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CONNECTKaro 2015 - Land Management For Smart Cities - Naya Raipur


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CONNECTKaro 2015 - Session 1
Land Management For Smart Cities
Speaker - Mr. S S Bajaj, Vice Chairman, Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) and Director,
Town and Country Planning, Chhattisgarh

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CONNECTKaro 2015 - Land Management For Smart Cities - Naya Raipur

  1. 1. CONSENSUS BUILDING IN LAND PROCUREMENT OF NAYA RAIPUR Naya Raipur Development Authority By: Shyam Sunder Bajaj (IFS) Director T&CP, Vice Chairman Naya Raipur Development Authority, Government of Chhattisgarh
  2. 2. Naya Raipur Purchased Private land – 4988.8 Ha Land through acquisition act – 655 Ha Government Land transferred – 2812.45 Ha Total Land in possession – 8511.27 Ha Land Procurement Status
  3. 3. Vision ‘Naya Raipur’ to be developed as a modern but ‘Green and SMART city’. For conservation of the environment and existing landscape, best practices for water harvesting, waste water recycling and use of non-conventional energy resources would be adopted. Naya Raipur designed as a citizen friendly and visitor friendly city with Non Mortised Transport (NMT) facilities. City design would promote sense of security and comfort among its citizens, especially women, children and the physically challenged.
  4. 4. Connectivity
  5. 5. Naya Raipur Planning Area Sr. No. Layer Area Included Villages included 1 Layer-I 80.13 10 fully and 22 partly 2 Layer- II (Naya Raipur Peripheral Region ) 130.28 9 fully and 19 partly 3 Layer- III (Airport Zone) 11.92 2 fully and 1 partly The Development Plan-2031 consists of three layers- • 13 Abadi areas have been included in layer -I • Naya Raipur is to be developed in three phases within a period of 30 years for a population of 5.60 lakh
  6. 6. Consensus building in land acquisition and project implementation  The consensus was built by continuous dialogues with the would be affected people, village heads and representatives.  Explaining the benefits of the projects in general  Explaining the benefits to the local people  Compensation
  7. 7. Identification of project area The followings steps were taken – Identification of area for the project – i. Area with least crops, non irrigated, mostly barren lands was chosen for the project. ii. The residence of the people of that area are not disturbed. Collecting the data of the identified area – i. The data of the land falling in the new capital is collected from the local revenue authorities. ii. The data from revenue records were collected in order to identify the ownership of land parcels, area of land and other such details. iii. To make a better package of compensation and rehabilitation policy existing guideline rates were considered.
  8. 8. Dialogues with villagers – i. The villagers were assured that the project will benefit them. ii. They will be the first citizens of Naya Raipur and thus all the facilities will be provided to them. iii. Their suggestions were also considered in the preparation of the rehabilitation policy. Dialogue
  9. 9. Negotiation for land acquisition and rehabilitation policy – i. A better rehabilitation policy and compensation package for the land was prepared after many meetings between the villagers and the committee of ministers, representatives of villages and officers of NRDA. ii. Thus the negotiation with the villagers played a vital role to build the consensus among the villagers to sell their land by mutual consent . iii. As a result of this NRDA has acquired 5000 hectares of land by way of mutual consent till 31-03-2014. Negotiation
  10. 10. Formation of Special Committee i. A committee was formed in February, 2006 to take decisions related to rehabilitation plans of NRDA and appropriate rates of lands to be purchased through mutual negotiations. ii. The committee comprised of the following members: a) Secretary – Relief & Rehabilitation b) Representative - Collector Raipur c) CEO - Capital Area Development Authority d) 2 People’s Representations nominated from the Project Affected Region. Land Rates
  11. 11. Report of Special Committee The Committee entrusted the responsibility of fixing the rate to the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister through mutual negotiation with the land owners decided 3 to 5 times of existing prevailing land rates. Land Rates
  12. 12. Land Rates Year Land Procured in Ha. Compensation paid (in Cr) 2006-07 301.240 314.10 2007-08 1937.130 2008-09 800.219 120.07 2009-10 656.445 100.31 2010-11 715.610 176.21 2011-12 313.720 77.25 2012-13 237.957 58.06 2013-14 21.661 6.89 Year-wise Rate of Land in Naya Raipur Yearwise Land Procurement & Compensation Paid 4 5 6 8.5 14.75 18 21 23 14.75 15.48 16.22 17.7 25 27.5 30 33 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 Average Government rate Lac per Ha. Rate of Land Lac per Ha. by NRDA RsinLacs
  13. 13. Purchase Process 5. Process of purchasing the land by mutual consent – A procedure is drafted to simplify the execution of agreement. It is as under – Step 1 - Land owner has to file an application affidavit in a prescribed format with all the relevant land documents. ID proof, address proof and two passport sized photographs Step 2 - After filling of the application a four digit number is given Step 3 - A proclamation inviting objections in two local newspapers is done for all the land which are applied for sale in NRDA. Step 4 - If no objection is filled the concerned revenue inspector of NRDA inspects the land in respect of cropped, irrigated, non irrigated, barren land and area of land.
  14. 14. Step 5 - After confirmation of the questioned land with every aspect the order to purchase the land is done by manager (Land) and the sale deed executed between the land owner and NRDA before the registrar. Step 6 - After getting the sale deed the acquired land now falls under the ownership of NRDA. After obtaining the copy of mutated land record physical possession on land is taken by NRDA. Step 7 - On the date of registry the cheque of compensation is handed over to the land owner and other packages offered by government is started. Purchase Process
  15. 15. Rehabilitation Policy One of the best ever made in India is with Naya Raipur. The project affected people are provided with - i. Fair compensation of their land acquired (3 times more than government guidelines) ii. Time to time they are paid with 5%, 10% and 20% of compensation as additional packages other than compensation and 2.50 lacs per hectare additional. iii. On a purchase of any land within Chhattisgarh state within three years after selling the land to NRDA, the stamp duty upto the compensation received from NRDA will be provided free.
  16. 16. iii. An annuity of Rs. 15000 per acre per annum (Rs. 750 increases per year) from 2012-13 to 2030-31. iv. They are also being provided with developed plots in proportion to the land acquired within the respective villages. v. Shops in commercial areas are also being provided to the project affected people in upset price. Rehabilitation Policy
  17. 17. Annuity Paid Annuity of Rs. 15000 per acre per annum (Rs. 750 increases per year) from 2012-13 to 2030-31. NRDA has started the process of paying the Annuity for year 2012-13 and 2013-14 S. No. Year Rs. In Cr. Beneficiaries 1 2014 - 15 3.72 702 2 2015 - 16 18.13 2785
  18. 18. Naya Rakhi Re-settlement A Rehabilitation Colony for the residents of Rakhi village is constructed adjoining to village Rakhi named as “Naya Rakhi”. 400 independent houses allotted
  19. 19. • Integration of the existing settlements with the new City development. • In-situ development of the villages with minimal disturbance to the existing village fabric. • Provision of physical and social infrastructure at City standards • Self-sustainable development with socio-economic upliftment of the villages Village Development Plan Extensive plans for village development have been prepared for all the village settlements within Layer-I with following aspects:
  20. 20. • In preparation and implementation of the VDP its been considered that no existing house will be demolished. • Village abadi either encroached or vacant is left for villagers and their social facilities. • Government Land if encroached is not used for development. • Private land purchased or acquired by NRDA is only used for development. Village Development Plan
  21. 21. Training Programme For PAP’s • Training in urban skills like masonry, electrician, bar bending, plumbing, flower art, mobile repairing, computer training and surveyor etc. • Industry linked training for better employment opportunities. • Women empowerment through training and formation of Self help group (SHG). • Encouraging entrepreneurship and house hold industries.
  22. 22. Progress till date.. ROAD CONSTRUCTION
  23. 23. Progress till date.. WATER TREATMENT PLANT
  24. 24. Progress till date.. UNDER GROUND INFRASTRUCTURE
  25. 25. Progress till date.. SOLAR ENERGY PLANT
  26. 26. Progress till date.. CAPITOL COMPLEX
  27. 27. Progress till date.. CAPITOL COMPLEX
  28. 28. ARIAL VIEW
  29. 29. Progress till date.. AIRPORT – NEW TERMINAL
  30. 30. Arial View of Residential Sectors
  31. 31. Progress till date.. TRADE FAIR GROUND
  32. 32. Progress till date.. CRICKET STADIUM
  33. 33. Capitol Complex Naya Rakhi (Resettlement Village) 1st Housing Colony Sec- 26 (PSU & Bank housing) Office Complex Railway Station Logistic Hub ITBP BSF CRPF Sec – 17 : GOVT. Housing Sec – 29: Housing Board Colony Sec – 30: PVT. Housing Sr. Secondary School Cancer Research Hospital HP Fuel Refilling StationITM University IIIT NI Urban Mgmt RIT Central Business Dist. IIM Theme township & Golf Course Knowledge Park Gems & Jewelry SEZ IT SEZ Fair Ground Amusement park Sports City International Cricket Stadium Law University Airport Express Way Administrative Academy Muktangan Projects: Functional, & In-progress, Up-coming ARMY & COSA Ayush University Sanjivani Hospital Botanical Garden Jungle safari
  34. 34. Sector Layouts
  35. 35. THANK YOU ! 35