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Road Safety - Ranjit Gadgil


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Session 3B - 'Road Safety in Indian Cities'

Published in: Technology, Sports
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Road Safety - Ranjit Gadgil

  1. 1. Road SafetyRanjit Gadgil – Program Director, Parisar
  2. 2. Two-Wheeler Survey• Pune• 1000 intercept surveys• 72% male 28% female• 200 had an accident
  3. 3. Accident Type10%9%2%4%5%41%29%Collision with automobileCollision with busCollision with goods carrierCollision with pedestrianCollision with three-wheelerCollision with two-wheelerFell off bike
  4. 4. No of Accidents1256183 1 20204060801001201401 2 3 4 5 6
  5. 5. Do you use a helmet34%24%42%NoOccassionallyYes
  6. 6. Helmet LawFor 64%Against 34%6%2%4%19%5%17%6%41%Cant See/HearCostFeel suffocatedInconvenient to carryNeck/Back painNot Safe/Cant HearOtherShould be Personal Choice
  7. 7. Use - Accident0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Yes No OccassionallyNo AccidentAccident
  8. 8. Two-Wheeler Challenges• Used by every section of society• Diverse use• Inherently unsafe• 50% use as a family vehicle  car (?)• Politically sensitive issue• Reluctance to use a helmet
  9. 9. SwitchSwitch to PublicTransportationWont use PT 127Reliable/Regular 101Less Crowd 82More Frequent 65Clean/Neat 65Better Buses 57Switch to CyclingWont Cycle 429Small Distance 152Recreation/Exercise 147Cycle Track 90Compulsory/Law 51Switch to WalkSmall distance 485Exercise 244wont walk 127better footpath 78last option 37
  10. 10. Towards Safety• The Transport System needs to be safe, notthe mode• Licencing• Enforcement• Street Design