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From The Classroom To The World: Simple Projects for Big Results


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ELT MOOC by Jason R. Levine on WiziQ.

This is a professional development massive Open Online Course in listening and pronunciation techniques.

MOOC team organisers:

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Sylvia Guinan

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From The Classroom To The World: Simple Projects for Big Results

  1. 1. From The Classroom To The World: Simple Projects for Big Results Chuck Sandy iTDi Community Director
  2. 2. Photo courtesy of
  3. 3. Start here: Offer Options
  4. 4. Build / Scaffold / Focus
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Step Back / Allow Time for Reflection & Critical Thinking
  7. 7. Work on the language in interesting ways
  8. 8. Share and discuss data in process / Gather Feedback / Revise
  9. 9. Step back / Allow ideas to develop / Be Flexible
  10. 10. Go Live: Share with the world
  11. 11. Working on Goals
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. 24 million children / 35 countries
  16. 16. Stories of Kindness
  17. 17. The Old Man & The Lost Shoe Recently when I was in Bangkok, I saw an old man pushing a cart full of fruit across a busy intersection. As he hurried across the street, one of his shoes came off. I saw him look down at his lost shoe and then up at the traffic coming and then decide in an instant to leave the shoe behind in order to get his load of fruit to the other side. I was not too far behind him and not in a hurry, so I waited for a break in traffic, went out to get his shoe, and brought it to him on the other side. When the old man saw me walking up to him with his lost shoe, his face broke into one of the biggest, sweetest smiles I've ever seen. He offered me some fruit as a reward. I tried to refuse or at least pay for it, but he insisted. I took it finally because I didn't speak enough Thai to tell him that the beautiful smile he gave me was already a sweet reward.
  18. 18. Stories of Kindness StoriesofKindness/
  19. 19. Every Teacher Has A Story Share Your Story / Listen to Others
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