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Autologin Link

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Autologin Link

  1. 1. Auto Login Link 1 Setting Up an Auto-Login Link eMaint’s Weblink for Auto Login enables your employees to easily access your eMaint system via a link on your Intranet or Web site. Your Webmaster or IT personnel can follow these simple steps to setup your Weblink Auto Login: 1. This is the link you will be using to create the shortcut: RPASSWORD Replace the YOURNAME with the username of the requestor account and replace the YOURPASSWORD with the corresponding user password. *YOURNAME and YOURPASSWORD must be in all CAPS* Right-click on an open area of the desktop and select ‘New,’ then, ‘Shortcut.’ 2. 3. Insert the link provided above (inserting the changes to YOURNAME and YOURPASSWORD as instructed) and click ‘Next.’ ©2007 eMaint Enterprises LLC
  2. 2. Auto Login Link 2 4. Name the shortcut and click Next, then Finish. When the user clicks the link that is created, he/she will be automatically taken to their account without having to log in. An eMaint X3 icon can be obtained from eMaint by contacting support at 856-810-2700 extention 1. Last updated: November 21, 2007 ©2007 eMaint Enterprises LLC