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From Zero to Beauty 3.0: The 5 Eras of Beauty Retail, by ELSE Corp for Cosmotalks 2019


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ELSE Corp Unveils the 5 Eras of Beauty Retail Industry Transformation at Cosmoprof 2019
ELSE Corp- a Virtual Retail Company, an Italian start-up working on the development of the Virtual Retail platform, E.L.S.E. (an acronym for Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience) that proposes a new Virtual Shopping experience in 3D, was one of the main Technological Partners also for this year’s edition of the Cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards. The event, which took place in Bologna from Thursday, March 14 to Monday, March 18, was organized by Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna and dedicated to the entire beauty production chain.
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From Zero to Beauty 3.0: The 5 Eras of Beauty Retail, by ELSE Corp for Cosmotalks 2019

  1. 1. Andrey Golub Founder & CEO, ELSE Corp RETAIL 2025 From Zero to Beauty 3.0: The 5 Eras of Beauty Retail 1
  2. 2. The Fashion Eras at a Glance Brands & VIP Services 0 Consumers I Customer Experience: 3D Commerce II Mass Customization: Virtual Retail III AI Driven Holistic Focus: Virtual Couture Fashion IV Brand / Designer Retailer Client Shopping Advisor VIP Fashion Stylist Passive Consumer Fashion Influencer Proactive & Co-Creative Customer Experience Empowered by Technology Brand & Personal Style Matching Techniques Empowered by Values AI as a New Fashion Stylist Empowered by AI at 360º AI as an Inspiration Tool Product Design Trading Place Modular Product Design Place for Creation Experience Design Retailer as a Story Teller Retailer as Data Collector Retailer as “The Place to Be” AI as a Designer © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 2
  3. 3. Age of Exclusive Cosmetic Shops & VIP Clients The Era of Exclusive Cosmetics © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 3
  4. 4. Beauty Retail is coming of Age The Era of The Brands, Consumers & Retailers © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 4
  6. 6. AR in Beauty • Expects to make colour testing easier by simulating makeup products on a user’s face • It shows what a person would look like in real-time and without having to upload a photo © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 6
  7. 7. Slow Down Retail Experience © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 7 • Development of an AR mirror allowing customers to try on a range of hair colours • The mirror allows salon clients to virtually test hair shades and view trending and classic hair colours for inspiration • It also features facial recognition technology enabling the retrieval of clients’ past looks and services
  8. 8. Slow Down Retail Experience © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 8 • The company developed a mass market AR platform to virtually try-on nail polish • Real - Time segmentation and re- coloring • Color naturalness • Color collections from Amazon
  9. 9. Follow the Leaders: L’Oreal for AI, IoT and Sensors • It is a sensor connected to an app that allows to measure the user’s skin PH and then to create custom skin care protocols © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 9 • Created an app of AR: A type of mirror, or selfie where the user can try on different make ups • An app which shows how a user would look with different hairstyles and colours
  10. 10. Digital Mirror with Assistant • “Smart Mirror” is a bathroom device that offer beauty tips • The smart mirror displays makeup and skin video tutorials directly on its surface © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 10
  12. 12. Custom Face Masks • EgoEra prints a face mask that is a personal sheet mask • It allows to target whatever skin care issue the user may have • To create a face mask, vegetables and fruits are used to craft juices that contain ingredients for common skin problems © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 12
  13. 13. 3D Printing & Makeup 3D PRINTING & MAKEUP • Personal 3D makeup printer with cosmetic grade • Compatible with personal devices • Creates economies of scale in individual cosmetic consumption • Spinoff Makeup Hacker allows customers to transform the colour of any makeup in possession • Digital 3D printing makeup technology customizable to individual facial geometry using 3D facial scanning and tripe layer 3D printing • Full custom makeup look achievable within 30 seconds • Integrated app provides real- time customizable inspirations from red carpets, magazines, runways, etc. © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 13
  14. 14. Product Customization made RIGHT © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 14 • Prototype of first - ever wearable microfluidic sensor to measure skin PH levels • A small sensor is applied on the skin. After a bit, the wearer opens the app that reads the PH measurement and provide customised product recommendation
  15. 15. Store of the Future and Individual Products • Pop - up store for Clinique iD that allows to customers creating their own products • The store is provided with the Clinical Reality Station, where a row of iPads scan faces and detect skin issues • To enrich the experience, there is a VR station too, where the customer chooses a virtual trip related to the cosmetics collection © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 15
  16. 16. MyPowderful - ELSE Corp for Cosmoprof 2018 © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 16 • Development of an engaging Retail Experience of Powderful, a cosmetic ‘all-over’ powder especially intended for different uses. • The product could be personalised across different applications such as the 3D Virtual Boutique and the Microsoft HoloLens, allowing its production upon request.
  18. 18. Visual Style Search Pinterest using AI to filter beauty searches by skin tone Specialised social network with advanced filtering capabilities INPUT Users select from 4 colour palettes of skin tone ranges to narrow down the search filters OUTPUT Images related to the colour palette selected © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 18
  19. 19. Product Customization made RIGHT © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 19 • AI - enabled digital skin diagnosis tool • It uses selfies to assess the user’s skin in order to make skincare recommendations tailored to the individual • The tool includes 6,000 clinical images of men and women across countries such as France, India and China, as well as 4,000 user selfies in different lighting conditions
  20. 20. Beauty 3.0 © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 20 • Beauty 3.0 is a unique brand and retail business solution transforming the consumer beauty shopping experience through experiential product trials that drive conversion • The solutions include AI Product Recommendations, AI Smart Shade Finder, AI Skin Diagnostic, AI Live Hair Multi - Collor Effects • The innovation represents a shift from traditional reactive retail experiences, to highly personalised and proactive ones
  21. 21. AI in Beauty © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 21 • Personalised selfie - powered beauty - product discovery and recommendation for beauty brands & retailers • In - store, online, on mobile, on Messenger & WeChat and through Alexa or Google Home
  23. 23. Concept Store & 3D Experience © 2019 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 23