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Mumbai Car free Day


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Mumbai Car free Day

  1. 1. Mumbai Car Free Day
  2. 2. 23rd FEBRUARY 2014
  3. 3. KBS Foundation was formed by a group of Individuals belonging to various local ALM’s of Khar, Bandra and Santacruz. The raison d’etre was to take up projects to improve the quality of life of the community and to push forward ideas that were not on the radar of government agencies. The first project was the extension of the Carter Road Promenade by 180 meters.
  4. 4.  Photo Carter road before and after
  5. 5. STRATEGY The strategy was to plant the seed of a genuine ‘car free’ day in the minds of citizens. We would used this space as a platform for community activity, health sport, education on environment & alternate means of transport, music & recreation, retail. “A simple fun day” out without traffic, honking, exhaust & pollution. This was to serve as a thought provoker as to the quality of life we could generate for ourselves if we all collectively decided to give our cars a rest for a day.
  6. 6. Creative Concept & Execution  Major challenge posed by the first layer of participants –Sponsors & Government Agencies  Buy In from the sitting MP & MLA who become patrons and champions Smooth sailing with permissions and licenses after that.
  7. 7. PERMISSIONS  BMC  MAHARASHTRA MARITIME BOARD  COLLECTOR  PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT  Local Police stations  TRAFFIC POLICE  Traffic head quarters  FIRE BRIGADE  B.E.S.T  THEARTRE BRANCH (Rangmanch)  Sound and generator vans  ALMS on the stretch of the road  Permissions of buildings and societies on Carter road.
  8. 8. Execution & Planning o A fun filled day commencing at 6am and culminating at 10pm o No cars allowed on the entire stretch of Carter Road, Bandra. oLane for emergency vehicles kept open. o Successfully diverted and controlled smooth movement of vehicles on other roads thus preventing traffic congestion oProvision of Fire brigades and emergency Cardiac Ambulances at 3 different locations on Carter road. oMobile Ambulances for First aid and minor injuries. oWatch towers for added security
  9. 9. EVENTS o Carter Road kept open for walking, cycling, skating. • 2 performing Stage NGO stalls • Games stalls Skateboarding • Roller Skating Food stalls • Cycle races Music and Dance Workshops, • Kids zone Art • Yoga Carnival Characters (stilt walkers, jugglers, clowns) • Gully cricket Seniors Walkathon • Football Indian and Contemporary • BMX stunts Dance • Human Float
  10. 10. RESULT BEYOND ALL EXPECTATIONS The recorded count of people flow into the area at 7:00 pm was 100,000. Pollution level near zero. MPCB could not get a reading. Highlight of the day was the peaceful grins on people faces. Families spending the day together. Happy children all around.
  11. 11. FEEDBACK  “Can we do this more often?”  “Can we do this once a month?”  “Can we extend this to more areas?”  “You have brought back the Bandra of our childhood”
  12. 12. MUMBAI CITY This is Mumbai City The 4th most populous urban region in the world according to World Population Statistics Current Population at an estimated 13 mln Density of people 55800 per sq mile Living space 4.5 sq mtrs per person.
  13. 13. LEVERAGE  Brought glamour to cycling to make it popular by getting Salman Khan to ride through Carter Road  Invited NGO’s to participate and spread awareness about their cause  V Care Cancer Prevention  BNHS Bombay Natural History Society  Sanctuary Asia Wild life preservation  WSD Welfare of Stray Dogs  Think Foundation Thalassemia  Narmada Kidney Foundation Kidney Donors  Aseema Underprivileged Children & Women Encouraging local talent
  14. 14. VISION  Have Car Free Day monthly  Promote cycling beyond a recreational activity  Dedicated cycling lanes in Bandra & Khar