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2. presentations 101


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Published in: Education, Business
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2. presentations 101

  1. 1. Presentations 101
  2. 2. EL Journey Wheel
  3. 3. Powerpoint is your friend
  4. 4. Manifest Idea as Image: leverage a variety of media to convert ideas into powerful visual stories. Make it visual - Communicate with images, do not have a slideshow that is full of words that people read instead of looking at you.
  5. 5. Time
  6. 6. Tell a Story
  7. 7. Stick with a single look or theme, keep it simple.
  8. 8. Jan Chipchase tangible vs. digital
  9. 9. Slow Down. Nervous and inexperienced speakers tend to talk too fast. Consciously slow your speech down and add pauses for emphasis.
  10. 10. Talk to the audience, not your shoes, not the projector, not the wall, not your notes, not the front row. Smile, make eye contact, talk with everyone. Show your enthusiasm.
  11. 11. Be entertaining, speeches should be interesting and informative. Have fun.
  12. 12. Feeling the urge to use presentation killers like ‘um,’ ‘ah,’ ‘like’ or ‘you know’? Replace those with a pause taking a short breath in. The pause may seem a bit awkward, but the audience will barely notice it.
  13. 13. Project your voice. Nothing is worse than a speaker you can no’t hear. Projecting your voice does no’t mean yelling. Rather stand up straight and let your voice resonate to produce a clearer sound.
  14. 14. Use a clear, minimum 30 point font. Make sure people in the back of an auditorium can see it.
  15. 15. Jan Chipchase ramadan
  16. 16. Don’t have your whole speech as text. Don’t read off your presentation behind you. Don’t use blue or green text.
  17. 17. Be enthusiastic
  18. 18. Tips to prepare: • Slides are there to SUPPORT your presentation, you should NOT just READ OFF your presentation. • Use powerful pictures. • Show passion, convince your audience! • Practice. Practice. Practice. • Try to complete your PowerPoint ASAP so you can spend more time to practice the delivery. • Manage your energy and your time. • Be confident, put on a smile
  19. 19. Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse
  20. 20. Tell a Story
  21. 21. Why? To Inspire To Motivate To Encourage To Gain Support To Captivate Your Crowd To Effect Positive Change for Africa
  22. 22. Public Speaking
  23. 23. Video: Ms USA or Stark County Republican
  24. 24. Public Speaking Delivery Techniques: • Posture: standing up tall with feet shoulder width apart. • Pace: varying the speed of speaking so it is understandable and interesting • Pacing: using the space provided in a deliberate manner and not wandering aimlessly. Watch out for doing the two step. • Eye Contact: locking eyes with various members of the audience (not a back wall) and varying the group attention is devoted to in a casual and seemingly natural manner • Gestures: using hand movements and body language in a way that enhances the content, but is not distracting or overly dramatic • Tone: speaking in a manner that is appropriate and attentive to the demographic of the audience. • Volume: projecting the voice (though not shouting) so that the sound reaches the back of the room • Voice: speaking in a pitch that is pleasant for the audience to listen to • Cadence: controlling vocal inflection and varying it where appropriate
  25. 25. Copyright © African Leadership Academy, 2012