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Learners experience of mobile


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Learners experience of mobile

  1. 1. The developing mobile landscape –implications for learner’s expectations. Rob Howe The University of Northampton Presentation at ELESIG Symposium 11th March 2013
  2. 2. 3-years of trend data Growth in 2012 compared to (2011) •Laptop ownership 88.2% (86%) •Smartphone 83.4% (58%) •Tablets 37.5% (21%) •E-Book reader 27.3% (18%) Technology ownership Dec 2012 (N=938) 100 80 60 40 20 Planning to own 0 Portable Media… Already own Standard… Handheld… Assistive… Gaming device Smartphone Tablet device Laptop ebook reader Digital camera Audio Recorder
  3. 3. Learner Considerations1. Inclusion (device and connectivity)2. Accessibility (choice, personalisation, control)3. Usability and trainingSee the Learntech blog for more on this
  4. 4. Developing a supportive infrastructureDifferent audiences (students, staff, prospects)What’s possible? Learner’s will expect support Services rated useful 100 80 60 40 20 0
  5. 5. Need to join up University approaches CIS (Timetabling) Marketing Course info Mobile web page Jpg files Flickr YoutubeWeb Library Staff directoryteam Systems Talis integration Events listings LearnTech News feeds Blackboard Learn
  6. 6. Creating mobile learning opportunities• Introducing Mobile Learn to staff – course design considerations – support resources – inspiration / case studies: Mobile for fieldwork
  7. 7. Is it working? Feedback from users Being able to postvia a mobile means • Twitter Bloody good idea!work in progress can (#iNorthampton) be recorded in situ • Email and shared • Blog spontaneously. @UniNorthants now • Spot surveys have their own app. • Focus groups Snazzy. • Pilots Can access NILE when ever I need to and if I need to Am not tryna gas but check something quickly I thank God for the can do. Also comes in handy Northampton app because if can’t see properly in now I left my timetable at lectures as can bring them home, I would have been up on my phone. lost.
  8. 8. Top five tips1. Identify needs (and decide which ones you can meet)2. Develop a supportive infrastructure3. Plan provision for mobile devices4. Ensure inclusiveness5. Stay in the loop.....
  9. 9. Questions?Contact details:Rob 892483
  10. 10. References etc.Useful links• More about the iNorthampton project:• Guidelines on accessibility for the mobile web:• TechDis on mobile learning: learning• Traxler, J. (2010) “Students and mobile devices.” ALT-J Research in Learning Technology [online] 18.2, p149-160. Available from: [Accessed 10th February 2012]• More info on JADU MyAPI (presentation by Steve Martin): credits• Photography by Rob Farmer, University of Northampton• 3d characters from