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Office Meeting

  1. 1. OFFICE MEETING 9-30-2009
  2. 2. Topics of Focus The first thing to really keep in mind as a new comer is to get invites of people to come down to the meetings and hear the presentations for their own good. In he next instance it is important to get in field training accomplished and have names list as well as personal informations completed to get you ready for the works at hand. When prepared for projects you will then have the tools needed to present for your own business.
  3. 3. Types of Debt There are two kinds of debt, revolving and fixed. Their classification is based on the movement and the difference in the characteristic when attended to. Revolving debt is the act of debt which are characterized as regenerating over and over again because of the method of handling. If the debtor is paying into the balance while making payments into different expenses it is classified as Revolving. It will continue to exist for the duration of this method being used. A Fixed debt will feature different characteristics. The method of elimination is structured in a way which is steadily decreasing until absolutely eliminated.
  4. 4. Team Consistence You would need to build a team to create the most working group for an opportunity like the one presented here this season. When you have to accomplish a job togetherness is emphasized and can prove most successful. You would begin building a team after you name a team player which would need to produce three applications for every three hundred calls made. This is not considered to demanding. With some team players set up these individuals would then have to have a type of base individual to make needs and to report to, naming a team leader would be the next step. They would be responsible for three by three thousand.
  5. 5. Team Consistence con’t For any group using the style of having players and leaders all working together it is a must for finally to have a team captain who would share ten for every ten thousand. Captains are there to provide the fuel for excitement while having the players and the captains complete the F & A’s.
  6. 6. Meeting notes For you to continue with attending meetings one must carry their weight. Being able to be present for when our leaders make their offices available for new prospects to hear what it is they are expected to be capable of is vital. Every week there are scheduled meetings for when individual participants can be updated to the workings of the company. Staying informed is a challenge of the business world, and to some means the success or failure of their goals.
  7. 7. Meeting Notes con’t The sharing aspect of our company is what has classified this office as having a winning recipe. Teams are well balanced when there is a equal amount of understanding, the leaders know this certain strategies and also have the ability to bring out good from players. The present individuals at the meeting would be expected to have themselves prepared and ready to record the informations shared with them on the night of the meeting. Important informations are given out for each one of the team players to use in their job of getting applications filled or even in collecting referrals.
  8. 8. Meeting Notes con’t The speakers have the interest of the guest as their priority. When sharing with them, there are means made to clarify some explanations which are told. You will view charts and list with sources which prove the findings of the speaker. After a lecture the individual should hold on to notes which they will then be able to review to study up and sharpen their understanding and comprehension of the presentation.
  9. 9. Recruitment Finding guest and such for team recruitment is a point in which should be amongst the group of friends which one has. When making an offer to a person to come to the office and listen in and consider to join this office it should go out to the closest of acquaintances. Having their visit be a great experience is the goals of the members of the office and are the focuses of each of the office participants. They meet with you and listen in on the informations shared. When they agree that there are ways in which to service those unadvised in the field they are then set up with an in appointment by you.
  10. 10. Recruitment con’t The person who is to be the guide for the recruit is know as the trainer. These trainers are there to lead you step by step in becoming a working player and getting you files started up so that you will have the ability to work right away. When a new comer it can be difficult to find your way in the office world but a trainer will lean you in the right steps and path so that yo will not get lost.
  11. 11. In Field Hands on training is what your in store for when involved with this office, and your first set of meetings will be with the the names of the people who agreed from your names list. As a new comer they will only be responsible to stay excited and to show their good feeling towards the presentation when it is being given to the prospecting client or the potential customer. You have heard the presentation over before, but when ever you do here the offer from our company you should have the same reaction, which would be excitement. This would be the best selling point for you and the trainer, your positiveness
  12. 12. In Field con’t Should their be and expectation for sale on first appointment? there is an expectation because of the quality of presentations. Notice that interest and agreement will usually lead to a sale are to a signature from the the party. A great trainer will provide the correct points in the in field training meet which should then work for the party. Their satisfaction can result in signing or to referrals.
  13. 13. In Field con’t In doing a presentation to your names listed couples there is a goal of inspiring them and for their support in your future as a office worker and to also have them take in your commitment to the work your preparing for. The more you go out the better there is growth to be had in familiarity in the material presented for the viewer. Presentations are given day by day and the support by them each time given is welcomed by the company.