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A&T 2018 "Additive Manufacturing 4.0" - The Future of Footwear 4.0: From RoboShop to Factory on Demand, Andrey Golub CEO @ELSECorp


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"The Future of Footwear 4.0: from RoboShop to Factory on Demand" is a joint project between ELSE Corp, ATOM Lab and Shoemaster that represents a fundamental step towards the 360° integration of all the processes involved in the manufacturing of personalized and on demand footwear.

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A&T 2018 "Additive Manufacturing 4.0" - The Future of Footwear 4.0: From RoboShop to Factory on Demand, Andrey Golub CEO @ELSECorp

  1. 1. The Future of Footwear 4.0: From RoboShop to Factory on Demand Andrey Golub Co-Founder & CEO ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail company © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. !1 Sergio Dulio Head of Research ATOM Lab
  2. 2. !2 Virtual Retail ELSE Corp © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  3. 3. © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. !3 Ready to Wear System of Today: One Size/ Style fits ALL Human & Environmental Impact Transportation Expenses Unreal Standards OverstockOverproduction
  4. 4. !4© 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Customization, Personalization, Direct to Consumer: the new market scenarios Customization and personalisation seem to be on the rise. Due to sociological changes, it is becoming a larger part of production and sales in the fashion industry. Consumers want made to measure, made to order and personalised products and customisation allows that. This practice has led to mass customization by brands in order to tap this increasing market segment.
  5. 5. !5© 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Basic Product Customization Logic: FOOTWEAR
  6. 6. New Business Model VIRTUAL RETAIL New Concept REAL TIME FASHION SYSTEM CONCEPTS PRODUCTS FRAMEWORKS !6© 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. ELSE Corp, a Virtual Retail Company, since 2014
  7. 7. © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. !7 Virtual Retail Corner: Footwear Boutiques & Department Stores Physical point of sale where the end user can tangibly experience the brand’s configuration process The ideal In-store Virtual Retail Corner of a brand comprises of five core elements - essential to the deployment of the E.L.S.E. Virtual Retail platform & experience in a physical retail space. SALES ASSISTANT TABLET APP PHYSICAL SAMPLES VIRTUAL 3D PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR VIRTUAL STYLE CATALOGUE 3D FOOT SCANNER HARDWARE & RELATED APP
  8. 8. © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. !8 An End to End solution for Footwear 4.0 3D CAD 3D Foot Scanning 3D Model of Foot Virtual Retail Corner Virtual Fitting In September 2017, we launched™, an end to end industry solution for the footwear sector, enabling Mass Customisation, Industrial Made to Measure and On Demand Production. 
  9. 9. Web & App 3D Configurator VR 3D Configurator AR 3D Configurator HoloLens 3D Configurator © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. !9 New Customer Experience: Virtual, Augmented, Mixed Reality Applications INTEGRATION INTO DIFFERENT ENVIRONMENTS
  10. 10. Cloud API Socket API Desktop HTML Home Self-ServiceIn-Store Service In-Store Self-Service Mobile HTML Mobile Apps x Platform Unity Apps Vuforia App Services Windows 10 Apps Web JS SDK Unity SDK Xbox SDK Web App (main) Web App (all-in-one) AR App (all-in-one) Holo App (all-in-one) Windows App (all-in-one) Windows App (main) Xbox App (all-in-one) !10 Framework Architecture © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  11. 11. Middle-ware Back-End Front-End • API connection to a CRM • API Connection to a PLM • Based on industrial CAD 3D/ 2D models • Complete logic of 3D Mass Customisation • Based on open CAD formats • UX Module extensions for custom features © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. !11 An End-to-End Platform for Virtual Retail • API interconnection to e-Commerce • Pre-orders/ Orders generation for ERP • Full cycle for Made to Order manufacturing • Support for Industrial Made to Measure • Support for Hybrid & Digital Manufacturing scenarios and assets • SDK & API based • Omni channel solution for 3D Commerce • Virtual, Augmented, Mixed reality integration • Integration into a custom 3D environment • Interactive 3D Products • Interactive 3D Avatars • Virtual Fitting (Best Style, Best Size) • Advanced materials visualisation
  12. 12. 3d CAD Product Demand Planning Fast Prototyping Immediate Detailed Visualization Cloud Hybrid Manufacturing On Demand Virtual Distribution No stock due to on demand production Direct to Consumer From Design to Sales: Transformation of the Product Lifecycle Design Manufacturing Virtual Distribution Sales Shipping Design Prototyping Manufacturing Distribution Stock Sales Destruction of remaining inventory Traditional Product Lifecycle Impact of the Virtual Retail Business Model No destruction of inventory due to the Direct to Consumer Model Virtual Retail Product Lifecycle !12© 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  13. 13. !13 Individual Size/ Fitting, Style/ Taste learning, with AI & Customer Feed-back is an AI-powered service to formalize and track the personal style formula of individual customers, related  to product customisation etc. It is based on and integrated into the Real Time Fashion System (RTFS).™, a patent pending method, is an AI- powered virtual sizing and industrial Made to Measure production optimisation service related to footwear manufacturing, integrating CAD models and 3D frameworks. It is comprised of a set of algorithms, internal and from partners of ELSE Corp that  optimise  the customer experience related to detection of their unique foot size. It adds to  the personal style and size  formula of a customer.  It is based on and integrated into E.L.S.E., as well as the Real Time Fashion System (RTFS).  VR Dashboard & Predictive Analytics • Initial Configuration • Product Changes • Analysis Changes • Learn from Analysis Learning Applying & Learning • Learn Dynamically From Changes • Real-Time Product Change Suggestions • Improved Initial Configuration © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  14. 14. !14 Factory on Demand & RoboShop The Future of Footwear © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  15. 15. !15 Partners of ELSE Corp © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. Point of Sale Software Manufacturing Our Affiliations System Integrators Manufacturing FloorTechnology
  16. 16. !16 Factory on Demand and Roboshop © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. 20172018 • 360° integration of all the processes involved in manufacturing personalized on demand footwear • Joint project between ELSE Corp; ATOMLab; and Shoemaster® • Store and Factory of the Future
  17. 17. !17 Joint Partnership © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  18. 18. !18 The Nine-Step Factory on Demand 2017 © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  19. 19. !19 The Nine-Step Factory on Demand 2017 •Cloud based 3D Product Customization •Robotized, just-in-time, on-demand and hybrid manufacturing •Semi-automated •Fully traceable •Managed by a flexible industrial workflow © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  20. 20. !20 ELSE Corp’s Virtual 3D Commerce Platform Hololens Web AR Through a 3D Product Configurator, based on industrial 3D CAD product data and shoe last meta-data, the visitors could customize and order an individualized pair of shoes. © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  21. 21. !21 Customized Hybrid Manufacturing Order • Generated-in-real-time • Fully compatible with any manufacturing OS or ERP system for both, traditional and digital manufacturing • Sent automatically via ELSE Corp’s cloud based manufacturing 4.0 middleware (ELSE-ware) Customized Hybrid Manufacturing Order © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l.
  22. 22. Innovation Arena: RoboShop 2018 © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. !22 Ultra-rapid manufacturing of “assembled to order” shoes
  23. 23. Innovation Arena: RoboShop 2018 © 2018 ELSE Corp S.r.l. !23
  24. 24. Sergio Dulio Head of Research ATOM Lab Andrey Golub Co-Founder & CEO ELSE Corp