BRTS Association of Indian and Asian Cities, and Ahmedabad BRTS


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SESSION 2A - ‘Bus Rapid Transit – Stories from 2013

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BRTS Association of Indian and Asian Cities, and Ahmedabad BRTS

  1. 1. BRTS Association of Indian & Asian citiesand Ahmedabad BRTSProf. H.M. Shivanand Swamy, Executive Director, Centre ofExcellence in Urban Transport (CoE), CEPT University, Ahmedabad
  2. 2. BRTS Association of Indian & Asian citiesandAhmedabad Bus Rapid Transit SystemPresentation byProf. H.M. Shivanand SwamyExecutive DirectorCentre of Excellence in Urban Transport (CoE)CEPT University, Ahmedabad15 April, 2013Mumbai
  4. 4. Background• India has some 3000 small cities / towns of which about300-400 would need some form of organized publictransport• Public Transport has traditionally been operated by StateRoad Transport Undertakings in India• Asian cities present a diversity of models ranging fromState/City run organizations to privately run companies• Metro systems are established thorough Governmentownership led, specially structured vehicles owing tocapital intensiveness• Trend of several PPP arrangements, particularly inoperations and maintenance part of solutions delivery
  5. 5. Bus Based Public Transport• Rail based and Bus based Public Transit both willhave to co-exist to accommodate the demands ofpublic transit in major cities across Asia• Bus Transit has heavier land use and integrationimplications as it has wider network coverage• There is thus a need to converge for Bus Transitoperators across cities and associatedstakeholders for sharing ideas and experiences• At the same time, the role and contribution ofmetros organizations will also be important tosuch convergence
  6. 6. Association of BRTS Cities in India• Proposed objectives:• Promotion of public transit as important means in urban areas• Promotion of integrated public transport and land use• Exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences relating to bus systemsand particularly BRTS• Promotion of BRTS as one of the important urban transit solutionsacross Indian cities• Support and services in technical areas relating to BRT and urbantransport• Proposed members:• Any Indian city with existing/ planned BRTS represented through citygovernment or specialized BRTS agency or both• Academic institutes working in area of urban/public transport• Associate membership for other stakeholders (transportorganizations, consulting firms, manufactures & vendors etc)
  7. 7. Formation• Association may be formed in the format of aSociety registered under Indian Societies Act, inIndia• Chair can be held by rotation• Charter can be adopted after circulation ratifiedthrough each member’s own constitutional/regulatory processes
  8. 8. Association Revenues• Membership Fees• Conference Revenues• Technical Advisory Services• Data Compilation, Analysis and Dissemination• State/City Governments grants and aids• Sale of Publications and Journals• Support from multilaterals and other sources
  9. 9. Organizational Structure• General Body representing primary members• Executive Committee drawn from the GeneralBody• Secretariat– President – Ex-officio Secretary MoUD, GoI– Vice President – Elected by General Body with fixedterm of one/two years– Chief Executive – Full time Executive– Director – Technical Services– Director – Policy, Publications and Outreach– Supported by Minimal Secretarial staff
  10. 10. First Asia BRTS Conference• Organized from September 6 to 8, 2012 at Ahmedabad• Organizers: Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Ahmedabad JanmargLimited and Centre of Excellence in Urban Transport, CEPT University• Highlights:• 250 delegates from 15 International and 16 Indian cities• Over 10 International and 16 Indian speakers• 5 expert discussion sessions on allied topics• Presentations from 14 BRT cities covered• Conference outcomes:• Proposed formation of• Asia BRTS Association• Association of BRTS Cities in India (ABCI) as a Society
  12. 12. Ahmedabad Today• Area of 466 sq kms• Population of 6 million• 2.7 million vehicles• 2 wheelers-73 %• Bus trips 0.9 million perday• Average trip length 5.8kmsAHMEDABAD
  13. 13. ChandkhedaS.P. Ring RoadNaroda S.T.WorkshopOdhavkalupursarangpurDelhiDarwazaEllisBridgeNehrunagarA.P.M.C.Narol.ShivranjaniISCONBopalAECSola FlyoverScience CityVisat Jn.RTOAstodiaShahAlamDanilimdaNarodaMuktidhamJashodanagarTillHathijanAHMEDABADAhmedabad BRTSPhase I & IIPhase II - BRTUnderconstructioncorridorBRTOperationalCorridor(68km)Railway StationImportant Jn.LEGENDSoni nichali
  14. 14. • Civil Works:• Network Development– 68 km implemented and operational– 22 km under construction– 101 BRTS station operational• Infrastructure Development– 2-River bridges implemented to complete networkand city mobility – operational– BRTS Depot cum Workshop at Chandolaimplemented and operational– BRTS Depot cum workshop at Odhav – tenderedStatus – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABAD
  15. 15. Glimpses – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABADMedian bus lanes , median bus stations
  16. 16. Glimpses – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABADInnovative junction design
  17. 17. Glimpses – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABADLandscaping along the corridor
  18. 18. Glimpses – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABADBRTS infrastructure complementing urban scape
  19. 19. Glimpses – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABADMulti level BRT Interchange
  20. 20. AHMEDABADGlimpses – Phase 01 & 02ITS equipped and modern bus shelters
  21. 21. Creating community spaces along the corridorGlimpses – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABAD
  22. 22. Glimpses – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABADWorkshop & depot for bus parking and maintenance
  23. 23. Glimpses – Phase 01 & 02AHMEDABADHeritage bus shelter - co-existing with heritage monuments inwalled city of Ahmedabad
  24. 24. • Operational Status• BRT corridor operational –68 kms.• BRT corridor underimplementation – 22 kms.• Total no. Operational Busstations –101• Total Buses operational –119 (incl 20 AC buses)• Daily ridership –0.14 million (avg.)Janmarg BRTS todayAHMEDABAD
  25. 25. Network Length 68 KmsNumber of Stations 101Operational Timings 6:00 AM to 11:00 PMPeak Hours 8:00 AM – 10:45 PM ; 5:00 PM – 9:00 PMBus operated during Peak 119 (Weekday) , 106 (Sunday/Holiday)Average Daily Round Trips 710 (last month: 690)Average Daily Ridership 1,17,554 (last month: 1,09,667)Average Daily Collection 10,14,501 (last month: 9,61,291)Total Schedule Km. 7,78,295 (last month: 6,78,629)Ave. Daily Schedule Km. 25,106 (last month: 22,891)Total Operational Km. 7,74,110 (99.46 %)Ave. Daily Operational Km. 24,971 KmJanmarg BRTS todayAHMEDABAD
  26. 26. 0200000400000600000800000100000012000001400000020000400006000080000100000120000140000160000 Average of PassengersAverage of IncomeNo.ofpassengerIncomeinINRExtensionof corridortoKankaria18 KMExtension ofcorridor toManinagar &Narol25 KMExtension ofcorridor toJashodanagarJn.29.5KMExtensionof corridorto Soni niChali34 KM39 KMExtensionof corridorto NarodaExtensionof corridorto DelhiDarwaja45 KMExtension ofcorridor toOdhav andIskcon51.5 KMFarerevisionExtension ofcorridor toShivranjaniISCKONExtensionof corridorto Visat andScience city61 KM
  27. 27. ChandkhedaS.P. Ring RoadNaroda S.T.WorkshopOdhavkalupursarangpurDelhiDarwazaEllisBridgeNehrunagarA.P.M.C.Narol.ShivranjaniISCONBopalAECSola FlyoverScience CityVisat Jn.RTOAstodiaShahAlamDanilimdaNarodaMuktidhamJashodanagarTillHathijanAHMEDABAD Ahmedabad BRTS Phase I ,II & IIIPhase II - BRTUnderconstructioncorridorBRT OperationalCorridor (68km)Railway StationImportant Jn.LEGENDSoni nichaliGotaChokdihathijanAslaliPhase III(Planned)WadajAkhbarnagarManinagar• Network identified for BRTS phase 03: 26.8km• Total coverage of BRTS after phase 03 network: 135 sqkm• BRTS Stations proposed in phase 03: 52 stations
  28. 28. 25-30buses50buses70 buses(TenderPrepared)Provisionfor 70busesProvisionfor 70busesProvisionfor 70busesDesign Elements for Phase 03• Proposed BRTS DepotInfrastructure– Acher (70)– Ambli (70)– Naroda (70)• Benefits– Bus dispatch management– Quick response toincidence management– Reducing dead kmsAHMEDABAD
  29. 29. Design innovations for Phase 03• Elevated Turn-aroundfacility– Anjali– Danilimda– Viratnagar• Benefits– Operational flexibility– Reduce JunctiondelaysAHMEDABADExample : Topakapi, IstanbulElevated turnaround
  30. 30. Institutional StructureAHMEDABADBoard ofDirectorsExecutiveDirectorGeneralCounselInternalAuditStrategicPlanning andDevelopmentFiscalManagementHumanCapital andDevelopmentInformationTechnologyOperations MaintenancePublicAffairsGeneralManagerResponsibilities of Janmarg– Policy-making and setting standards for the corridors.– Planning and design.– Project implementation.– Contracting.– Operational management.– Financial management.– Administration.– Marketing.
  31. 31. Fare revision formula – Once a yearFuel ChargesOther Costs50%50%Changes linked to fuel pricechange in same proportion(effected monthly)Changes linked to changes inWholesale Price Index (effectedannually)1.2 Lag Effect – on BothComponentsRevised Fare = Base Fare + 1.2*((Base Fare*0.5*change in fuelprice)+ (Base Fare* 0.5 * Change in Whole Sale Price Index))RF=6.02 + 1.2 x ((6.02 x 0.5 x (46.15-35.4)/35.4) + (6.02 x 0.5 x(154.9-127.3)/127.3))Ratio of Fuel and Other Cost payments as of September 2012 is 48:52AHMEDABADAHMEDABAD
  32. 32. PPP ArrangementsThere are a total of nine PPP arrangements which Ahmedabad Janmarg hasentered into to ensure efficient operations of Janmarg BRTSAHMEDABADComponent Solution/Design Construction/SupplyOperations Management MaintenanceBus Stations /Corridor / FlyoversAJL/CEPT Fixed Time/ FixedRate Contractor- - Presently underDefect LiabilityPeriodBuses AJL/CEPT Buses hired for 7years fromOperatorBus Operator Janmarg/OperatorBus OperatorControl RoomManagement., ITSystems , Ticketing,AJL/CEPT Service Provider Service Providerthrough annuityService Providerthrough annuityService Providerthrough annuitySky Walks Conceptual Designby CEPT/ DetailedDesign byConcessionaireConcessionaire Concessionaire Concessionaire ConcessionaireParking AJL/CEPT Parkingconstructed aspart of corridorPay and ParkOperatorOperator overseenby JanmargPay and ParkOperatorHardware elements(Sliding doors/turnstiles)AJL/CEPT Supplier Janmarg / ServiceProviderJanmarg / ServiceProviderSupplier throughAMCAdvertisementRightsAJL/CEPT Licensee Licensee Janmarg LicenseeHouse Keeping AJL/CEPT - Janmarg ServiceProviderLandscaping AJL/CEPT Licensee - Janmarg Licensee
  33. 33. Thank youCentre of Excellence in Urban Transport (CoE)CEPT University,