktur GmbH, DB Station & Service AG, BRegionalbahn Kassel (RBK)
  32. 32. Thank YTh k You for your attentio on!