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York Region Rapid Transit


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Por DAVID CLARK (York Region, Canada). Workshop Marketing BRT, Rio de Janeiro. 25-26 Maio, 2011.

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York Region Rapid Transit

  1. 1. York Region Rapid TransitDavid Clark,Design ChiefYork Region Rapid Transit Corporation 5/25/2011May 25, 2011 1 1
  2. 2. York Region lives above Toronto, Ontario, CanadaPopulation growth from 1971 – 169,000 to today at 1 million peopleJobs went from 47,800 to 500,000By 2031 these will increase to 1.5 million people and 780,000 jobs 2
  3. 3. the common starting point: managing growth 3
  4. 4. rapid transit plan in york region› The vivaNext plan is shown on this map› The blue segments are funded and scheduled for completion by 2014› The orange segments are funded for construction between 2015 and 2020 4
  5. 5. lliH dnomhciR dna nahguaV ni sertnec nabru eht ot snoisnetxe yawbusowt sa llew sa -- tisnart liar thgil yllautneve dna sesub htiw -- %04 ot pu yb semit levart aviV evorpmi ot syawdipar detacided fo noitcurtsnoc eht sedulcni ,txeNaviV ,esahp dnoces ehT › pi h s r e di r dli u b d n astnemevorpmi tisnart ylrae reviled ot 5002 fo llaf eht ni ecivres nageb ,aviV ,esahp tsrif ehT › sraey 52 revo dereviled gnieb si krowten tisnart dipar ehT › 10 years in the making… Viva 2002 vivaNext 2011 three phase strategy
  6. 6. york delivery model - PPP DELCAN AECOM IBI GROUP DMJM HARRIS DELCAN CORPORATION Planning and Design Services AECOM/DMJM HARRIS IBI GROUP Program Management Planning, Architecture and Systems Technology YORK CONSORTIUM NORD/LB KIEWIT NORD / LB Financial Advisor and Arranger of Debt and Equity PETER KIEWIT SONS COMPANY SIEMENS Design and Construction ELLISDON Management SIEMENS ELLISDON Supply of Rail and Bus ITS Construction and Vehicles› To fast track delivery of the rapid transit network, York Region entered into a partnership agreement with York Consortium› The consortium comprises seven firms with significant world-wide experience in rapid transit engineering, design, finance, construction and operations
  7. 7. establishing the brand • word marks • logos & tag lines • brand promise›The brand becomes everything you promise to deliver to your audience –›A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. A brand can take many forms,including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan›It is what people start to associate with what you are delivering›Choice of colors, working, style says a lot›A picture is worth a thousand words….. 7
  8. 8. developing the brand •Viva is a lifestyle, fun and modern •viva is comfort, convenience, innovation›How do you make buses and transit sexy›You don’t try to over sell›You brand the lifestyle the transit offers by using images that people can relate to and colors thatremain consistent with your brand and become easily recognizable›The promise we undertook was to relieve congestion, offer alternatives and provide a better wayof living in York Region›The lifestyle images communicate those benefits and make people “feel good”›The brand is all about triggering that “feeling”›We have achieved 90% awareness from our residents when surveyed about viva 8
  9. 9. delivering on the promise – quick start› Less than 3 years after the rapid transit business plan was originally written, the first phase of Viva was officially launched as the first BRT service of its kind in the Greater Toronto Area› Viva operates up to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week with a service frequency of 15 minutes or less› Since opening viva has seen a 26% increase in ridership› 2006 Year end viva ridership (First full year) – 7 million› 2010 Year end viva ridership – annual – 9 million› Cost per trip $3.25 today with monthly passes available
  10. 10. introducing viva Viva was launched with a full branding campaign in place Great care was taken in naming the services, color selection, internaland external communications The system promised - comfortable seats, Wi-Fi technology, Low floor –boarding, All door entry/exit. It was sold as an cut above local services This was a lifestyle not just a transit system Pictures and friendly simple wording to keep it real and relevant at ahuman scale 10
  11. 11. quick start features› Viva began operations 3 years after the partnership agreement was signed› There are almost 90 kilometres of unduplicated routes with 99 stops and 7 intermodal terminals› Service frequency is every 15 minutes, with peak period service of 10 minutes or less along the busiest routes Service frequency is every 15 minutes up to 18 hours a day, 7 days a week› Peak period service of 10 minutes or less is provides along the busiest routes› Stops include a modern shelter with real-time information signs to let customers know when the next vehicles are due› Because Viva operates on a prepaid, proof-of-payment system, automated ticket vending equipment is provided at stops and terminals (click)› Viva’s modern vehicles have multiple wide doors, spacious interiors and an electric ramp to speed passenger boarding and alighting› Station intersections typically include queue jump lanes or receiving bays› Transit signal priority helps vehicles to bypass congested traffic and stay on schedule› Vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art intelligent transportation systems that support computer-aided dispatch and voice and data communications with the Transit Control Centre
  12. 12. automated fare collection› Signs are a great way of sharing important information. Using the blue incorporated into a modern simple structure for the first phase of station stops was brilliant and simple.
  13. 13. vivastation features› This illustration points out some of the key features of the new vivastation› You can see one in operation at Enterprise as of this past weekend› In addition to creating a beautiful street presence, some key features of the new stations include: • Enclosed and heated waiting areas • Security cameras • A public address system that allows the Control Centre to make audio announcements • Emergency help buttons, also connected to the Control Centre • Tactile pavers along rapidway edges for greater safety • Raised platforms to allow for near-level boarding of vehicles, similar to getting on/off a subway› Each station will have the following fare equipment: • oneRide machines for single ticket purchase • multiRide machines for purchase multiple tickets and passes • vivaNow ticket validators • Presto card readers 13
  14. 14. growing the brand - vivaNext› As shown in this visualization on Highway 7, our vision is to use Viva rapid transit as the catalyst for urban renewal and revitalization› Around vivastations, evolving transit villages will become both origins and destinations for the traveling public,› With a vibrant mix of residential, employment and commercial land uses to:› Reduce live-work play distances› Encourage more pedestrian activity› Provide new opportunities for protecting the environment, and› Enhance quality of life for residents, employees and visitors
  15. 15. clearly articulate the vision
  16. 16. urban right-of-way features › Examples of Viva standardsTree grate Bicycle rack Street benchIntersection lighting Tree planting 16
  17. 17. boulevard: 6-lane road › Sidewalk at typical vivastation intersectionDAVID _ PROJECT ELEMENTSThe boulevard will be landscaped and provide pedestrian amenities including: • Trees • Benches • Bike racks 17
  18. 18. environment and green, open spaces are priorities › Urban design and green footprint are important › Key project legacy: for every tree removed two are planted 18› Approximately 70 trees were removed in March, to prepare for road widening construction.› Approximately 50 trees were identified to be transplanted.› Approximately 250 trees will be removed and relocated at a later date.› Our project plans to mitigate any negative impacts to the environment and explores opportunities to increase green, open spaces› Once completed, attractive landscaping will include 85% more trees than were removed.› Additionally, a variety of shrubs, groundcovers, ornamental grasses and perennial flowers will provide attractive landscaping› This will help to beautify the corridor, boulevard and around our vivastations. 18
  19. 19. supporting vivaNext – stepping into a new phase › Phased BRT construction of 100 km over 10 years› We are building a rapid transit system with 71 Stations that will serve the people of York Region for generations› To be successful, a safe environment that considers mobility and operational effectiveness must be created› Warden Station at Enterprise, which opened earlier this week, serves as the prototype that will allow us to fine-tune our design and operational matters before building the other 11 stations 19
  20. 20. branding the corridor›From dressing down in recognizable viva blue shirts to branding the corridor and gateways withlifestyle images and signage no detail it to small 20
  21. 21. visualizing the future
  22. 22. working with local communities›Transplanting trees and plants that are impacted by construction›Moving heritage beams and building material as a staff cooperative effort›Using direction and informational signage›People are interested and engaged 22
  23. 23. reaching in to the larger community›Community engagement and grass root events are most effective›We are not doing this too the community but with the community 23
  24. 24. using new tools in social media….blogs Blog: • In-depth series on planning and engineering used in our projects • Casual promotion of events and announcements • Project background information and expected results Blog Topic Examples: • Focus on a process – i.e. relocating utilities • Information about an upcoming community event • How a new bridge can change a community 24
  25. 25. using new tools continued…Facebook Facebook: • Interactive questions & answers with the public • Status updates inviting people to read our weekly blog, construction updates, YouTube movies, etc. • Be heard Posting Examples: • Positive response to questions/comments • Invitation to an Open House • Poll survey questions 25
  26. 26. using new tools continued…u-tube videos Movies: • Official events and announcements • Participation in community events • Using animation videos to explain how the rapidway will work • Design video explaining how we evolved Movie Examples: • Official openings or unveilings • Funding announcements • Charitable activities • Festivals and parades • Earth Day 26
  27. 27. using new tools continued…Twitter Twitter & eUpdates: • Timely, informative tweets • Promotional tweets • Responses to direct messages from Twitter followers • Monitoring and tweeting responses to mentions from the public Posting Examples: • Notifications of lane closures, detours • Invitation to read a news release • Respond to a comment with a timely response • Attending community event 27
  28. 28. keeping your stakeholders engaged and informed › › Newsletter › Media › Onsite › Community engagement 28› Keeping the public informed and engaged with our project is key› As construction goes live, it’s important that the public know where they can get direct and real time information› We’re using new technology to help us: • Blue tooth readers will broadcast real travel times at key points along the corridor • YRRTC is leading in its use of social media tools to get the message out in a timely manner› In addition, YRRTC is funding the hiring of two additional Customer Information Reps for this corridor, to assist customers as needed through construction and provide support 28
  29. 29. putting a face on vivaNext › Face to face contact and “feet on the street” is still the best approach › Project Information Centre located in the corridor › Support for local businesses and wayfinding for pedestrians › On-line communication provides up-to-date information at home and at work 29 › Residents encouraged to sign-up for e-updates 29
  30. 30. getting feedback › Branding has created strong awareness about the system as • Reliable, fast, efficient and frequent › Brand elements are associated with Viva • The buses, the fin and the V › Viva brand benefits are widely known • Comfortable, convenient, innovative › Viva is seen as different, sophisticated, “good for someone like me” › Known to be innovative, responsive and caring 30
  31. 31. Questions 31