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St Jude's


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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St Jude's

  1. 1. Edwin Clerval November 30, 2010 Working in the Westchester Pottery Barn For the Holiday Season there has been very important actions and procedure which associate are responsible to have understood and complied with. Your associate Managers will be sure to inform you of what you are responsible for. For example there is a drive at many of the Pottery Barn locations dealing with St Jude’s Children’s Hospitals for under privilege. This is a drive in which the hospital which has been open since 1962 is the recipient of individual donations from clients and guest of the Pottery Barn in the Westchester Mall of White Plains. There are so unfortunate situations involving Children living with Leukemia in this exact year. The facilities is mostly funded by individuals who find the cause very worth wild. This year in the Pottery Barn the guest are becoming involved in the holiday drive for the suffering children. By contributing this can elevate the donation amount to record numbers as it has before in the past. In 2009 there was a record setting contribution amount of making this hospital number one in pediatric Cancer care. This institution is the first to be established for the cause of children with this disastrous disease. With the instruments and the research which have been founded by this institute there is now a survival rate of over 90 percent. This is a great accomplishment because for the department of sciences and for the benefit of cancer sufferers. There is a great number of participants in this drive and charity. It is a simple procedure to donate. There is a station located in the business and where guest of the store can stop and leave money or their contributions, check or cash. The businesses which participate in this drive are all professional corporations which produce large sums. Examples are retailers like Old Navy, Rochester Clothing, Regal Cinema Group, and more. This will lift the sums of money’s to levels where there can be a difference made to the cause. By taking a serious considerations into these kinds of benefits one can also create growth in their
  2. 2. own live. By knowing you have contributed there are always returns of these good deeds and actions which are not able to be found in any other outlet. If you are looking to make a difference in the lives of these children then it would be a perfect are to work in and to contribute to. This effort is one that need the attention of many. By giving the word and relaying the message of the hard live of the children and the needs of the hospitals, you will then see betterment of these circumstances which these people have found themselves in. It has a daily cost of roughly 1.5 million dollars to run this facility and to aid the patients admitted into the hospital. Pottery Barn wants to make a difference the same way the large number of other companies want to make a difference. PB has many clients during these holiday seasons and it is very risky to propose donations to people already spending for their own reasons. But it is important enough for the insistence by our associates. The purpose of the St. Jude’s Hospitals is that of finding a cure for the unfortunate children with Leukemia, who now are stripped of the life which average children can go through. A mission that causes similar to St. Jude’s have are required of having strong supporting factors and individuals who are willing to take on the challenge of fighting for the children’s sake. The dedication of each participant in this effort ensure the success of the drive. The procedure are as follows. There are stations located in the business as stated earlier, with information card. An individual can write up their information and leave the address for contact purposes. This allows the hospital to reply to your contribution with a thank you and how they are congratulating donators of recent times. While your donation may be small compared to the entire amount needed by the hospital, it is very much appreciated. Be sure to consult the Pottery Barn Associates about the drive in
  3. 3. order to have your questions answered to the best of their abilities and so that there may be closure on this cause. Remember that the Children are not at fault they were given a bad break about the disease. Your help can make sure that they are not short changed life.